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V2 Cigs ELiquid Review

  • BEST FOR TOBACCO: V2 Red Tobacco 
  • BEST FOR MENTHOL: V2 Peppermint
  • MY FAVOURITE: V2 Chocolate
  • £ / 10ml: £4.99 
  • DISCOUNT CODE: Get 10% off site-wide with this link and V2 CIGS discount code: UKWORDGIRL

*Great bottle design, awesome value for money, safe ingredients, not the biggest range of flavours*

V2 Cigs E Liquid

V2 Cigs is a relatively new (ish) brand to the UK but on the other side of the pond in the States, they are a very well established brand and are known to be one of the best e-cigarette brands you can buy. Of course, with this kind of title you can expect the price to go up a bit but despite this, V2 Cigs actually offer pretty decent value for money.

Let me explain in the V2 Cigs eliquid review…

You can buy V2 Cigs e-liquid in a number of bottle sizes:

  • 5 x 10ml sampler packs for £24.95
  • 25ml bottles for £13.45
  • 50ml bottles for £24.95

V2 Cigs Eliquid Review

Essentially, you’re paying about £4.99 a bottle if you buy the sampler packs or the 50ml bottles and that’s about the same as what you’d pay elsewhere.

Speaking of the sampler bottles, they definitely deserve their own little mention. You can pick from either fruity or tobacco and you’ll get a selection of six flavours. For the fruity pack, you’ll get Cherry, Coffee, Green Tea Menthol, VanillaGrape and Chocolate.

If you opt for the tobacco mix, you’ll get Congress Tobacco, Red Tobacco, Sahara Tobacco, Peppermint and Menthol.

By going for one of these flavour samplers, you can taste a small amount of each liquid before you finally make your decision and buy one of the bigger bottles. This is a good idea. You might not like some of the flavours, or they may be too strong for you and if you’ve bought a big bottle, it’ll be a total waste of money. If it’s only 10ml, you’ll only have wasted a fiver rather than almost £25. Do you see what I mean?

You can buy twelve different flavours of e-liquid, covering four strength options – 0%, 0.6%, 1.2%, 1.8 and 2.4%. This isn’t the strongest e-liquid on the market so if you’re looking for something seriously strong like 3.6%, you’ll probably want to look elsewhere, but the 1.8% was enough for me to get a decent hit out of it, especially with something as heavy duty as the V2 Cigs Pro Series 3. Plus Dan, who is a much heavier vaper than I am, really enjoyed the 2.4%

I have tried all of the V2 Cigs e-liquid over the years, and you can see what I thought about them below:

The V2 Cigs eliquid & what I thought:

V2 Cigs ELiquid

V2 Red Tobacco

I’ve tried this in varying strengths over my time as an e-cig smoker and I would probably recommend the 2.4% for the heavier smokers, and 1.8% for the ‘average’ smokers. If you’re on 20 a day, go for the 1.8%, but if you’re smoking more than this, go for 2.4%. You can always drop down after.

This is a real hearty tobacco flavour and is my favourite from V2 Cigs. I really enjoyed smoking it and as well as giving you plenty of throat hit and vapour, whether it’s from the e-cig starter kits, the shisha pen or something bulkier like the Pro Series 3, it actually tastes pretty tobacco-like. It’s not a bad match at all.

V2 Congress Tobacco

Honestly, this has a much sweeter approach to the tobacco side of things and at times, I was almost one hundred percent it almost tasted like cake. Seriously – like those fairy cakes that your mum used to make for you to take to school! That’s what the aftertaste was like for me.

As much as I really like cake, I don’t like to smoke cake and the really sweet nature to these e-liquid meant that it wasn’t one I used for very long. In fact, a few people have agreed with me – there’s something just too sweet about it.

V2 Menthol Tobacco

If you’re looking for a good generic menthol flavour, you’ll want to go for this one. It has quite a tart edge to it so I’d probably recommend going down a strength than what you’re used to, but it wasn’t unpleasant. Even the vapour smelled nice with this one!

V2 Sahara Tobacco

Just as the name suggests, this is a really dry tobacco flavour and if I’m honest, it was a bit too dry for my liking. Within about an hour of using it, my throat was so dry I had to change e-liquids and I don’t even think I finished the bottle. Not even Dan was a fan of this one and he likes a much gruffer, heavier smoke than what I’d like.

V2 Cherry

I loved this one. I’m not a big fruity-liquid fan but this one has some serious depth to it. For a start, it actually tastes like cherry and secondly, it has both a lovely aftertaste and a lovely smelling vapour. If you want to try something a little different to the normal tobacco, give this one a shot. You’ll enjoy it.

