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TPD – What Does It Mean For You?

TPD - What Does It Mean For You

If you’re a vaper, you may be already concerned about the “TPD” that everyone keeps talking about. It was something I ignored for the longest time, I’ll be honest, slightly bemused by some of the silly rumours I kept reading about it. I couldn’t really imagine how they would try to place such restrictions on vaping, and related paraphernalia too, so I think I just sort-of believed it probably wouldn’t happen.

It just goes to show what I know, doesn’t it? HA!

The TPD is very much coming into play soon – the 20th of May to be exact – and it WILL change the way that you vape. There are a few things that will probably affect you, and I figured I would list them to make them easy to understand. I will first start by saying that some of these regulations are absolutely ridiculous. That’s what I think anyway. I should probably have named this blog post – TPD – What Does It Mean For You (And My Opinions, Whether You Like Them Or Not). One of the first things I noticed was this stupid labelling business.

Everything vape related, whether it contains nicotine or not, has to have some stupid nicotine warning on them.


Okay, so, it’s not quite like that, but it might as well be. My new Aspire Cleito EXO tank came with a massive great big nicotine warning on it, even though it contains ZERO nicotine AT ALL. I didn’t even order it with eliquid. What a waste of a sticker and some ink. Just think of the trees.

TPD - What Does It Mean For You

Oh, I’ve read that there’s apparently meant to be a secondary warning to the “nicotine is going to kill you” warning, that states something along the lines of “only when used with nicotine-containing products”.

That’s not all either, if we’re talking about being environmental / eco-friendly, the TPD rules are definitely not that. You will no longer be able to buy the bigger bottles of eliquid you’re probably used to buying. You will now only be able to buy your juice in tiny 10 ml bottles. So, instead of getting 30 ml of one juice in one bottle, in one box, you will need to buy 3 bottles – 3 bottles, 3 boxes, 3 lots of those stupid warning stickers …

TPD - What Does It Mean For You

And yes – they will more than likely need boxes as well as bottles as there won’t be enough space on the bottles to contain the stupid amounts of information now expected.


Still continuing with the theme of those stupidly small 10 ml bottles which are in NO way eco-friendly, they’ll need to have a bunch of safety features about them now. That’s probably not a bad thing, but I’m the kind of person that struggles to get into childproof bottles … You can imagine my frustration. If you can’t imagine it, just check out some of my vape videos. I can NEVER get into the vape packaging when I’m unboxing on camera, and I always make myself look like an idiot. Also: cheeky little bit of video promotion there.

Have I missed anything out? Let me just think … Yes, I have.

You now can’t buy eliquid that contains more than 20 mg – 2% of nicotine. That’s probably not a problem for some vapers, but there are some who vape with stronger eliquid. OK Cigs, for example, once sold a 36mg / 3.6% nicotine eliquid, and a 45 mg / 4.5% one too. Those will no longer be available. When I first started vaping, I used 24 mg – 2.4% strength liquid. That won’t be available now either.

TPD - What Does It Mean For You?

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According to, there are over two hundred thousand vapers who are in that high-strength category who will now not be able to buy their preferred eliquid. If you’re one of those, shout out below – I want to know! (Rant away!!)

Anyway, moving away from the eliquid and their bottles, now for your vape equipment. Are you ready?

Are your vapes TPD compliant?

After May 2017, you won’t be able to buy tanks over 2 ml capacity. You might not think that this is much of a big deal, but I’ve gone from a 3.5 ml Kangertech Nano Topbox to a 2ml Aspire Cleito EXO tank. I’m finding myself refilling my tank much more frequently than I would have done before, and I actually think I might be using more eliquid in the process. I’m not entirely sure how that’s happening, but I’m sure of it.

TPD - What Does It Mean For You?

So, smaller bottles and a smaller tank – things are going to get messy and expensive. You’ll be refilling more often, and buying more smaller bottles of eliquid too.

There are NO restrictions on vape batteries and vape mods. (Unless you’ve found some – put me right in the comments below.) Are you kidding me? Aren’t these restrictions coming in, in part, because of the amount of batteries and vape devices that have supposedly blown up in people’s hands and pockets? These TPD restrictions are doing NOTHING to solve that problem, and from what I can work out, shoddy batteries are actually quite a large problem.

They are dangerous to mess up and play around with – make sure you know what you’re dong when you move on to 18650 batteries, and the mods they go in to. I will include links to valuable battery / mod / safety information and videos I’ve found below.

