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Vaper Empire Virginia Gold Eliquid Review [Artisan Collection]

[AD – Gifted by Vaper Empire] Hello, vapers! What flavour do you have in your tank today? I’ve been vaping on Vaper Empire Virginia Gold eliquid for a few days and I’m almost at the end of my 10ml bottle. Time for some thoughts … 

I’m just going to spoil the whole damn review and tell you I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I’m actually gutted that my bottle is almost empty. 

Vaper Empire Eliquid Review Virginia Gold


Vaper Empire are an Australian vape company, first started in 2012. From what I can understand, all of their eliquids are made in the UK and then distributed from there too. Something to do with the legislature in Australia? I’m not hot on my Australia vaping legislature, so feel free to educate me if you know what that’s all about. 

I’ve had a little look around on the internet and can’t seem to find a place to buy Vaper Empire’s range in the UK. I will ask the company and update this bit if I find or hear about a place, though. I really liked the eliquid, so it would be a shame not to be able to get my hands on more of it. 

Vaper Empire Virginia Gold Eliquid Review 2

Speaking of which, I got my hands on a couple of 10ml bottles of eliquid from Vaper Empire — Virginia Gold, plus Rhubarb & Custard. They’re both 6mg, mouth-to-lung eliquids, although it doesn’t give you the VG/PG ratio on the bottle. I took a look at the website and spotted 50/50 VG/PG. 

These two eliquids are from the Artisan Collection. This collection also features a few other tasty-sounding treats, including Salvador’s Siesta (hazelnut and custard), Ragtime Raconteur (tobacco and mocha cappuccino tinged with sweet caramel), and Twice on Sundae (vanilla custard cream and sweet caramel). There’s also a good range of tobacco flavours, most of which have great customer reviews. 

Do you read other customer reviews on a website before you buy an eliquid flavour you’ve not tried before?


I do just want to say one thing about the price …

The website shows Australian dollars (obviously), but $14.95 AU roughly converts into just over £8, according to Google.

£8 for a 10ml bottle? Shut up. 

I Googled “Australian vape shops” for a bit, checking out the prices of other 10ml bottles of eliquid (because I have no clue how much ANYTHING costs in Australia, let alone vape juice). These were my findings:

  • A – “Gold Tobacco” – $10 for 10ml, $20 for 30ml, $49 for 100ml. 
  • B – “Virginia Tobacco” – $30 for 30ml. 
  • C – “Original Tobacco” – $28.95 for 30ml. 

*All 50/50 VG/PG. 

They’re all around the same price for the same kind of eliquid. Flipping ‘eck. How expensive is it to vape in Australia? How much are y’all getting paid over there?! 


After coming across a box of vape coils and other bits and pieces that I totally forgot about, I thought I might make use of some of the stuff I once loved but haven’t used in a really long time. Since I found two whole 5-packs of 1.5-ohm SSOCC coils for the Kangertech Nano Topbox tank, that’s what I’ve decided to use to review Vaper Empire Virginia Gold eliquid. It’s on top of the Vapour2 Trinity box because I have no idea where the actual Kanger box went, and it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing combination, admittedly, but it actually works a dream.

Vaper Empire Eliquid Review

Moving along.


“Our premium Virginia Gold Tobacco blend delivers an exceptional dark & toasted tobacco experience with just the right amount of wholesome fullness. Virginia Gold sets the standard for a smooth tobacco flavour that never bites.”


I really, really, really like this tobacco eliquid. It’s got a good, rich tobacco flavour to it, although I don’t think it’s overly “Golden Virginia”-like, which is what the name suggests. The tobacco has more smoothness and mildness to it than I would usually associate with anything that has any variation of “Golden Virginia” in the name. I actually really liked that about it. It’s flavoursome and smooth at the same time. 

Virginia Gold Vaper Empire Review 2

I personally felt it was worthy of being in the Artisan Collection – the premium range (or so it appears). It has a premium tobacco flavour about it. Not generic, boring, or not-quite-right … spot on. There’s no weird aftertaste, it’s not too bitter or too sweet, and I’d wholeheartedly recommend it to vapers looking for an authentic, full-bodied tobacco flavour. 


Mentioning that smoothness again, it doesn’t just apply to the taste of Vaper Empire Virginia Gold, the vape juice is nice and smooth on the throat too. Not in a light way, but in an easy-to-vape way. The 6mg bottle I had was slightly more full-bodied and gruffer than most other 6mg MTL eliquids I try. I think the 12mg variety (the one I probably would have ordered) might’ve been just a tad too strong for me, in terms of flavour and throat hit. 

Virginia Gold Vaper Empire Review

Vapour-wise, I got what I expected to get from the device combo + juice type/ strength. I’ve got no complaints at all. 


This is definitely a tobacco flavour I’ll remember for all of the right reasons. I’ve tried a *lot* of tobacco-based eliquids over the years and although there have been a few juices that I’ve remembered and reordered, I tend to find them a bit same-old, same-old after a while. Gone are the days of cheap, synthetic, Chinese-made eliquids, and that seems to have weeded out some of the worst tobacco offenders. 

Virginia Gold Vaper Empire Eliquid Review

This eliquid stands out, though. It’s better than good, in my opinion. There’s got a good likeness to the taste of cigarette-smoking (but without the yucky, stinky bits, obviously), along with a decent throat hit. As first impressions go, Vaper Empire have made a great one.


Yes, I absolutely would buy it again. I’m not sure I’d be brave enough to try the 12mg variety, but the 6mg really hit the spot for me. The flavour is good, the smoothness is lovely, and it’s definitely one of those tobacco flavours I can see myself grabbing on an everyday basis to throw in my tank. 

(I’m not sure about the £8-odd quid for a bottle, though!)


Yes, definitely! If you’re in the market for an authentic, bold, and full-flavoured tobacco eliquid that won’t make you cough up a lung from throat scratchiness, this one is the right one for you. It’s a mild one I’d recommend to newbie vapers. Close enough to the taste of tobacco to satisfy, but without too much flavour or boldness to make it a really ‘niche’ flavour. Does that make sense?

Vaper Empire Eliquid Review Virginia Gold 2

Have you tried any Vaper Empire eliquid? Or any of their vape devices? I’d love to know what you thought! Leave your comments in the box below! ?

Virginia Gold Artisan Collection
$14.95 (AU) / 10ml
Vaper Empire
Value Pack (6 x 10ml)
$74.75 (AU)
Vaper Empire

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