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Vampire Vape Pinkman Eliquid Review [NS20 Pods]

[AD – Gifted by Vape Club] This is my first time tasting anything by Vampire Vape, and I’d never even heard of the eliquid brand before a nice little vape care package from Vape Club appeared at my door. Thanks, Vape Club! I’m still very much enjoying my Aspire Gusto Mini! 

(And yes, I’d highly recommend it to both new and veteran vapers alike!) 

Vampire Vape Pinkman Eliquid Review 7


I had a little peek around the Vampire Vape website to find more information about them, and I learned that they were first established in 2012. Originally starting out with just 12 flavours, they’ve used what appears to be a trial and error system to test different flavours and ranges, now with 54 different flavours on offer. (I learned this stuff from their ‘About Me‘ page.)

It was back in 2014, at VapeFest, that Vampire Vape released the two eliquids that look to be the most popular — Pinkman and Heisenberg. I have Heisenberg pods too. The review for that flavour is coming soon. Keep your eyes peeled. 

Vampire Vape Pinkman Eliquid Review 8


Vape Club offers Pinkman eliquid in the following – 

  • 10ml bottles – 70/30 VG/PG – £3.99
  • 10ml bottles – 40/60 VG/PG – £3.99
  • 3 x 2ml Aspire Gusto Mini pods – 80/20 VG/PG – £9.99

Plus flavour concentrates, different strengths and various other Vampire Vape ranges.

This review is based on the Aspire Gusto Mini NS20 pods — 20mg nicotine strength. 

Vampire Vape Pinkman Eliquid Review 9


Pinkman by Vampire Vape smelled fricking delightful before I’d even pulled the tentacles out the bottom of the pod, although I was quite taken aback by the rose pink shade of the liquid itself. The smell reminded me of a Robinson’s drink … Summer Fruits, I think. Quite light and berry-like. 

Vampire Vape Pinkman Eliquid Review 4

This eliquid smells like it should taste really nice … but does it? 


I’ll start by letting you know what the eliquid is meant to taste like:

“NS10 and NS20 Pinkman eliquid pods by Vampire Vape is a fruit blend with a tangy twist. A summer fruits flavour hits you from your vape, with notes of berry, grapefruit and a hint of orange throughout, before a wave of menthol on exhale creates a smooth finish.”

They weren’t wrong about the summer fruits! Didn’t I say the juice smelled just like Robinson’s Summer Fruits? Yes, I did! This is exactly the kind of flavour that I think I would enjoy during the summer — something nice and refreshing, and, hopefully, light and zingy. 

Vampire Vape Pinkman Eliquid Review 5

Luckily, the flavour of this eliquid is every bit as delightful as I thought it might be. It doesn’t taste anything like Robinson’s Summer Fruits in my opinion, though. The smell is a bit misleading in that respect, but it’s still a light, fairly zingy, and nice-tasting flavour. 

On the inhale, you get a strong, dark-berry flavour. I’d probably go more blackcurrant than lighter, red berries, but it’s definitely fruity. And zingy — I think the grapefruit adds a nice tanginess to it, although that might be down to the orange addition. I don’t actually think I could make out the orange flavour on its own. Berry flavours are the focal points for sure. 

Vampire Vape Pinkman Eliquid Review 10

The exhale brings out that minty-ice layer, but it’s definitely not a menthol kick that I would class as overpowering. It’s more of a sprinkling of warm menthol around the edges. Everything comes together really nicely, and despite not being a menthol hit appreciator, this flavour is one that I probably would buy again. 

(*But I’m not going to. I’ll get to that in just a moment.)


I actually switched from an NS10 pod to this NS20 one, and the difference was really something. Like, I might have had a minor coughing fit. Only a little one. There’s definitely a difference between the throat hit on the NS10 pods and the NS20 pods, but that’s a good thing. That’s kinda the point. 

Vampire Vape Pinkman Eliquid Review 11

There’s also a definite difference in the amount of vapour produced. The pod before this one was Slow Blow by Nasty Juice, and I found that particular flavour a little … lacklustre. Blah. Boring. It didn’t produce a lot of flavour, nor did it produce a lot of vapour. This one, on the other hand, had both — flavour and vapour. 

If we’re scoring the two pods out of 5 for vapour, this pod (Vampire Vape’s Pinkman) would score a fairly respectable 3.5, with the previous NS10 pod (Nasty Juice Slow Blow) sitting at about 2.5. The Aspire Gusto Mini is only a dinky device, though. It delivers decent clouds, but it’s not going to pump out the kind of clouds you’ll get with the Innokin Scion tank on top of the Vapor Storm Subverter box mod, ya know? 


