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Troubleshooting: My ECig Cartomiser Has Flooded!

Flooding an ecig tank or cartomiser is actually very common and if you’re new to the world of vaping, there’s a good chance you’re going to experience this at least once. I’ve been vaping for many years and I still flood my tank every now and again.

If your ecig is making a bizarre ‘gurgling’ noise when you inhale on it, it could be that your ecig cartomiser has flooded. What this essentially means is that e-liquid has got into the parts of the tank it shouldn’t have got to, resulting in that noise and more often than not, a bad taste as the eliquid escapes into your mouth. *Yuck!*

Troubleshooting: My ECig Cartomiser Has Flooded!

The good news is that there is an easy way to resolve the problem and the first step is to stop using it immediately.

The more you use it, the more your cartomiser is pulling eliquid into the components it shouldn’t. Plus, the more you try and use it, the more eliquid you’ll end up with in your mouth.

If you can remove the mouthpiece from the tank (like you can with the JacVapour 510), remove the mouthpiece and give that a good blow-through.

Troubleshooting: My ECig Cartomiser Has Flooded!

Next, remove the tank itself from the battery and give it a good clean. When you unscrew it, there’s a good chance there will be some of the sticky stuff somewhere so to avoid getting it all over your hands, have a tissue or wet wipe to hand. You can use this to wipe the exterior parts of the ecig down and give it a good clean. For those hard to reach places, like in the threading and smaller spaces, use a clean, dry cotton bud.

Making sure you can’t cover your carpet / your friends / your cat (ideally into the sink), flicking the tank will help to get rid of those last bits of liquid which have gotten stuck. Just make sure you don’t get too vigorous with it or you’ll end up throwing it across the room like I have a few times. Or flicking e-liquid into your best friend’s face… Sorry Dan!

While the ecig itself has been pulled apart, make sure that none of the seals have become damage. There are often o-rings or small plastic rings which help to stop any of the liquid getting into places it shouldn’t and if these are broken, you will have leakages! The same goes with the coils themselves too. Buy new ones if you need to… Being a cheap skate won’t help you here.

Troubleshooting: My ECig Cartomiser Has Flooded!

You can give the cartomiser / tank a clean to make life even easier for yourself. If your coil is starting to taste bad, you could consider replacing that for a new one too. Once you have done all these things, piece everything back together and try again. You’ll probably find the problem has been resolved.

If the problem hasn’t gone away, you may need to accept the fact that you have a faulty tank or cartomiser. Try a new one (if you have the option) and see how you get on with it. If your old tank is still in warranty, I’d advise getting in touch with wherever you bought it from to see if you’re covered for a free (or cheaper) replacement.

If your ecig cartomiser has flooded, there is a good chance you poured too much e-liquid in there when you re-filled so try to avoid doing that in future. There’s also a chance that you may have poured the liquid into the centre tubing of your tank. This is a sure-fire way of flooding it so try to avoid this where possible.

Troubleshooting: My ECig Cartomiser Has Flooded!

If you’re having problems with your current bottle design, save the bottles with the thinner nozzles or needle-tips and pour from one into the other. I used to do this with the Best4Ecigs needle-tip bottles.

Troubleshooting: My ECig Cartomiser Has Flooded!

Of course, if you’ve bought a cheap e-cig or vaporiser from the local market, your ecig tank or clearomiser could have flooded simply because it’s poor quality. This does happen from time to time – in the e-cigarette world, you really do get what you pay for.

If you’re having issues with your e-cigarette or vaporiser, check out the rest of the troubleshooting guides. Alternatively, give me a shout on Facebook or Twitter! I’d love to lend a hand! 🙂

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