V2 Cigs Ex Series Review

V2 Cigs Ex Series Review

Starter Kit Price: £64.95 Battery Cost: £23.99 E-Liquid Cost: £4.49 / 10ml > (Only available in 6 x 10ml flavour sampler, or 25ml / 50ml bottles) Money Back Guarantee: 14 Day 'No Quibble' Money Back Guarantee (must be in a re-saleable condition with original packaging) Charger Options: USB, Wall, Car, EU Battery Life: 3 – 5 hours (280mAh) Free Delivery: £2.95 / £4.95. Free shipping over £57.99 Discount Code: Use this link to get V2 Cigs Ex Series Starter Kit for £58.45 (with V2 Cigs discount code: UKWORDGIRL) You may have noticed that I already tried some of the bigger models of V2 Cigs e-cigarettes and was very impressed by…

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Summary : Smaller and more discreet than some of the bigger V2 Cigs models, it’s time for the Ex Series to come under scrutiny. As you can see from the star rating, I was just as impressed. You can find out more in the V2 Cigs Ex Series Review.

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  • Starter Kit Price: £64.95
  • Battery Cost: £23.99
  • E-Liquid Cost: £4.49 / 10ml > (Only available in 6 x 10ml flavour sampler, or 25ml / 50ml bottles)
  • Money Back Guarantee: 14 Day ‘No Quibble’ Money Back Guarantee (must be in a re-saleable condition with original packaging)
  • Charger Options: USB, Wall, Car, EU
  • Battery Life: 3 – 5 hours (280mAh)
  • Free Delivery: £2.95 / £4.95. Free shipping over £57.99
  • Discount Code: Use this link to get V2 Cigs Ex Series Starter Kit for £58.45 (with V2 Cigs discount code: UKWORDGIRL)

V2 Cigs Ex Series Review

You may have noticed that I already tried some of the bigger models of V2 Cigs e-cigarettes and was very impressed by them. I know not everyone is looking for such a ‘meaty’ e-cig (including myself), so I decided to check out the smaller Ex Series, and find out whether or not they were just as good. Thinner batteries, thinner tanks, and overall, a more discreet, better-looking e-cigarette, let’s find out what I thought about it in the V2 Cigs Ex Series review…

I tried the original V2 Cigs electronic cigarette many years ago when they were a much bigger brand in the US than they were in the UK. Since moving into the UK market however, they seem to have gone from strength to strength, and is actually one of the highest rated brands of e-cigarettes on review sites on both sides of the pond. As I’ve used them over the years, I’ve learned something about them – they are a brand that is constantly evolving. It is constantly getting better. They are always changing things or tweaking things to make the vaping experience easier and more enjoyable for people just like you and me.

The cartridges have changed, and the batteries have improved. They have added new designs, and even new models to the collection, and rather than doing them quickly or rushing to get them out to the general public, they take their time. They create a masterpiece and then they let you try it. I think that’s what has made them so popular.

In short, V2 Cigs is a brand that has picked up quite the following, and when you get to grips with the e-cigs themselves, you’ll soon start to understand why.

I will start by saying I didn’t like the website much. I found it to be far too confusing and fussy for my liking but that aside, I decided to order the Ex Series Starter Kit anyway. I think they need to review the website. But I can’t base my vaping experience on that, can I?

V2 Cigs Ex Starter Kit – £64.95

It is a bit more expensive than some of the other starters kits on the market but before you are put off by the price, don’t forget you can save 10% with my exclusive V2 Cigs discount code: UKWORDGIRL.

You should also know that this e-cigarette is definitely worth the money you’re paying for it. Both myself and Dan have started using this model regularly, and he’s normally a fan of the bigger e-cigarettes such as the JacVapour Series-E, or the newly released V2 Cigs Pro Series 7.

You’ll get two Ex Series batteries with 280mAh capacity batteries. You’ll also get a pack of five pre-filled Ex Series cartridges. You’ll get a wall adapter (UK or EU), and a USB charger, and it all comes in a very smart looking box.

