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Vape Question: What Are the Best Vapes for a Social Smoker?

If you’re a social smoker who’s on the hunt for an e-cigarette or vape device that won’t break the bank, won’t knock your socks off, won’t confuse the buggery out of you, and is small and discreet enough to hide in your pocket or hand on a night out, I’ve got a few suggestions for you. I’ve also got a few suggestions if you want something that’ll chuck out big clouds and look the ‘bizniz’, too. Quite a few people have asked me this question, so I felt it was about the right time that I published a little blog post.

As always, please feel free to get in touch if you have questions of your own. I’d love to try and help! You can throw any suggestions you have in the space for comments below this blog post.

Best Vapes for a Social Smoker 4

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What Are the Best Vapes for a Social Smoker?

I’m assuming that by “social smoker,” you mean someone who just smokes when they go out and have drinks. Friday and Saturday night smoking only, that kinda thing? If you’re on a pack of twenty a day, I don’t think you can call yourself a social smoker anymore … Just making sure you know that … ?

Anyway, so, I’m guessing that you don’t want to spend a small fortune on your vape device. You’re not planning on using it that much – just socially. You want something to help make those boozy nights out a little better, not leaving you smelling like an ashtray the morning after the night before, right?

For the purposes of these recommendations, I set a budget of around £20 to £25. The average person will spend around £8 or £10 on a packet of 20 cigarettes. One packet might last a couple of nights out. So whatever you vape with can’t cost more than a tenner a month to run, otherwise, it’ll work out more expensive than your actual cigarette smoking habit.

If you’re a social smoker and fancy giving vaping a try, here are a few of my suggestions:

If you want something refillable …

I’ve been asked to suggest both refillable and non-refillable options, so I’ve separated them into two separate parts. I’ll start with refillable e-cigarettes/vapes because I think they’re the best option. You have so much more wastage when you’re dealing with pre-filled cartridges, tanks and pods. You’re also much more limited when it comes to different flavours and strengths. Refilling empty tanks allows you to pick whatever damn flavour you like. And whatever nicotine strength you want, too.



The Aspire PockeX is a cute little device that, in my experience, either leaks or it doesn’t. It seems to be pot luck whether you get a leaky one or not. Mine was an absolute bloody nightmare. The comments that other people have left on my review suggest that I’m not the only one to experience the leaking problem, too. (There are LOTS of very unhappy customers!)

Read my initial review: Aspire PockeX Review

Read about my leaky problem: Help! My Aspire PockeX is Leaking!

Buy it: Aspire PockeX AIO Kit – £22.99 – ecigarettedirect

Best Vapes for a Social Smoker 5

Shown: Aspire PockeX + Wiz Maxx Strawberry Seduction eliquid.


For around £20, the Aspire PockeX is a device that allows you to vape in both mouth-to-lung and sub-ohm styles, without needing to change the coil. If you want to vape it the MTL way (like a regular cigarette), just add MTL (high-PG or 50/50 VG/PG) eliquid and vape it that way. If you want to vape it the sub-ohm way (like shisha/hookah), just add sub-ohm (high-VG) eliquid and vape it that way.

Read my Mouth-to-Lung Eliquid Reviews

Read my Sub-Ohm Eliquid Reviews



I also liked the Jac Vapour Series-S17 vape pen kit for both mouth-to-lung and sub-ohm vaping. Just use the DTL S-coil for sub-ohm vaping, and the MTL coils for mouth-to-lung vaping. The Turbo S-Coils are amazing for mouth-to-lung flavour, but I do find that I go through them a little quicker than the regular ones. The same applies to the Series-S22, but I much prefer the S17, for both sub-ohm and MTL vaping.

Read the review: Jac Vapour Series-S17 Review

Buy it: Jac Vapour Series-S17 Kit – £24.99

*Save 10% with discount code: BESTECIG10*

Best Vapes for a Social Smoker 6

Shown: Jac Vapour Series-S17 kit. 



Okay, so this next one is slightly more expensive than the budget I’d originally set, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be my next vape purchase. The Mi-Pod is adorable. A few people have told me to give it a try because they loved it, on Instagram, and I must admit that I look at it online every now and again to remind myself how pretty it is. The only reason I haven’t bought it is because it looks a bit … well, like it might not offer much in the way of power. I’ve been informed that’s NOT the case.

Have you tried it? What did you think?  

Buy it: Mi-Pod Vape Kit – £34.99 – ECigaretteDirect

Best Vapes for a Social Smoker 8


If you want something non-refillable or disposable…

Disposable, non-refillable pods or tanks are great for those who want something quick and easy for on-the-go vaping. There’s no need to get sticky fingers by refilling tanks, making them handy for occasional or social vapers. You do need to take into consideration that disposable or non-refillable pods and tanks are going to prove costlier in the long run, but I personally think they’re fab for nights out, just starting out, or even to keep in a safe place for emergencies, such as when your juice supplies run low or you run out of coils. 



