Vape Direct Discovery Kit Review

Vape Direct Discovery Kit Review

Starter Kit Price: £19.99 Battery Cost: £9.99 upwards E-Liquid Cost: £4.99 / 10ml or 5 for £15 Charger Options: USB Battery Life: 5 - 6 hours (650mAh) Free Delivery: Free shipping on all orders. As you may have recently seen, I got my hands on a wonderful “surprise package” from Vape Direct, and just part of that super-awesome vape haul I got was the Vape Direct Discovery Kit at £19.99. It’s not an ecig or vaporiser I would recommend to those looking for big clouds, or someone who’s been vaping for a long time and have already moved on to bigger and more powerful things, but…

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Summary : If you're looking for an easy to use, simple and cheap little vaporiser, this is it. It does just what it says on the tin, and for the price, is an absolute bargain! Check out what I thought in the Vape Direct Discovery Kit review ...

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  • Starter Kit Price: £19.99
  • Battery Cost: £9.99 upwards
  • E-Liquid Cost: £4.99 / 10ml or 5 for £15
  • Charger Options: USB
  • Battery Life: 5 – 6 hours (650mAh)
  • Free Delivery: Free shipping on all orders.

Vape Direct Discovery Review

As you may have recently seen, I got my hands on a wonderful “surprise package” from Vape Direct, and just part of that super-awesome vape haul I got was the Vape Direct Discovery Kit at £19.99. It’s not an ecig or vaporiser I would recommend to those looking for big clouds, or someone who’s been vaping for a long time and have already moved on to bigger and more powerful things, but for a beginner, or someone looking for a reliable backup vape, this one’s a winner I reckon.

What do you want when you first giving up smoking / start vaping? You want something that’s easy to understand, easy to use, not to fiddly, has enough options to let you play around little bit, but without too many options that it confuses you completely. Well, all of those boxes are ticked, and you’ll soon start to see why …

Let’s get straight to it.

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Vape Direct Discovery Kit Review

I’ll get started with the contents of your kit:

  • 1 x variable voltage 650mAh battery
  • 1 x clearomiser
  • 1 x spare coil
  • 1 x USB charging cable

Firstly, I love the spare coil. Not enough starter kits include this which I find ridiculous. Well done Vape Direct – I’ve had a spare coil in every starter kit I’ve ordered from you so far. It’s the little things that make a difference right? Especially when there are so many of these easy-to-use ‘beginners’ starter kits on the market. (And most of them are crap too.)

Anyway, excitement over the spare coil aside, for £19.99 this really is a cool little kit. Variable voltage is a great idea for every vaper – you can go stronger or lighter as you wish. More power for a heavy post-dinner vape, for example, and less power for those early morning vapes that sometimes leave you coughing. It ranges from 3.3v to 4.8v, which is pretty much standard, but I’ll get into the battery itself in more detail shortly.

Vape Direct Discovery Review

The kit gives you everything you need EXCEPT e-liquid, so if you don’t already have some at home, you will need to add that to your order. I’ve been road-testing a few of the e-liquids on offer from Vape Direct, and if you keep your eyes peeled, the review will be coming soon …

(I like them – I’d recommend them.)


You get a 650mAh battery with your Vape Direct Discovery Kit, and this will give you around five to six hours of ‘regular’ use. What I mean by this is regular vaping throughout the day, but not chain-puffing. At work, vaping for a bit in the morning, sneaky vapes when you can, a vaping lunch, that kind of thing. The more you use it, the faster the battery will run out, but that’s just common sense.

The battery did last for around five and a half hours before it conked out, and it only takes an hour or so to charge, making it a handy little kit to have around. You could charge this up for an hour while you’re cooking dinner when you get home from work, and it’d be ready to vape again once you’re good and stuffed. I’d always recommend getting a second battery of course, but you could survive with one if you’re just starting out.

The variable voltage battery is always a great idea too – you can turn it up and down as and when you need to, and I’ve also found this comes in handy when you’re vaping in public and wish to be discreet about it. You can simply turn the power down and get away with it a lot more easily. That’s just what I’ve found anyway. If you’ve never vaped before, I’d recommend turning the power down when you first start using it, increasing the power as you get more and more comfortable with the device. There’s nothing wrong with starting off smaller and working your way up, and I tend to do that with every new vaporiser I get these days. I don’t want to bump it up to the highest power setting, take a big inhale, and then cough my guts up. That’s enough to ruin your vaping experience entirely. It’s hardly going to encourage you to switch from vaping to smoking for good, is it?

Vape Direct Discovery Review

Getting to the specifics, the battery has overcharge protection which is good for me because I have a habit of falling asleep and leaving my vaporiser plugged in. Not good, by the way. It also boasts that ‘quick charge’ feature which is actually much quicker than some others I’ve come across. To change the variable voltage, you simply twist the bit at the bottom of the battery, and you have variable options between 3.3 volts and 4.2 volts. Unlike other models, the twist-bit doesn’t twist easily, so you don’t accidentally turn it up or down by accident. It’s actually very well built. Like a well-built, cheap little model, if that makes sense?

