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UK ECIG STORE Enhanced VG Eliquid Review

£5.99 / 10ml or £12.99 / 30ml

Recently I was lucky enough to get my hands on some of the lovely e-liquids on offer from the nice chaps over at UK ECIG STORE. If you’ve ever had a look at their website, no doubt you’ll have been impressed. There are so many big names and brands over there, especially when it comes to e-liquids, and with both sub ohm and ‘regular’ vape liquid, there’s plenty for everyone.

I decided to start with some of their sub ohm liquids seeing as I had been dipping my toes in the ‘sub-club’ and loved the vast clouds the devices provide, and here’s a little look at the flavours I’ve tried so far and what I thought about them…

UK ECIG Store Enhanced VG Eliquid Review

UK ECIG STORE Enhanced VG ELiquid Review

Let’s start with a little bit of info. I’m sub-ohming these days so I got the 3mg stuff designed for such a device.

VG:PG ratio – 60:40 

This means more clouds, less flavour. If you’re dipping your toes in the sub ohm world, I’d suggest one with a ratio like this to start with. The new, bigger amount of cloud takes a little bit of getting used to and it might make you cough at first. I did me a little although I held it together pretty well. In fact my first sub ohm device was the Vapouriz Sub Tank and you can see more of my first ever sub ohm experience in the video review:

By starting with a 60:40 ratio, you get a little taste of the bigger clouds. If you enjoy those clouds and want to try a bit more, look for a 70:30 ratio. If you wanted even more than that, you could even try an 80:20 hit.

The ingredients of the e-liquid: water, vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG), UK ECIG STORE flavours, and finally, nicotine.

*May contain traces of nuts. 

*Contains no animal extracts and no alcohol. 

(I think that means it’s good for vegans and vegetarians? I shall ask and clarify.)

They’re made in the EU so you know the ingredients are all up to scratch. I’m finding this is more and more important to me now. I don’t really like vaping with e-liquid made in places such as China (no offence), just because I don’t really know what ingredients are in there.

UK ECIG Store Enhanced VG Eliquid Review

Anyway, here’s the flavours I’ve tried so far for the UK ECIG STORE Enhanced VG eliquid review… I’ll come back and add when I try more!

(If you’ve tried some, feel free to add your own comments below. I’d love to know what you think!)

UK ECIG Store Tobacco Royale 3% (3mg) 

When I vaped with tank-style vaporisers like the Vapouriz Fuse, I hated fruity or menthol flavours (with the exception of a select few), and generally stuck to tobacco based flavours. I hadn’t tried a tobacco flavour in any of my sub ohm devices so I decided to give it a go and see if I liked it as much as I did before.

Turns out, I don’t.

I really don’t like tobacco in my sub ohm devices are I really don’t know why. It made me cough, I didn’t like the vast clouds and the way they tasted or smelled… I’m a regular, non-sub device, I would have loved the flavour of this liquid but in my Vapouriz VBox 40w and my Vapouriz Sub Tank, I really didn’t like it.

Don’t get me wrong, this has a nice, hearty tobacco flavour. I just don’t like ‘subbing’ with it.

UK ECIG STORE Blue Cola 3% (3mg) 

UK ECIG Store Enhanced VG Eliquid Review

Click for more info.

If you want something that tastes like Blue Cola, this one is the one you want to go for. It has a great burst of flavour and after the tobacco debacle, I really wasn’t ready for it. Cue cola-induced coughing fit.

But this one tastes great. With some sub ohm liquids, it’s all smell and no vape. By that I mean you can smell the flavour in the clouds and in the bottle but when you vape with it, the flavour is so muted, you can barely taste it at all. Well… This one is nothing like that.

I actually really liked this one. It’s a great ‘summery’ liquid, sweet and fruity. The wasps will love it…

UK ECIG STORE Red Mist 3% (3mg) 

UK ECIG STORE Enhanced VG Eliquid Review

Device: JacVapour Series-B. Click for more eliquid info.

Strawberries and mint, I knew Dan would love this one if I didn’t and I wasn’t wrong. I did like this but found it a little too ‘icy cool’ for my liking. Almost throat-numbing. The flavours are great – mint and strawberry in the mixture you’d expect, just not to my tastes.

Dan, on the other hand, went through the bottle like it was going out of fashion. He loved it. He’s always been a fan of strawberry and mint together and when Vapouriz stopped making the original one he fell in love with all those years ago, he started buying the two flavours separately and mixing them together.

Definitely worth a shot – a good, hearty strawberry flavour, not too ‘sweet’ or ‘light’, and the mint is super cool.

UK ECIG STORE Green Gorilla 3% (3mg) 

UK ECIG STORE Enhanced VG Eliquid Review

Device: Jac Vapour Series-B. Click for more eliquid info.

Apple, grapes and menthol together, I really, really didn’t like this one. I wouldn’t like that combination of flavours together in ANY e-liquid though, not just because it’s this one.

What does it taste like? Well, apple, grapes and mint really. It’s a weird combination of flavours and one I couldn’t get my head around. It’s sweet, sour and menthol all in one.

Dan really liked this one so it just goes to show that you can’t trust my opinion on everything (ha!), and he said it wasn’t overly apple-y (or grape-y) but more a menthol flavour with a slight fruity hit. He went through the bottle pretty quick so he must have liked it.


UK ECIG STORE Blue Crush 3% (3mg) 

Blueberry and menthol together, I prepared myself to hate this eliquid… But I didn’t. I actually really liked this combination. The fruity, blueberry worked really well with the cool burst of menthol and it wasn’t overly menthol, not too much. Not throat-numbing, just light. A good burst of flavour but not too much. I’d go as far as to say I would order this flavour again. In fact, I might just do that right now and try out a few more…

UK ECIG STORE Enhanced VG ELiquid Review – The Conclusion 

So what did I think of the UK ECIG STORE e-liquids I’d tried so far? I liked them. If you want real flavour, all of these delivered, some not always to my tastes but definitely 5/5 for flavour.

The vapour produced is plentiful. Not as much as some I’ve tried like the Pure Evil range (vaping heaven, described as such by me and so far… 4 other vapers), but definitely a decent amount. It’s about what you’d expect from a 60:40 VG:PG ratio.

The eliquid itself isn’t overly thick or gloopy, something I personally HATE. Some of the Pure Evil range are so thick, it takes me forever to fill my tank and I make a right mess when I do so. The UK ECIG STORE well-designed glass bottles and pipette system work well and make it easy to drip into your device. (Or pour if, like me, you get super lazy sometimes…)

UK ECIG STORE Enhanced VG Eliquid Review

Click for more eliquid info.

As a final note, the bottles didn’t leak. So many of my glass eliquid bottles leak. These ones never have, not even in my handbag.

There are plenty of flavours to pick from and not just from the UK ECIG STORE range either, there’s a whole bunch of different brands to pick from, some really delightful ones too! The UK ECIG STORE range is pretty impressive by itself though.

Take a peek at the different flavours for yourself below… Which ones are you adding to your list?


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