This eliquid has a pretty funky shade of coral pink about it, so I figured there must be a colouring added. I can’t really understand why, though. Aren’t we meant to be avoiding all of that artificial crap? It doesn’t make sense to me why a company would still try to make their juice a funky shade of weird, but I did read online (in a forum) that some juice makers do it so that their eliquid can’t be cloned. Again, that doesn’t make sense to me.  

Vampire Vape Pinkman Eliquid Review 3

I checked the ingredients on the pod boxes. Not much information there. This is what it said:

  • Vegetable Glycerin 
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Natural & Artificial Flavors
  • Nicotine 

No mention of colourings. 

It does say that it contains soy, and may contain peanuts/nuts/wheat.

Vampire Vape Pinkman Eliquid Review 12

I then took a peek at the Vampire Vape website, but there wasn’t any information on the eliquid ingredients there either. If there is, it’s well hidden on that site. I hunted. I did think about emailing the company to find out whether or not they added artificial colourings to their eliquid (or if they’d admit to it), but I figured I might do some Googling first. That’s when things got a bit interesting. 

A few customers had complained/commented on vape forums about the shocking shade of pink that Vampire Vape’s Pinkman comes in. Some of them had even said they’d started making their own stuff at home, trying to replicate the recipe because they were put off by the funky pink colour. One or two of those customers had even emailed Vampire Vape to find out the artificial colouring situation but had both received a pretty generic email about updated ingredients coming soon in return. 

Vampire Vape Pinkman Eliquid Review 6

Now, I must add something here …

… this is consumer chit-chat I found doing my own research. Google is a marvellous thing. I can’t say one way or another whether or not the company adds colourings to their eliquid, because I couldn’t find that information anywhere on their website or the products I received. What I can say, however, is that the Pinkman flavour was a bright shade of pink and the Heisenberg flavour was an antifreeze shade of blue. I’m not kidding. I don’t know/can’t remember if I’ve ever vaped a blue eliquid before, but I do not like it. Na-uh. Nope. It looks like antifreeze and I’m TOTALLY not down with that. I showed Mister best-ecig and he asked me if I was about to inject him with the T-virus. 

Vampire Vape Pinkman Eliquid Review 15

I Googled what that meant, and then I laughed. (I’m slow.) 


As much as I quite liked the flavour of this Vampire Vape eliquid, I can’t help but wish it wasn’t that obnoxious shade of pink. I’m really wracking my brains to try and think of another eliquid that was a crazy, stand-out colour, but I can’t think of any. And I really can’t understand why these eliquids need to be quite so brightly coloured. I can’t say whether or not the DIY and smaller, 10ml bottles are the same shade, but it sure does sound that way from what other people are saying on the internet. 

I think the colouring thing is a personal preference. There are a few customers that state colourings aren’t a big factor for them, but what did annoy me a bit was that there is no information on the [Vape Club] website. The pictures of the eliquid in bottles show the juice as being pink, in the same way that Heisenberg pictures are blue, but I can’t find a picture of the pods with pink/blue juice in them. The Vape Club product pictures actually appear to show empty pods — no juice in them at all. 

Vampire Vape Pinkman Eliquid Review 14

Can I tut? 

I’m gonna. 


If a customer were SPECIFICALLY avoiding eliquids that had artificial colourings in them, they wouldn’t know these pods were out of bounds until AFTER they’d turned up at the door. 

(I also wonder if coloured eliquids would dye tanks or squonk bottles. Does anyone know??)

Vampire Vape Pinkman Eliquid Review 13

Would I buy Vampire Vape Pinkman eliquid again?

Nope. Sorry, and no offence to Vampire Vape at all, but I’m not really a fan of colouring in my eliquid. I think it’s unnecessary. We’re trying to make eliquid healthier and better, and I just think that adding a little bit of colour is an unnecessary step. I actually thought that colour in eliquid had been banned under the TPD, but after reading through the specifics, I think the colour is specifically referencing “emissions”. To me, that suggests the exhale colour, not the actual eliquid colour. 

(I might ask some professional peeps, though.) 

Vampire Vape Pinkman Eliquid Review 2


Would I recommend Vampire Vape Pinkman eliquid to you?

If the eliquid was a slightly more natural colour, I would wholeheartedly recommend Pinkman to you, but that shade of pink isn’t really *my* thing. The flavour itself is nice … but that colour …



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