To turn the battery on and off, you simply click the button five times. I like that you can turn it off because my vaporisers have a habit of going off in the bottom of my handbag. What a waste of battery life. And eliquid for that matter.

Vape Direct Discovery Review

You can buy two different types of replacement battery – a 650mAh for £9.99, and a 900mAh for £10.99. If you’re going to buy the Vape Direct Discovery Kit after reading this, I’d recommend a second battery – the 900mAh one. I would hazard a guess at about eight to nine hours of ‘regular’ vape usage from that one.

Cartomizer / Tank

Vape Direct call it a cartomizer, and you get one with a spare coil in your kit. You get 2 x 1.6 ohm coils with it – one already in the cartomizer ready to go, and one to replace after a few weeks. I’ve been using mine relatively regularly (and trying the others too) for about three weeks now and I still haven’t needed to change the coil yet. I’ve used a few different e-liquids in it too – all of them from Vape Direct.

In the kit, the cartomizer has a rubber mouthpiece over it. I’d say keep this – you can pop it back on so you don’t get pocket fluff in the mouth-tube but I always lose mine within about three minutes of opening it. It’s handy but I simply don’t know where they go.

Vape Direct Discovery Review

You refill the (plastic) tank from the bottom – the opposite end to the mouthpiece. Unscrew the silver ribbed section and the coil comes out with it. Everything works exactly as it should and, *touch wood*, nothing has leaked yet. Like I said before, it’s actually a very well-built and cheap little ecig / vaporiser.

Replacement coils are £9.99 for a pack of five. That’s pretty much in line with what I’d pay anywhere else.

Vape Direct offer a number of different cartomizers as optional extras too – the Aspire CE5 Clearomizer, Innokin iClear 16D, Aspire CE5-S Clearomizer, and the Vape Direct VA-Clear DC will all fit. They all look a little different so if you’re replacing them, go with personal preference. They’re all pretty decent tanks.

Throat Hit & Vapour

I used Vape Direct Platinum e-liquids in the tank for the purposes of this Vape Direct Discovery Kit review, and I had no problems at all with the way it vaped. The variable voltage makes a big difference obviously – the higher the power, the more vapour you’ll get out of it, and the stronger it will be in the throat-hit sense too. Turn it down and things will be a lot smoother and easier on the throat, but you’d find that with any liquid that you try in it.

It vapes really well – there’s no gurgling or crackling, nothing leaks, everything works exactly as you’d want it to. I didn’t have any problems with it, and actually, I rather enjoyed vaping with it. Once you move on to the bigger models like sub-ohm, these smaller ones can be quite refreshing from time to time.

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As previously mentioned, I used Vape Direct Platinum eliquid in the Vape Direct Discovery Kit, and I’ll be bringing you a full review on how I found those liquids soon. Keep your eyes peeled, and remember to give the social media pages a cheeky little ‘like’ to keep up to date. Then you’ll never miss a review! 😉

Vape Direct Discovery Review

Just for the record, you can buy the Vape Direct eliquids on offer – 5 x 10ml bottles for £15. They’ve got plenty of flavours too.

Vape Direct Discovery Review Conclusion

Honestly, the Vape Direct Discovery Kit does pretty much what it says on the tin – “I’m perfect for experienced amateurs.” It’s simple and to-the-point, not overly fussy or complicated, but at the same time still offers some customising options by way of that variable voltage.

The battery lasts for as long as it should, nothing gurgles, leaks or spits, I’m not really the biggest fan of those plastic and colourful tanks but it does what you want it to do, and for under £20, it’s not a bad little kit.

Vape Direct Discovery Review

I love the packaging – it’s all compact, simple, clean, nothing fussy or complicated. And that’s what you want. You don’t ever use the boxes again. You might keep them but once you’ve taken the replacement coil out and used the charging cable, you’ll probably never go back to the box. I never have. Should you keep them in case you need to send them back? Probably. But I don’t, and I don’t think I’ve ever had a problem sending them back when they’ve been faulty either.

Anyway, nice packaging, everything nice and neatly labelled, decent instructions … There’s not very much that I don’t like about this one. It seems the Vape Direct Discovery Kit review is going to be a positive one. The only thing I will say is that once you’ve moved on to bigger and better vaporisers, you probably wouldn’t ‘downgrade’ to something like this, but for those beginning, or looking for something a bit more ‘customisable’ (like the variable voltage), this one is a winner. It’s a good little kit. I’d buy it for my mate or my nan … you know?

All in all, I’m going to give the Vape Direct Discovery Kit review 5 stars out of 5. For what it is and the price you’re paying, it does exactly what you’re asking it to do. The 510 connection will probably fit with some of the stuff you already have at home (the Vapouriz Fuse, for example), and it’s both reliable and durable. What more do you want?

So yes – 5 stars out of 5. This kit does everything you’d want it to, and without any muss or fuss. 

For more information, check out the Vape Direct website. If you have any questions, feel free to let me know. And if you give them a shot, remember to come back and let me know what you thought about them too. I’ll add your comments to my review! 🙂

HONESTY POLICY: This was sent to me by Vape Direct. I did not pay for these products. I was not paid for my review, and I will not be paid for my review. All opinions are mine, and in no way influenced by the brand / manufacturer.

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