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VapeMail Monthly Eliquid Subscription

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Hello, ladies and gentlemen, how are you all doing today? I would like to talk to you about a new subscription box I got my hands on recently — the VapeMail Monthly Eliquid Subscription. Biggest of thanks for VapeMail for sending it out to me!

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VapeMail Monthly Eliquid Subscription 1

I’ve received a few different monthly vape boxes recently, so I’m assuming there’s a trend going on. In case you missed it, I published a post about Clouder Club Vape Box Subscription just a little while back, and I talk about my love of monthly boxes a lot more. (Seriously, I get monthly makeup boxes, tampon ones, snack ones, and now vape ones … I’m obsessed!) 

About VapeMail

From what I can tell, VapeMail recently relaunched their monthly eliquid subscription box. I couldn’t really find a lot of information about the company on the website — no ‘About Us’ page or anything like that. 

The idea behind the subscription is very simple — you get a bunch of different eliquids delivered right to your door, at the same time each month, eliminating the hassle of purchasing from different places. You won’t know which brands will turn up in the parcel, so it’s a big, fun surprise when you open it, and it’s a great idea for someone like me. I always order the same kind of eliquid flavours — cakey, fruity, non-menthol, and/or tobacco, and that means I ‘miss’ flavours that I would have liked but wouldn’t have thought to order. In my first subscription package from VapeMail, I got a 50ml bottle of Drip Hacks Cremeux that I’ve proper fallen in love with. I wouldn’t have personally ordered any kind of custard eliquid flavour, so if it hadn’t been for this package I would never have discovered it.  

VapeMail Monthly Eliquid Subscription 2


There are three tiers to the VapeMail monthly eliquid subscription — 

Silver is £17.99 per month, containing 2 x 50ml shortfill bottles (100ml), 2 x nicotine salts shots, 10% off top ups, and 15% off Gorilla Juice. 

Gold is £29.99, containing 4 x 50ml shortfill bottles (200ml), 4 x nicotine salts shots, 15% off top ups, 15% off Gorilla Juice, and a VapeMail scratch card. 

Platinum is £44.99 per month, containing 6 x 50ml shortfill bottles (300ml), 6 x nicotine salts shots, 20% off top ups, 15% off Gorilla Juice, a set of Coil Gods coils, and 2 VapeMail scratch cards. 

VapeMail Monthly Eliquid Subscription 3


I’ve received two Gold monthly packages from VapeMail. The first one contained: 

  • Drip Hacks – Cremuex
  • Chubby Juice – Caribbean Crush 
  • My Baker Vapor – Blue Moo 
  • The Slush Machine – Red Slush 
  • A losing scratch card. 

The second package contained: 

  • Ethos Vapors – Green Apple Crispy Treats
  • Ohmsome – Melon Twist 
  • Ice Cream Man – Pistachio Gelato 
  • A very leaky bottle of Exceptional Vapes – Salted Caramel Shortcake, Shortbake
  • Another losing scratch card.

VapeMail Monthly Eliquid Subscription 4


If you run out of eliquid throughout the month or just fancy adding on more, you can top up your subscription by either 2 or 4 bottles. You’ll get the top ups for 10% cheaper if you’re on a silver package. If you’re on gold, you’ll get them 15% cheaper, and if you’re on platinum, you’ll get them 20% cheaper. You *can* request an eliquid that you have previously received, but VapeMail can’t guarantee that you’ll get them in your top up package. 


VapeMail also has its very own line of eliquid — Gorilla Juice. These 70VG/30PG 100ml bottles come with two FREE nicotine salts shots, and you’ll get 15% off when you’re signed up to the VapeMail subscription. The regular price for non-subscription folks is £14.99, but you can get your hands on a sample pack for £3.99. This gives you one 10ml bottle of each of the flavours —Jungle Freeze, King Kustard, Loopshake, Mintshake, and Tropical Freeze, but I’m assuming they’re 0mg. 

*The sample packs were out of stock at the time of writing, and they’re limited to just one sample pack per customer. 


I’ve told you pretty much everything you need to know about VapeMail, so I figured it was about time I shared a few of my thoughts with you. 

VapeMail Monthly Eliquid Subscription 5

Firstly – Bottles

VapeMail only offers shortfill bottles. I know a few people who hate or can’t easily work 10ml bottles, so I’d definitely let them know about this subscription package. Also, 2/4/6 larger bottles with nic shots provide less plastic waste than 10/20/30 smaller, 10ml bottles. 

Secondly – Waste

While I’m on the topic of waste, I like that VapeMail delivers the bottles in a simple Jiffy bag. My Clouder Club box came with a whole bunch of shredded paper crap in it and I’m STILL finding bits of it on the floor. That stuff is worse than glitter. 

