Vaping and Flying – Can I Vape on a Plane?

If you’re lucky enough to be going away on your holidays soon, I’m jealous. There are also a few things you should know, especially if you’re a vaper. You know what it’s like going through airport security these days, and you don’t want to make things even more anxious by not knowing what you’re meant to be doing with all your vape stuff.

I’ve done some research to make your life easier if you’re looking at vaping and flying. There are a few rules, a few things you definitely shouldn’t do, and a few things you can do to make your life (and airport security’s life) a lot easier. Remember – vaping is still a relatively new concept. Some people have never seen an Aspire Archon or a JacVapour Series-B in their life …

 Vaping and Flying – Can I Vape on a Plane?

If you’re heading off on a plane, you CAN take your vaporisers and electronic cigarettes with you, but you WON’T be able to use it. The same rules apply with vaping as they do with smoking – you’re not allowed to do it.


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British Airways says this:

 “You cannot use e-cigarettes or similar items on board.”


You’re also not allowed to charge an electronic cigarette or vaping device on a plane now. That’s more to ensure the safety of all passengers on board as much as it probably is for security purposes. It’s also something you should bear in mind – make sure your devices are charged before you head off on your jollies. You won’t be able to charge it up easily on the plane with your laptop like you may have first thought.

Vaping on planes is taking very seriously these days, and you will need to look into the rules and regulations surrounding vaping in the country you’re traveling to. Certain flights with British Airways will have vaping restrictions because of the rules in their destination countries – flights to the UAE, Oman, Qatar, and also Saudi Arabia, for example.

There have also been stories on social media that tourists arriving in places such as Dubai have been asked to hand their vaping devices in on arrival. Technically, they were confiscated. I would highly suggest that you research the rules and regulations on vaping in your destination country before you go taking your favourite and most expensive mod, that’s for sure!

For the record, have an extensive list of countries and their views on vaping, particularly travellers and vaping. It’s a really great list, and you’ll find it here.

Where Shall I Store my Vape on a Plane?

Most airlines have now banned people from keeping their electronic cigarettes and vaporisers in their checked-in luggage – the suitcase you usually send away with a big sticky label on it. This means that you should allow enough room in your hand luggage – the stuff you take on the plane – to store your vape equipment.

British Airways says this:

“Place these items in your hand baggage (not in checked baggage) and protect each of them to prevent accidental activation.”


What this means is that you should remove all batteries from your vaporisers and mods. You don’t want them going off in the bag – “accidental activation”. You will need to keep everything together, however, just in case the airport security staff request that you fire up the device so that they can see it for yourself. In short, pull it apart, wrap it up, but keep everything together so you can safely explain it all away. If you’e worried, take the manual or box for the vaporiser also.

You should ensure tanks are removed from the boxes / batteries. You might want to wrap your tank in cling film or a plastic bag also. This helps to prevent against leaks and spills. You don’t want eliquid all over everything else in your bag.

Also: be aware that the usual liquid regulations need to be taken into account when vaping and flying. You carry more than 100ml of liquid with you in your hand luggage, and you will need to take the liquid out of your bag and place it into those clear little plastic bags so security can check it. You may also find that they take a closer look at your liquid too. I shall repeat myself – some of these people who work in the airport probably have never seen a bottle of Dinner Lady Lemon Tart before in their life. They aren’t to know what it is. Wouldn’t you rather they were safe than sorry? It’s your life at stake too … Just saying.

Larger bottles of eliquid – those that fall over the 100ml category – should be placed in your suitcase – the hold luggage.

I must add that the FlyBe website states this:

“Refills (bottles of nicotine) are not allowed on board the aircraft.”


Will Vaping on a Plane Set off the Fire Alarms? 

Okay, I’ll hold my hands up … on a recent flight to Amsterdam, I had a cheeky little vape in the toilets, but I used a device that was tiny – it barely produced any clouds / vapour. I’ve never personally set of a fire alarm with my vaporiser, but there are reports of it happening so I personally wouldn’t suggest it. It’s not something I’d do again, mostly because I’d be too scared of getting caught. There have been reports of crew members getting into trouble for doing it, and if they can’t get away with it then I’ve got even less hope …

Luckily for vapers, more and more people are aware of vaping these days, and especially in places such airports where everything is closely monitored and restricted. If you are in any doubt over the safety of your favourite mod, ask the airport or the airline you’re flying with. Most airports have websites with pages that can help to answer your questions, and airlines are now clarifying the issue of vaping and carrying vapes on planes.

If you are in any doubt, just ask someone. Make them aware of what you have in your hand, pocket or hand luggage. Don’t leave it until you are stuck in an embarrassing situation before you tell them what you’ve got. There are so many different kinds of vaporisers and electronic cigarettes these days, the airport security aren’t going to know what’s what. Give them a break … Make them aware. Educate! 🙂


  1. Nice article. Many people dont know much about e cig and flying. The rules surrounding e cigarette on plane is getting stricter. One of the overseas manufacturer told that its getting harder to even ship e cigarette especially batteries.

    E cigarettes are allowed in hand bags but not in checked luggage. Its important to remember this. Not sure if there is quantity restriction as of now.

  2. Haven’t we all had a sneaky vape on a plane? I’ve even done it in my seat : ) Hold your breath a bit longer and no ‘smoke’.

    Def wrap your tanks, carts etc up separately. I learned the hard way – never again.

  3. I don’t bring my vape with me unless I researched about my destination. Some countries banned ecig. It is better to make sure that your destination is allowing vaping or else you will suffer the consequence.

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