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Vape Direct Voyage Review

Vape Direct Voyage Review

Starter Kit Price: Starts at £24.99 (Price has increased since this review, to £34.99) Battery Life: 1500mAh capacity – life depends on sub-ohm / regular vaping Free Delivery: Free UK delivery on ALL orders I’ve started to really enjoy sub-ohm vaping lately, and I was super excited when I received a new model in the Vape Direct “Surprise Package” sent out not that long ago. I’ve been using it for a few weeks and throwing it around a bit if we’re being honest about this, and I finally think it’s time to get my Vape Direct Voyage review out there.   Vape…

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  • Starter Kit Price: Starts at £24.99 (Price has increased since this review, to £34.99)
  • Battery Life: 1500mAh capacity – life depends on sub-ohm / regular vaping
  • Free Delivery: Free UK delivery on ALL orders

I’ve started to really enjoy sub-ohm vaping lately, and I was super excited when I received a new model in the Vape Direct “Surprise Package” sent out not that long ago. I’ve been using it for a few weeks and throwing it around a bit if we’re being honest about this, and I finally think it’s time to get my Vape Direct Voyage review out there.

Vape Direct Voyage Review


Vape Direct Voyage (Sub Ohm Mini Kit) – £34.99

I’ll get straight to the point – the kit is £24.99 (great price), and in it you get the following bits and pieces:

  • 1 x battery 1500mAh, 4.2V
  • 1 x Subtank Mini
  • 1 x 0.3 ohm coil (pre-installed)
  • 1 x 0.5 ohm coil (as spare)
  • 1 x USB charger

And it all comes wonderfully packaged in the smallest and cutest little box. It looks a little like an iPhone box, which is exactly what I said when I filmed the unboxing and first impressions video, which can find below.

*Don’t laugh at me too much! 😉

I said this before in the Vape Direct Discovery Kit Review, and I’m about to say it again – the fact that you get a *spare* coil is amazing. Why don’t all vaporiser starter kits offer a spare coil? Do you know how many times I’ve ordered a new vape and it’s arrive with a dodgy coil? I’ve then needed to complain, send it back, wait for them to send me a replacement …

Sorry, but in that time I’ve moved on. The vaping world is a fickle one, and first impressions really DO count.

You get everything you need in the little box, including a spanner (which I constantly referred to as an ‘allen key’ in the video), which I didn’t really understand at first. There were no components to ‘build’, nothing to move or fidget with … why would I need a spanner? Or an allen key? It turns out there should have been further instructions in the box, and the spanner was to move the screw on the bottom of the tank to make it work / compatible with other batteries.

I wasn’t aware of this, so when I played around with different tanks on the battery (to test different eliquids), one of the spare Vape Direct Subtank Mini’s didn’t work. A quick flick with the spanner and hey presto, the damn thing worked. I have since been assured that all kits will have the appropriate instructions!

For under £25 (now £35), this kit isn’t a bad little kit, and don’t forget – spare coil. The only thing you don’t get is e-liquid, but Vape Direct also offer that. I’ve tried some of their Morning Glory and Riot Squad range, and you can see what I thought about those in the full review by clicking on the red links.

Oh, and before I forget, you can get it in four colours. I got a snazzy purple but you can also get black, white, and silver too.


It’s a 1500mAh battery, and it’s compatible with various tanks, not just the Vape Direct Subtank Mini which comes with it. I also got two spares in my “Surprise Package”. You can fit any 510 connection tank, so it would work with the Aspire Nautilis Mini Tank (for example), a regular / non-sub-ohm tank to be used with regular e-liquid.

Vape Direct Voyage Review

If you were using a ‘regular’ tank on it, not a sub-ohm tank, the 1500mAh of power would last around 13-15 hours, although I’d lean more towards the lesser in practice.

When you use a sub-ohm tank on it, with sub-ohm liquid, it uses considerably more power to create those vast plumes of vapour, so it won’t last anywhere near that long. I don’t tend to use my sub-ohm vapes as often or as frequently as I do the ‘regular’ ones (like the Vape Direct Discovery Kit, for example), but if I sit down at the laptop and tap away for a couple of hours, chain-vaping as I do so (and fogging up my workspace), I get maybe two or three hours worth of vaping out of it before I need to charge it up again. Maybe four hours at a push?

Vape Direct Voyage Review

If you’re going to make this your regular vape, and you’re going to use a sub-ohm tank on it, get yourself a spare battery. If you’re going to use a ‘regular’ tank most of the time and just use the sub-ohm tank occasionally, one battery will do you just fine. You can charge it up in the evening when you get home from work (because it only takes about an hour and a half to two hours to fully re-charge), and it’ll do you for the rest of the next day.

Tank / Clearomiser 

The tank is a Vape Direct Subtank Mini, a very simple and easy to understand ‘beginner’s’ tank, I’d say. There’s nothing overly fiddly about it, changing the coil is super simple, and it works as it should.

I do have a slight negative before I go into more detail – when you take the coil out to refill the tank, the part the coil sits in is really wide, so when you’re refilling, some of the liquid has a tendency to fall through into the mouthpiece which, of course, makes its way into your mouth when you’re vaping and burns / tastes gross / ruins the entire experience. Just be careful when you’re refilling, or unscrew the coil, place it in the dish it normally rests in, and then refill. The coil there will prevent any liquid from going into the mouthpiece.