One thing I will say about V2 Cigs is that their packaging is always spot on. It looks great – simple, sturdy and well-thought out. Not just that, it does the job. I’ve never had damaged items or broken bits (aside from one disposable once, but those are rubbish anyway…).


The V2 Ex Series batteries are a definite improvement on the older style V2 Cigs batteries for a number of reasons.

Old style V2 Cigs batteries - manual, with glowing tip, and no LED lights.

Old style V2 Cigs batteries – manual, with glowing tip, and no LED lights.

Firstly, they’ve gotten rid of that awful old-school look. There’s none of that orange ‘filter’ cartridge, and white battery set-up. There’s no big blue / orange / green / red light at the end, giving the game away. The whole thing is now sleeker, smoother, and works a whole load better too.

A battery alone will cost you £23.99, but you can use my discount code on that too. It sounds expensive and in comparison to some of the other brands, it is. But there is a reason for this – a lot of technology has gone into the design and build of this e-cigarette battery, and your vaping experience is much better because of it.

V2 Cigs Ex Series Review

The 5 LED lights at the end of the battery tell you how much of it is left. If you have four lights lit when you inhale, you have 4/5 bars of battery left. Each light is worth 20% of battery so if you’re down to one light, you only have 20% off your battery capacity left.

At the same time, this helps when you are charging it up too because you can see how much longer you need to leave it plugged in for. You know that annoying thing you do when you’re staring at your e-cigarette charging up, hoping the colour will change soon so you can take it out of the charger and start using it again, and you need to leave the house…..

With V2 Cigs, you know how long you have left to charge, so there’s none of that guesswork and although it seems a little pointless, it’s actually something that just makes life a little easier.

You can get the batteries in five colours – Bloom, Royale, Scarlet Metallic, Brushed Steel, and Carbon Fibre. I went with Brushed Steel. Why not?

The battery is 10cm long, or 13.5 with the profiled cartridges attached. Obviously the Ex Blank carts will make it a little longer. It sounds big, but it’s thin – about the same thickness as a regular cigarette, so it’s not too big and bulky, unlike some of the other models offered in the V2 Cigs range.

They have also added new technology which means that you get more puffs per battery which I can definitely say has worked. I would expect a 280mAh battery to give me between two to three hours of use but on some days, If found myself getting more like four hours, and sometimes even five before I needed to put it back on charge.

For something so sleek, this one really does pack a powerful punch! It has all the battery power of some of the larger e-cigarettes, yet without all the bulky size that comes with it.

Cartridges / Cartomisers 

The good news is that with the V2 Cigs Ex Series, you can have both pre-filled cartridges, blank cartridges to refill with your own liquid, and even blank tanks / carts. This means you can have a regular cigalike, or a tank-style e-cig, depending on how you feel. It’s actually a brilliant touch. I tend to use the tanks more often than the cartridges, but I do buy the latter every now and again, and I always fall back on them when I lose a tank, break it, or need a new one. It’s handy to have the option of both.

V2 Cigs Ex Series Review

I’ll get started with the cartridges. You can buy a six-pack flavour sampler for £13.95 (recently reduced AND my V2 Cigs discount code words), and a pack of five of the same flavour is £13.00. The more you buy, the more you’ll save, so 20 Ex Series cartridges is £47.95 (also recently reduced), and 40 is £91.95. You can even buy 40 empty cartridges to refill with your own liquid for £45.95.

Again, V2 Cigs have moved with the technology with these cartridges, and have brought a brand new design to the table.

Firstly, the Ex Series cartridges give you a window so you can see exactly how much liquid is left – like a tank but without the bulky size or mouthpiece. They also seem to have gotten rid of that filler ‘fluff’ which often wraps around the centre of these carts. This is normally used to soak up the liquid to feed it through, but they’ve found a way to bypass this, which I think is another great little touch. When that filler material goes dry and you inhale on it, you get a big mouthful of nasty. Yuck.

V2 Cigs Ex Series Review

The website states that you’ll get around 400+ puffs out of a cartridge, which would suggest somewhere between 15-25 cigarettes worth (depending on how you smoke), and I don’t think that’s a bad estimation. I reckon I got a full day’s use out of one pre-filled cartridge. That’s a lot better than most of the other cigalikes I’ve tried.