Just keep scrollin’, just keep scrollin’ …

If you’ve been vaping for a while and have developed quite an array of batteries, mods and tanks, you might want to stock up on the accessories for those while you still can. My Kangertech Nano Topbox for example, is no longer TPD compliant because of it’s 3.5 ml capacity. (Shame really, it’s become one of my little ‘easy’ favourites.) I’m not sure about this, but all of my coils for the tank are in the sale section of various websites, so I’m assuming that these coils will no longer be available / produced after the TPD measures officially come in. I stocked up on both 1.5 ohm coils for mouth-to-lung vaping, and 0.5 ohm coils for sub ohm vaping. They were £7.50 for a pack of 5 of each on JacVapour in the sale section, just in case you were wondering. What I’ve ordered will see me through for a while until I fall in love with another tank that is TPD compliant and won’t stop having their coils produced.

If you have an old tank that you love, buy the coils for it now. Just make sure you have a few hidden away somewhere for that sad day that you can’t buy them anymore. If they’re on sale, like mine were, it’s safe to assume they won’t be around for long …


Right, there are a few sneaky ways in which you can get around some of those TPD measures. The Aspire Cleito EXO tank, for example, is a TPD compliant 2ml tank with the coils that come with it, but if you stock up on coils for the old Aspire Cleito tank, you’ll find that the smaller design makes the tank a 3.5 ml one instead. It takes up less space, therefore giving you more room for juice. That means less refilling necessary.

TPD - What Does It Mean For You?

Clever, right? 😉

Check out the sale sections of the various vape websites right now – they are selling off all of their non-TPD compliant stuff for a fraction of the price. I bought a JacVapour Series E device for MTL vaping for a tenner. It was once a kit that cost about £60-70 if I remember rightly. I also bought a tank and a bunch of coils. The tank is 3 ml and not TPD compliant, but if I stock up now, at least I’ll have them in the background for when it all goes vape-wrong 🙁

Also … there’s a way to sort-of get around that 10 ml juice problem too. You can buy liquid with no nicotine in it. You can also buy nicotine shots. If you were to buy, for example, a 50 ml bottle of zero nicotine eliquid (which does not need to be TPD compliant), and a 10 ml “nicotine shot” at 18 mg, you would have a 60 ml bottle that contains 3mg liquid (perfect for sub-ohm’ing).

You could also add 2 x 18 mg nicotine shots (just make sure they’re unflavoured) to 100 ml of nicotine-free eliquid to give yourself 120 ml of 3 mg strength eliquid.

Once again, clever, right? 😉

Just for the record, everyone seems to rave about Minion Vapes – they offer this nicotine shot solution. I haven’t personally tried the brand myself, but other vapers seem to enjoy them a lot. You can buy 18 mg – 10 ml shot bottles for £1 each, and 250 ml of liquid (with no nicotine) is £8.99. If you give Minion Vapes a try, please come back and let me know. I’m thinking of trying some for myself! (Wish me luck with the DIY-ing. Yes, I’m *that* person who COULD screw it up!)

Find Minion Vapes DIY shots & liquids here.


  • You won’t be able to buy eliquid in amounts over 10 ml 
  • You won’t be able to buy eliquid over 20 mg strength nicotine 
  • You won’t be able to buy tanks larger than 2 ml capacity 
  • You won’t be able to buy spare parts for the older tanks (unless they’re compatible with the newer tanks) 
  • All vape-related paraphernalia must have appropriate warning labels / frantic over-obsessed stickers

So, that’s my understanding and rant of the TPD measures that are very soon about to come into place. I would highly recommend stocking up on the larger bottles of your favourite vape juices while they’re no doubt on special offer right now. I recently delved into the Vapouriz Mega Sale to get rid of their non-TPD compliant stock, and I got about 6 or 7 bottles of eliquid – various flavours – for just £11, and that was including shipping.

That’s right – shop, shop, shop! And then come back and tell me all about it. I will shout out the best deals I’ve come across on Facebook and Twitter, so make sure you give those pages a cheeky like while you’re here. Come and say hello to me!

Battery Safety & Information 

These are some of the best battery safety and information videos I’ve come across. If you think I should add more to the list, let me know. If yours should be on this list, get in touch. I’m trying to spread some vape-safety-knowledge, and I’m learning too. Share yours with me and my readers! 🙂

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