When I’ve used this tank, it’s never spat or crackled apart from when the liquid has got into places it shouldn’t. It has, however, got quite hot with repeated use, although I tend to find this is the case for a lot of sub-ohm devices. If I’ve used it repeatedly for a while though, it gets too hot to use and I need to put it down and wait for it to cool down. It really does get too hot to touch at times. (Perhaps I’m just using it too frequently?)

Vape Direct Voyage Review

You can buy replacement Subtank Mini’s from Vape Direct at £11.99, and you’ll find that a number of other tanks will fit. Vape Direct has a vast selection, and I’m planning on trying a few of them. If you’ve already tried them, feel free to let me know. Let’s get your review up here! 😉

Now for all the technical stuff …

It’s a 2.0ml capacity tank, and you refill it from the bottom – unscrew the tank from the battery, and then unscrew the base where the coil attaches, and that’s where you’ll need to carefully drip your liquid in.

The tank itself is made from stainless steel and Pyrex glass, and it’s a standard 510 connection, which means it’ll work with a number of other batteries. I’ve used mine on the Voyage Sub Ohm Mini Kit battery as well as the JacVapour Series-B battery, and the Vapouriz VBox 40W too. I love it when everything comes together.

One last thing I’d like to point out is that you have an adjustable airflow that screws open and closed. This is to allow more or less air through the chamber. The more the hole is open, the more will flow through and the more vapour will be produced. If it’s too much, just close the hole a touch and you’ll find it easier to vape.

Throat Hit & Vapour

I liked the tank on the Vape Direct Voyage Sub Ohm Mini Kit – it’s a decent build, it works as it should do, and there’s no leaking, crackling, hissing, fizzling, or anything like that. The spanner means you can adjust the screw to make it work with other devices/batteries, and once I’d learned all about that, I had no problems. In fact, I didn’t have any problems at all using this, and I’m still using it now. Like right now. I’m currently vaping with the VIP Affinity e-liquid – keep your eyes peeled for the full review coming soon!

Vape Direct Voyage Review

I was using the Vape Direct Voyage Mini Kit. For more pics, check me out on Instagram – @bestecig

Vape Direct do sell sub-ohm e-liquid, and I used both Morning Glory and Riot Squad in my Subtank Mini that came with the Voyage Sub Ohm Mini Kit. Again, just click on the links to read the full reviews.

Vape Direct Voyage Review (Voyage Sub Ohm Mini Kit) – Conclusion

When you bear in mind this kit is under £25, you’ve got yourself a great little deal, and what’s even better is that everything works exactly as it should do. I’ve had no problems using this, and I’ve been vaping with it for a while … a couple of months at least.

Whether you’re new to the world of vaping, or you’ve been vaping for a long time, this device has many benefits. The adjustable airflow makes it perfect for all day vaping – the light vaping you prefer in the morning, or the heavier vaping you like after that evening meal – plus there’s the option to change to different tanks if you don’t feel like sub-ohming all the time.

Vape Direct Voyage Review

If you have any questions about this device, feel free to shout them out but I think you’d be happy if you bought this little kit. It’s inexpensive, it works, it’s simple to use, and it produces plenty of vapour with lots of customisation options to make it the perfect vape for you. What’s not to love about it?

So yes, I’ll rate this Vape Direct Voyage Review with 5 stars out of 5.

So far, Vape Direct have done really well with their devices, and you can see more of what they have to offer below:

If you’ve used the Vape Direct Voyage Sub Ohm Mini Kit and rated it (or hated it), let me know. Feel free to add your own review below, or give me a shout on the Twitter and Facebook pages. I’d love to know what you thought, especially if you bought it because I told you to! ;)

Find the Vape Direct Voyage Kit HERE for £34.99.

*Prices & information correct at time of writing

HONESTY POLICY: This vape kit was sent to me by Vape Direct. I did not pay for these products. I was not paid for my review, and I will not be paid for my HONEST review. All opinions are mine and in no way influenced by the brand/manufacturer.


  1. Great review as always, Kim! After reading your webpages, I started with the Pioneer kit (well, quite a few for spare batteries and coils) with a selection of eliquids. Which kit would be worth taking up next – the Discovery, with the variable wattage, or the Voyage that can allow sub-oming?

    • Hey Harry! Thanks so much! I’m glad you liked the review.
      The Discovery kit is awesome, but so is the Voyage. They’re two very different vaporisers. I like the Voyage to use every now and again, but I don’t like sub-ohming all the time so I tend to move from a sub to a non-sub. Today I used the Voyage sub and the Trek from Vape Direct too. I don’t like subbing out in public because it makes too much of a cloud, whereas the smaller ones (like Discovery / Trek) are more discreet and easier to get away with.
      The Discovery Kit is virtually the same as the Pioneer, so everything you’ve already got will work between the two. It’s only really the spinning bit on the battery that’s different so I’d probably just suggest buying a VV battery if you’ve already got everything for the Pioneer.

      If you want a new kit entirely, I’d go with the Voyage. Sub-ohming is fun (but a bit of a novelty to me, I’ll be honest) and you’ll probably find you use the Pioneer still anyway.

      Hope that helps! Just shout if you have any questions. Don’t forget to let me know what you decide too!
      Happy Vaping!


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