There’s also a new airtight seal on these new cartridges, as well as being completely redesigned in look and everything else! This means that they won’t leak. So far for me – no leakages! 5/5 cartridges isn’t bad…. So far anyway. But for the purposes of this V2 Cigs Ex Series review, I’d say they were pretty much leakproof.

V2 Cigs Ex Series Review

Moving onto the new blank tanks, and I think this a great move for V2 Cigs. Most vapers start with a cigalike and eventually move onto the one of the bigger models, so the Ex series gives you a way to progress naturally from profiled cartridges to tanks, without even needing to buy new batteries to go with it. Plus, using the same batteries keeps things nice and slimline too.

I told you – V2 Cigs are actually pretty great – they ACTUALLY listen to their customers, and they provide their customers with an electronic cigarettes you can really rely on. What more could you ask for?

You can buy a pack of three V2 Cigs Ex Blanks for £13.95 which is actually pretty cheap when you compare them to similar models. A replacement Vapouriz Lumina tank (which is size comparable to the V2 Cigs ones) is £5.99. Each V2 Cigs Ex Blank would be under £4.70, and with my V2 Cigs discount code, would be only just over £4 each.

Another winning point for  this V2 Cigs Ex Series review!

The tanks are only 0.9ml capacity but to be honest, it doesn’t make much of a difference. I don’t really mind that I would be refilling it more often than some of the bigger tank models. It’s easy to use – simply unscrew the mouthpiece and refill with liquid, being careful to avoid pouring it down the inner tube. That takes it right through to the mouthpiece and trust me when I tell you that e-liquid does not taste pretty.

V2 Cigs Ex Series Review

The website states that you can refill the tanks around 20 times before they need to be replaced, but I would imagine I’ve refilled mine more than that and I’ve only just changed it. I’ve been using this e-cigarette for weeks now!

*One little tip I’ve found out – if you rinse it out with a tiny touch of water every few days, say once a week, you’ll get much more use out of it. Thicker e-liquid (such as the V2 Cigs liquid) can clog up the wicks, but by rinsing it out, you will be able to get a few more days worth out of use, maybe even weeks. Just make sure you allow the whole thing to dry again completely before you start to use it. 

Throat Hit & Vapour 

One thing I realised as I was writing this V2 Cigs Ex Series review and puffing away was that it gives you a really decent amount of throat hit and vapour. I’ve tried both 1.8% and 2.4% liquid, and both times I’ve been satisfied with the throat hit. Obviously the higher strength gives you more, and vapour too, but overall, it’s very much in line with what you would want from a nicotine replacement ‘toy’.

The vapour does tend to die down before the throat hit, and when I got to just one LED light left on the battery, I found myself wanting to plug it back in, but this seems to be the norm with many e-cigarette models these days – the more your battery dies, the lesser the vapour will be.

Shallower puffs will give you less vapour, making it more discreet to use when you are out and about. Obviously, bigger, deeper inhales will give you more. I like that about the V2 Cigs Ex Series.


I can’t rate the V2 Cigs e-liquid highly enough, and rather than repeating myself, I shall just direct you to the V2 Cigs ELiquid Review. Alternatively, you could always check out the Facebook page where I’ve put all the photos and information in a neat little folder for you! (I’m nice like that!)

V2 Cigs Flavour Sampler

V2 Cigs Flavour Sampler

Delivery & Customer Service 

I’ve been a customer of V2 Cigs for many years, even before they were big in the UK when I lived in North America. I’ve always found their e-liquid to be great-tasting, and pleasant to smoke, and I’ve never been let down by any of the e-cigarette models I’ve tried.

The Ex Series has just put the cherry on the cake as far as I am concerned.

I have only ever had a couple of problems with my orders – I had a couple of disposable e-cigarettes that didn’t work on arrival (although these disposable e-cigarettes are renowned for being a complete waste of time), but they replaced them promptly. On top of this, my orders have always arrived very quickly, and very well packaged, as I’ve mentioned earlier.

It’s the little things that count, right?

Are V2 Cigs Ex Series E-Cigarettes The Best E-Cigarettes?