V2 Grape

I hated this one. I didn’t want it because I don’t really like grape-flavoured anything and as soon as the smell hit my nose when I first opened the bottle, I had decided against it. I tried to once and I’m sorry I did. This is probably a personal thing but it tasted like grape-flavoured medicine and I hated it.

V2 Cigs Eliquid Review

V2 Cola

Nothing tastes the same as real Coca Cola, does it? V2 Cigs Cola flavoured e-liquid doesn’t either. It DOES taste like cola but a more cheap, bargain-brand cola rather than the original. Its nice and refreshing but after a while, it just gets a bit sickly. Just like one too many cola bottles from your local sweet shop.

V2 Chocolate

LOVED IT! I love a good chocolate flavour but I went through this bottle super fast. It’s delicious and although you may want to lick the bottle, I’d probably advise against it. It doesn’t taste as good as it smells.

It doesn’t give off the greatest amount of vapour, I found, but the taste of the smoke made up for it. I have actually ended up using this e-liquid as one of my regulars along with the Classic Tobacco offered by Vapouriz.

V2 Green Tea Menthol

Honestly, this tastes like medicine and should never have been invented. I haven’t met a single person yet that has liked this e-liquid flavour. If you do, let me know! I’d love to know why!

V2 Vanilla

This is a very deep vanilla flavoured e-liquid and is great to smoke for a little while. With long term use, I just find it too thick and goopy to use. It’s a very dark colour and it has a habit of clogging up my coils and cartomisers fairly quickly, plus it doesn’t always give a consistent smoke. It does have a great taste to it though. Just be prepared that once you’ve used a coil or cartomiser for this flavour, you won’t easily be able to get rid of it again so you won’t really enjoy using another flavour in the same tank afterwards.

V2 Coffee

To be fair, the V2 Cigs Coffee flavoured e-liquid does taste like coffee… Just black coffee and I’m not a fan of black coffee. I much prefer a good latte so this one was just a little too harsh for my liking. It does have a nice flavour to it and it does genuinely taste like coffee but I just prefer mine with a little dash of milk, you know?

V2 Peppermint

I really loved this menthol delight from V2 Cigs and if you’re looking for something that a little different from the usual menthol stuff, I’d definitely recommend giving this one a try. It had more of a sweeter minty taste to it, very much like the peppermint Polo’s you get, and although it did lose its appeal after a few weeks (it gets a bit boring after a while), it’s definitely one I’ll use again!

E-Liquid Bottle

I did like the e-liquid bottle designs from V2 Cigs and it’s one I’ve not come across with any other brand which makes it unique. I like unique!

Liquid available from V2 Cigs - click for more details.

Liquid available from V2 Cigs – click for more details.

It follows a pipette-style design (plus it is childproof) but the ends are slightly slanted to make it easier to drop into cartridges and tanks. The only thing I will say is that the end could do with being a bit thinner. With some of the cartridges, it can be tricky to get the tip between the centre tube and the exterior rim, and the same applies to certain thinner tanks too. Despite that, it’s a pretty decent design of bottle and definitely makes refilling easier than with the generic tips.


Although quite a thick e-liquid, I’ve had no issues using it in any of the e-cig brands I’ve tried. It hasn’t killed any of my child any quicker than I would expect and it hasn’t cogged up any cartomisers either. It seems to be a decent e-liquid and on further investigation, you can check the batch numbers on the website to see the ingredients and journey of your e-liquid, as well as being sure that their recipes and ingredients are regularly tested to ensure your safety.

Why Should You Buy V2 Cigs E-Liquid?

Eliquid available at V2Cigs - click for more details.

Eliquid available at V2Cigs – click for more details.

I’ll be honest, as well as being very decently priced, it’s a good brand to start using. I’ve tried all of the V2 e-cigs along my journey and I haven’t been disappointed with a single one of them. In fact I’ve just made my way through them, upgrading from the two-piece e-cigs to the mini-tanks, and then onto the personal vaporiser style Pro Series 3 and the entire way along, I’ve used their liquids. It has never lost quality, has always given me a very reliable smoking experience and to be honest, the flavours aren’t bad. There aren’t so many options as other websites give and some of the flavours aren’t as good as others that I have tried but all in all, they are very decent and I WOULD recommend them.

For more information on V2 Cigs, feel free to check out the other posts on the site which you’ll find below. Alternatively, take a peek at the V2 Cigs website:

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  1. I tried all Vapour2 e liquids. First few months i was mostly on tobacco ones because of the need of that taste. That what strong smoker is unfortunately addicted to:-(. But i liked all of them. Mostly use menthol and peppermint, and when i have that time for myself the chocolate and coffee always wins. As you said, i feel like i just wanna lick that bottle.

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