The Vype ePen 3 is a new mouth-to-lung addition to my collection, although I have tried a few of the brand’s other models. I hated the original Vype ePen, but I actually think the 3rd generation of the device is a cracking little pod-style device. You can’t refill the cartridges, with a pack of two refilled pods costing you £5.49, but a single pod actually lasted me a good couple of days. The battery was pretty decent on it, too.

Best Vapes for a Social Smoker 1

Shown: Vype ePen 3 House of Holland Limited Edition + vPro (Nicotine Salts) Pods. 

If you’re a really light social smoker (think Silk Cut), I’d recommend 6mg pods. If you want something a bit heavier (think B&H Gold), I’d go for the 12mg ones. The 18mg kicked me on my ass a little bit. I’d say they were better designed for heavier smokers. Vype also offers vPro pods, with nicotine salts.

Read the review: Vype ePen 3 Review

Buy it: ePen 3 Kit – Vype – £17.99



Speaking for something on the heavier side, the Aspire Gusto Mini kit comes with pre-filled, nicotine salt-based pods. The 20mg+ pods are NOT designed for light/social smokers, but there is now a pretty interesting mix of 10mg pods. Those would be better suited to lighter/social smokers. You can also use the Gusto Mini (+ pods) for both sub-ohm and mouth-to-lung vaping, without changing the coil. I loved that about it.

Another little cheapie, the Aspire Gusto Mini can be found in a bunch of places for around £20. Vape Club sent me mine to review. (I gave it 5 out of 5 stars. It’s the cutest and most versatile device I own!)

Best Vapes for a Social Smoker 2

Shown: Aspire Gusto Mini 

Read the review: Aspire Gusto Mini Review

Buy it: Aspire Gusto Mini Starter Kit – £19.99 – VapeClub



I haven’t actually tried this vape device myself, but I’ve seen a few folks using it, and I’ve also seen a fair few positive reviews. It’s also one of the pod-style devices I recommend in Where Can I Find 0% Nicotine Pods?

I do like the way this pod vape looks, and it’s quite cheap — £19.99 for the starter kit with two pre-filled pods included. I’m pretty sure it’s an MTL device, but that’s not obvious just from looking at the website. (Unless I’ve missed something.) 

Buy it: Bo One Vaping Kit – £19.99 – Electronic Tobacconist 

Best Vapes for a Social Smoker 9



If you want a cloud-chucker …

If you’re interested in blowing out big clouds like all the kool kidz do, you’re going to want sub-ohm eliquid, plus a tank/coil/both that is sub-ohm compatible. I don’t personally recommend heading straight from real cigarettes to sub-ohm (big cloud) vaping, mostly because they’re totally different styles of vaping/smoking/inhaling. It can work for some people, don’t get me wrong, but I definitely needed a mouth-to-lung vape device and eliquid to help quit the stinkies. I find sub-ohm vaping is more “hobby vaping” for me.

For a sub-ohm tank, I recommend going for something super simple. I *still* find different vape tanks and box mods complicated, and I’ve been vaping for seven years. There’s quite a lot of stuff to learn. I feel like jumping in with sub-ohm vaping is jumping in at the deep end of the pool, without a life jacket, pool noodle, or swimming float to save you.

Check out my sub-ohm vape reviews here:



One of the simplest sub-ohm devices I’ve come across is the Jac Vapour VIM pod device. We had some flap issues (it makes more sense if you read the actual Jac Vapour VIM Review), but the device is bloody awesome. It’s also small enough to throw in your pocket or discreetly hide away in your hand. Again, it handles both mouth-to-lung and sub-ohm vaping with different coils, and I use it both ways regularly.

If you wanted something smaller and even more discreet, there’s the Wee VIM, which is basically a wee version of the VIM. I’m currently in the middle of reviewing that little delight, but the vape device is pretty awesome. for something so small and dinky.

Read the review: Jac Vapour VIM Review

Buy it: Jac Vapour Vim Kit – £24.99

*Save 10% with discount code: BESTECIG10*

Best Vapes for a Social Smoker 10

Shown: Jac Vapour VIM 



Stepping aside from pod-style vapes, what are your views on pen-style vapes? Again, you’ve got the PockeX from Aspire that offers sub-ohm vaping along with MTL vaping, without changing the coil. I actually really like the Jac Vapour Series-S17 for sub-ohm vaping, even though I think it was probably designed for MTL vapers. The 0.5-ohm S-Coils for it offer excellent flavour, and it’s quite a cheapie little device, too. I’m also having much better luck with the SECOND Series-S22 kit from Jac Vapour, as a sub-ohm device. The re-review is coming soon! (My first one was faulty, I think.)