Honestly… There wasn’t a lot I didn’t like about the V2 Cigs, aside from the fact the vapour when you only have less than 20% battery left is a bit poor. That’s it though. Oh, and perhaps the price could be brought down a little bit, but my exclusive V2 Cigs discount code helps with that, as well as the recent price reductions. You get what you pay for in this industry though, and there’s a reason some of the higher prices brands like JacVapour and V2 Cigs are market leaders. They offer the best e-cigarettes. That’s my opinion anyway.

V2 Cigs Ex Series compared to Smoko cigalike

V2 Cigs Ex Series compared to Smoko cigalike

Being able to mix and match cartridges for cartomisers, as well as all the handy little features just make a great model for both beginner’s and the more experienced vapers too. Things like the LED lights on the battery to tell you how much juice is left, and the windows on the cartridges so you can see how much liquid is left – these are all things that you would *wish* for to make your vaping experience easier. V2 Cigs has actually listened.

After taking everything in consideration, I would find it very difficult to rate this V2 Cigs Ex Series review with any less than five stars out of five. I’m very impressed. It’s my new favourite e-cigarette! 

The Best E Cigarette: The new V2 EX Series



HONESTY POLICY: The V2 Cigs Ex Series Kit + extras were sent to me for review by V2 Cigs. I did not pay for these products. I was not paid for my review, and I will not be paid for my review. All opinions are mine, and in no way influenced by the brand / manufacturer.

AFFILIATE POLICY: I will earn a small percentage in commission when you buy V2 Cigs products through the links on this page. I will also earn a small percentage in commission when you use my exclusive V2Cigs discount code – UKWordGirl. Thank you so much for reading & watching my reviews, and for supporting best-ecig.co.uk! xo

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  1. Johanna Longden

    Do u sell ex v2 kit?

  2. Hey – thanks for this great review.

    I tried the V2 starter kit out, and am hugely impressed so far. The review could do with a little update re: pricing (i.e. pack of 5 carts now 13.95), but other than that I found it spot on, and agree with your comments.

    Also thanks for the 10% code 🙂



    • Hi Chris,

      Thanks for your comments! You’re totally right – I shall update the pricing info right now! Thanks for letting me know 🙂

      I’m glad you liked the V2 Starter Kit too. I’ve tried almost all of their products now and I’ve never been disappointed. They were one of the very first brands I tried, and I still have a lot of the batteries, etc. even now – a couple of years later. Also glad the discount code came in handy.

      Thanks so much for letting me know what you thought!
      Happy Vaping!
      Kim 🙂

      • Hey, Kim

        I’m still vaping with V2, some 15 months after my last message, so thanks a lot!

        I must have saved a few hundred pounds with the code UKWORDGIRL

        I’ve found V2 to be incredibly reliable. Their deliveries via APC are always spot on time. The batteries last a couple of months, then I have to buy new ones, or otherwise I end up with ‘Vapour’s Tongue’.

        My fav flavour is ‘Congress’, but I also keep some ‘Red’ in stock.

        Overall, I am hugely impressed with V2, and won’t be changing anytime soon

        Thanks again for introducing me to them 🙂


  3. Those are really good e-cigs. Honestly maybe the best I tried. I’m pleased with the way they look and how easy they are to set up and use. When I was choosing which colour to buy (I know that the colour of your e-cig is not the most important thing in the world but for me it kind of is) What I also like about those e-cigs are the flavours of the cartridges. Menthol and cherry are my favourites but I like to switch up from time to time just to have fun and that is something I can do with Vapour 2.

    • Hi Clara,

      I’m so glad you agree. These were one of the first brands I tried & reviewed and I’ve never stopped using them. I loved the cherry too! I’m glad you’re enjoying them 🙂

      Thanks for reading & commenting!

      Kim @ best-ecig.co.uk

  4. I have Vapour2 starter kit and i really like it. Lovely design and very easy to use. Even the battery lasts longer. Nice choice of flavours but menthol is the best. Probably was little bit more expensive but it is worth it. Next step is to lower nicotine intensity so finger crossed:-)

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