Thirdly – Nicotine Salts 

If you don’t want nicotine salts in your eliquid, VapeMail is not for you. From what I can make out, all of their nic shots are nicotine salts-based. 

Fourthly – Flavours

(Oh my god, she’s on a roll.)

You’re ONLY getting 2/4/6 different flavours in each package. The upside is less waste, the downside is that you’re stuck with larger bottles of eliquid you might not even like. 

Fifthly – VG/PG

(How is she still going?!)

VapeMail is not for you if you’re a mouth-to-lung vaper / someone who usually vapes 50/50 VG/PG eliquid. The eliquids offered in the VapeMail Monthly Eliquid Subscription are 80/20 VG/PG or 70/30 VG/PG. Nothing less than 70% VG. 

VapeMail Monthly Eliquid Subscription 6

Sixthly – Strength

You can’t really pick your nicotine strength. They come with nicotine salts shots that are designed to turn 50ml of 0mg eliquid into 60ml of 3mg eliquid. If you want something stronger than that, you’ll need to do the maths yourself. Oh, and buy the additional nic shots/products. 

Seventhly – Tobacco + Menthol

(Seriously, I’ll stop soon.)

If you want tobacco or menthol flavours, VapeMail is not for you. They don’t send out tobacco or menthol flavours because ”based on 3 years of running an E-Liquid subscription, they are things that a lot of people dislike.”

*Whispers* I like tobacco  ??‍♀️

Eighthly – Facebook Group

VapeMail does have a Facebook group in which you can chat with other vapers and exchange flavours that you don’t like/won’t vape. 

Ninthly – Flavour Types

You can’t exclude certain flavour types. VapeMail does this so that you don’t ever eliminate a flavour that you might actually like (one of the things I spoke about above — Drip Hacks Cremeux). 

Tenthly – Value For Money

The VapeMail subscription service DOES offer pretty good value for money. Let’s say you opted for the Silver package — £17.99 per month, giving you 2 x 50ml eliquids + nicotine salts shots. Delivery is free. If I were to have purchased Drip Hacks Cremeux from anywhere else, it would have cost me at least £9.99 for one 50ml bottle, plus delivery charges, plus nicotine shot(s). You’re looking at around £20-£25. Essentially, you’re saving somewhere between £5-£10 by opting for a VapeMail subscription, and then you’ll get discount on other items — other eliquids, hardware, etc. 

VapeMail Monthly Eliquid Subscription 7


There are loads of little extras on the website, including –

Mystery Box: £60, £125, or £250 packages containing various vape eliquid and hardware items, not including stock coil tanks, starter kits, or clones. The £250 box has an actually RRP of between £300 and £350, so you’re saving a fair bit. 

Hardware Subscriptions: Similar to VapeMail’s eliquid subscription boxes, but with hardware — RDAs and tanks, coils, cotton, etc. Eliquids are included. 

Coily Tool: You can preorder the Coily Tool AND get a discount! 


VapeMail offers quite a ‘niche’ subscription package, so it will either work for you or it won’t. I’m a regular 50/50 VG/PG mouth-to-lung vaper, although I do sub-ohm a lot, so I’d need to order other eliquids from other places to satisfy that part of my habit. I also still heavily rely on tobacco-flavoured eliquids, so I’d need to order those from elsewhere too. 

There are certain flavours that I absolutely, definitely will not vape, not for all the money in the world. Watermelon is one of those flavours. I won’t vape ANYTHING that even looks as though it might contain a hint of watermelon. And banana. I can’t stand the fruit. Those two flavours actually make me heave. 

Guess what I got in my second VapeMail package … ? 

Yep, I got watermelon. Yuck. 

And I can’t permanently exclude those flavours from my package, so I could very well get them again from other brands. 

VapeMail Monthly Eliquid Subscription 8

VapeMail will be perfect for you if you like nicotine salts-based, high-VG eliquid and you want to try some new flavours. I’ve received two monthly packages so far, and out of the eight eliquid flavours, only two of them have been put on the do-not-touch shelf. I would have bought four of them myself, and the other two have been pleasant little surprises. I wouldn’t have bought them but I do very much like them. 

I’d personally say that this subscription box was more focused on experienced sub-ohm vapers.

You’re not going to have much luck with it if you like anything less than 70% VG, or if you like tobacco flavours. 

Are you signed up to any vape subscription boxes? Which ones do you get? And why do you like them? Don’t forget to let me know if you’ve tried any of the eliquids I got in my packages. I’m having a hard time picking which one to try first! 

For more information on the VapeMail monthly subscription packages, check out 

You can also find VapeMail on Facebook. 

VapeMail Monthly Eliquid Subscription 9

Thanks for reading, have an awesome day!

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