Best Vapes for a Social Smoker 3

Shown: Jac Vapour Series-S22 + KOI Yatsuhashi Eliquid


If you don’t want a pen or pod-style vape device, how about a box? I’ve recently been trying Vapor Storm’s ECO Hawk kit, which is made up of the Hawk tank and ECO box mod. It’s an incredibly simple sub-ohm device to piece together and use, with no complicated modes or dials to worry about. It’s also compatible with not just Vapor Storm mesh coils, but also Smok Baby Beast ones too.

Bizarrely, I can’t seem to find this particular vape kit for sale in the UK/on UK websites. I have seen it on a variety of US websites for around $20-$30. The Hawk tank is available separately on UK websites for £15-£20. The ECO box mod is also available to buy on its own, for about £20-£30. 

Best Vapes for a Social Smoker 11

Shown: Vapor Storm ECO Hawk kit + 2ml glass tube on tank. 


If you fancy reading the full review, you’ll find it here > Vapor Storm ECO Hawk Kit Review.



One sub-ohm tank that I really do like for flavour is the Aspire Cleito EXO tank, with 0.4-ohm coils. I use it a lot for eliquid taste-testing, although I do find it can be a little pitiful in the cloud department. It’s actually proven itself to be a very decent tank, despite my original issues with it.

Read the review: Aspire Cleito EXO Review

Read the follow-up: Aspire Cleito EXO: The 0.4-Ohm Update

Buy it: Aspire Cleito EXO – £22.99 – ECigaretteDirect

Best Vapes for a Social Smoker 12

Shown: Vapor Storm Subverter box mod + Aspire Cleito EXO tank. 



This is another device that I’ve been looking at for a while — Aspire’s Breeze 2. It’s a pod device compatible with both MTL and sub-ohm vaping and is priced at £24.99 in most places I looked. The pods are refillable, it works great with nicotine salts (apparently), and has a changeable airflow. I’ve seen quite a few little videos on Instagram that show it pumping out decent amounts of clouds, so it’s well worth a mention. There’s also a cute rainbow-coloured one that I think I might just add to my basket. (Let me know if you’ve tried this one, peeps. Is it as good as it looks?) 

Buy it: Aspire Breeze 2 – £24.99 – Vapour UK 


The Aspire Gusto Mini is another great little device for cloud-chucking. When you vape it the sub-ohm way, it delivers bigger clouds than you’d expect. I’ve mentioned it a lot, I know, but it’s a really versatile device for such a cheap one. The same can be said for Jac Vapour’s VIM > another cracking cloud-chucker. 


If you’re in it for the aesthetic …

If you want a bit of vape kit that really looks the part, I’m assuming you’re on the hunt for a box mod and tank combo that’s snazzy as hell. Is snazzy still a cool word? Meh.

I really liked the Vapor Storm Puma for snazz-factor. It’s a funky blue box mod that was nice to hold and great to vape with. The Vapor Storm Subverter is also a pretty cool lookin’ bit of kit. It’s not the kind of thing I’d recommend if you have kids hanging around, though. Not only were they seriously obsessed with the way it looked, wanting to play with it all the damn time, but actual adults were asking me why I had a Lego brick in my handbag. To be fair, it does look a bit Lego-esque. I used the Aspire Cleito EXO kit a lot on both of these devices.

I really like the way the Joyetech Teros Kit (£24.99 from ECigaretteDirect) looks, a refillable pod-style device that changes colour and looks pretty darn cute. I’m pretty sure it’s an MTL vape (not sub-ohm), but I have not tried this device. In my hunt for more pod-style vape devices to try, it catches my eye a lot. I should probably just give in and buy it. Have you tried it? Do you think I should?


If you want something super cheap and cheerful …

I haven’t personally tried the MyBlu Vape Starter Kit, but a lot of people have a lot of good things to say about it. For just £9.99, I reckon it’s worth a shot. It doesn’t have the largest battery — 350mAh — but it would last you for your Friday night out on the town. The disposable pods don’t require refilling or fiddling around with, too. In fact, those pod-style vapes are perfect for social smokers who want to vape instead, and most of them are under the £20 mark.

Best Vapes for Social Smokers

Buy it: MyBlu Starter Kit – £9.99 – blu


I’d also suggest checking out:


What do you think? Have any of these vape devices/e-cigarettes taken your fancy? I’d love to know what you decided to buy, and what you think of it when it arrives. Throw your comments in the box below or get in touch via the magic of social media.

If you’re a vaper and you have suggestions, again, please feel free to leave them in the box below. Let’s get these smokers their perfect first-time vape. Thanks for stopping by and reading today. I hope you have a damn fabulous day!



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