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Vape Barn ELiquid Review

  • BEST FOR TOBACCO: Latakia Easy  
  • BEST FOR MENTHOL: Ice Menthol  
  • MY FAVOURITE: Fruit Mix
  • £ / 20ml: £4.49 / 10ml
  • DISCOUNT CODE: Use this link and discount code: BESTECIG10 to save 10% off site-wide!

Vape Barn ELiquid Review

I recently had the pleasure of trying a few of Vape Barn’s new e-liquid so I thought I’d share my thoughts on it. It’s not a brand I’d heard of before and from what I can work out, it’s a relatively new brand providing Italian-made eliquid. You can read more in the Vape Barn eliquid review.

There are more than a few flavours to pick from so to start with, I figured I’d go with one of everything – I got a tobacco one, a minty one and then a couple of fruity numbers. You know, one for everyone!

You’ll find every flavour imaginable on the website from Aniseed to Fruit Mix, Dark Chocolate, Coconut, Caramel, Banana, Passion Fruit, Tiramisu and more, and they come in a number of strengths too – 0.0%, 0.9% and 1.8%.

At £4.49 for a 10ml bottle, they’re about the same price as many of the other e-liquids you’d come across. You’ll save 10% on all purchases site-wide at Vape barn with my exclusive discount code of course. You can find details of that at the top and the bottom of this Vape Barn eliquid review.

Made within the European Union, the Italian-based company use only pharmaceutical grade PG and VG in their liquids and they are all medically tested and certified. If you’re looking for a high quality eliquid that won’t break the bank, this is definitely the right one to go for!

For more information on the different types of liquid, why not check out some of these:

Now to take a closer look at the liquids I’ve tried so far:

Latakia Easy 1.8%

Vape Barn ELiquid Review This is a good, well-rounded tobacco flavour that I really liked!

I have a hard time with tobacco liquids because there are so many different ones on the market and some them really do taste bad.

With Camel, Gold Fire, Havana, Hot Cigar, Latakia Easy, Old Virginia, Liban and more tobacco flavours on offer, there’s almost too many to make your choice from.

It was the description that made up my mind:

This aroma is extracted from Laodicea tobacco leafs, better known as “Latakia” – tobacco variety grown along the Syrian coast. Today, this tobacco is exclusively grown in the island of Cyprus, and is named after the city of Latakia.

In result – we have a spicy taste, at the same time sweet and light.

Imagine the gently tobacco leaves – dried and smoked. An ancient and deep aroma, which will lead you to the mysterious East, and will comfort you with the smell of a good coffee consumed near a campfire – balanced and pleasant.

It does have a slightly spicy taste but not one that overwhelms you, and I’d definitely agree with it being sweet and light. It’s a tobacco liquid I could easily vape with on a daily basis.

Ice Menthol 1.8%

Vape Barn ELiquid Review I’m not sure about giving you a “boosting feeling of freshness and relief” but it’s definitely a decent menthol liquid. Not quite menthol enough to blow your head off like some others I’ve tried, but not sickly-sweet peppermint either, it’s crisp and icy but pleasant to vape with. It doesn’t give you that throat-burning sensation you often find with menthol juices.

I also mixed this Ice Menthol with Sweet Red and I LOVE it! IF you’ve never mixed and matched your liquids, I’d definitely recommend giving it a shot. I’ve found mint and strawberry (and other fruits) to be quite the delightful combination!

Fruit Mix 1.8%

Vape Barn ELiquid Review Combining a number of fruits, this is a delightful mix that reminds me of a tropical juice drink I’d have with my breakfast in the morning. Banana, orange, lemon, grapefruit and more are combined to give you a crisp, refreshing vape.

I really liked this one too!

It’s not sickly or too thick / syrupy as you can often find with other fruity mix liquids and just like the others, had a decent taste that I really enjoyed.

Great for a morning vape I find!

Sweet Red 1.8%

Vape Barn ELiquid Review Another really delightful fruity number from Vape Barn, this was the one I was the least impressed with. It wasn’t a bad-tasting eliquid, I just found it rather sickly after a while and couldn’t vape with this one more than one tank / cartomiser full at a time.

The flavour is great – a real burst of a number of different components. Good for short term use but for long term use, you might just find it a little too much. There’s too much sugar and not enough to counteract it. I think that’s why I liked it mixed in with the minty flavour.

I preferred this one mixed in with the Ice Menthol but I’d still recommend it if you enjoy a fruity vape – it’s got a sweet, berry-like flavour and it vapes really well.

Vape Barn ELiquid Review

I will continue to add to this review as and when I try new flavours of course but if you decide to give them a shot, make sure you come back and let me know what you thought about them too! Get in touch via Facebook or Twitter or leave your comments below.

If you fancy checking out Vape Barn yourself, click on the banner below and make sure you use the discount code BESTECIG10 to get 10% off site-wide.


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