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Vape Direct Premium Virginia Tobacco Eliquid Review

Vape Direct Premium Classic Tobacco Review

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for a while, you’ll probably have heard about the new TPD measures to regulate vaping. Well, as a result of those new [ridiculous] measures, loads of the vape stores had huge sales to get rid of the stuff that would no longer be compliant. Just one of those stores was Vape Direct, and I put in a cheeky little order right before the TPD deadline.

I ordered 2 x 30ml bottles of Choco Pebbles by Morning Glory, one at 0mg and one at 6mg. The idea was to mix the two in equal measures to give myself 3mg liquid. That’s totally how it works, right? Well, I’ve done it and can confirm that it’s a very enjoyable vape.

At the same time I also ordered a couple of bottles of Djinni Red Tab (tobacco) eliquid, 18mg in 10ml bottles – MTL (mouth to lung). They were £1.50 each. It would have been a shame not to.

They didn’t arrive with my Choco Pebbles, and it wasn’t long after that I received an email from Vape Direct to let me know they had been out of stock of the Djinni eliquid. They also offered me two replacement bottles from their Vape Direct tobacco range, which I gratefully accepted. Thanks so much! (Customer service done right!)

Vape Direct Premium Virginia Tobacco Eliquid Review

They arrived, I tried them, and I decided it was time I wrote a little review on my new tobacco flavour. I haven’t reviewed any of the Premium version of Vape Direct eliquids, but I have tried a few of their Platinum range before – Sweet Tobacco, for example.

I tore it open (Vape Direct Premium Virginia Tobacco) and used it in another of my pre TPD sale buys – the JacVapour Series-E. I cannot express my sadness over the fact this vaporiser is no longer available. I reviewed it a long time ago for the site (and you can find it here), and I also bought three new ones in the sale … (Not obsessed at all!)

Vape Direct Premium Classic Tobacco Review

Anyway, back to it …

Vape Direct Premium Virginia Tobacco Eliquid Review

  • £4.99 / 10ml
  • 3 x 10ml Vape Direct liquids for £10
  • 5 x 10ml Vape Direct liquids for £15

VG 20 / PG 80

Website description: 

“If you’ve grown to love the famous green-and-gold rolling tobacco, this wonderful flavour will get you as close to it as possible – without all the harmful toxins. Rich, smoky and incredibly authentic, tobacco-lovers snap this up in their droves! Just choose the nicotine strength to suit you and get vaping!”

Vape Direct Premium Classic Tobacco Review

**!! My bottle is NOT TPD-compliant but I am assuming they have sent me the old stock as replacements for the old stock of the Djinii eliquid I ordered. I would assume any bottle you purchase from Vape Direct now WOULD BE TPD-compliant – the right packaging and so forth. So I can’t and won’t mark them down on the non-TPD packaging.


Right, I’m going to be brutally honest with this. I don’t like the taste much. I tend to find there are three types of tobacco eliquid out there. There are those that are really gruff and powerful, usually too much for me. Then there are those that sit in the middle – generic, pleasant-tasting tobacco flavours. Then there are those that are just too bitter. I don’t even know if bitter is the right word, but I PERSONALLY think they’re bitter on the inhale. This Vape Direct Premium Virginia Tobacco is the last one – it’s quite bitter.

Vape Direct Premium Classic Tobacco Review

I vaped my way through the first bottle, but that’s only because I didn’t have any other tobacco flavours to hand. I ordered more (JacVapour) tobacco liquids halfway through. I did finish the first bottle, but that was only while I was waiting for the new JV vape haul to turn up. As soon as it did (and I then replenished my tobacco stores), I stopped using this one. I have the second bottle still, which I will keep for emergency purposes, but it’s not a flavour I particularly enjoyed vaping. I really did find it very bitter, particularly on that aftertaste / exhale. The inhale wasn’t actually that bad, but still not my kind of tobacco.

In contrast, I ordered a couple of the new range from JacVapour – Real Tobacco Silver (PG 70 / VG 30) at 1.2% or 12mg – and it was really nice. Smooth. That middle one I told you about earlier on – a nice, generic, pleasant-tasting tobacco vape liquid that doesn’t come with a really bitter aftertaste. Out of the two tobacco flavours, the JacVapour one would win hands down. Sorry, Vape Direct. This tobacco one just wasn’t for me. And I don’t agree that it tastes like that green-and-gold rolling tobacco either.


It produces a decent amount of this, I must admit. I think I might try the Vape Direct Premium Classic Tobacco next, which I predict will be more of a lighter tobacco and less of that bitterness. If I like the vapour production, and the way that it vapes (because it was quite smooth), it’s just a case of finding the right tobacco-flavour. That’s the hope!

Vape Direct Premium Virginia Tobacco Review – Conclusion

I did enjoy the vape experience – this eliquid gives you a decent amount of vapour, and it vapes really well too. It’s nice and smooth, nothing too gruff on the back of the throat. I just didn’t like the taste of this particular tobacco flavour. It was too bitter for me. Almost toxic-tasting. That’s harsh, I know, but thats what *I* think.

Vape Direct Premium Classic Tobacco Review

Would I buy Vape Direct Premium Virginia Tobacco again? No. I would, however, try the other ‘Classic Tobacco’ flavour before I give up on them entirely. I remember trying a few of their Platinum range a while ago, back when I received my big Vape Direct haul, and I quite liked some of them. (There’s a video for that here.)

Generally, I find the products very decent from this company. I’ve used a number of their products and never had a problem with them. This one eliquid, however, is not to my taste at all. Not one I’d buy for myself again.


I do have a couple of other points I’d like to add, more about Vape Direct than the liquid itself. I have received a number of orders from them, and their customer service has always been spot on. However, I find their website a little … neglected. Error messages at the top of various pages, and there’s only one question / answer on the FAQ. I found it very difficult to find information about the company. There’s no ‘About Us’ page. On the returns and refunds page, there’s details of an address in Milton Keynes, so I’m assuming that’s where they are based. The same address is listed on their ‘Contact Us’ page. I also didn’t find an awful lot of information on the ingredients of the eliquid. As a company, I feel this is something Vape Direct should work on.

Just in case you wanted to know a little more about Vape Direct –

  • You’ll get same day dispatch if you order before 5pm.
  • Free delivery on ALL UK orders.
  • Earn vape reward points on ALL purchases.

You will find Vape Direct here:

Honesty Policy: I purchased this product. It was not sent to me for a review. My opinions are just that – my opinions. I have not and will not be paid for this review.

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