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Vaping Questions: Why Is My Battery Flashing During Charging?

Why Is My Battery Flashing During Charging?

This seems to be a very common question popping up recently and seeing as I seem to be answering the question a lot in Facebook and Twitter chats, I decided to write a post about it. I’m helpful like that!

Why is my battery flashing during charging? 

Your ecig battery will usually flash when the battery is dead and requires charging up. When you’re plugging in your battery, are you accidentally knocking the button that activates the vaporiser? It could be that you’re trying to turn it on by accident and that’s what is causing the lights to flash. I’ve done this a few times – it was just the way I was holding the battery when I was trying to plug it in.

You should check the button first. Sometimes when the button has gotten ‘stuck’ slightly pushed-in, the lights will flash in the same way they will when you’ve had your finger on the button for too long. Most e-cigarettes and vaporisers have a cut-off point, usually around three or five seconds. When you reach that point during inhalation, the lights will flash and the vaporiser will cut out. It’s a safety feature and one I’m quite grateful for because my e-cigs have a tendency to turn on in my pocket or handbag. If this is the case, give the button a clean with a wipe cloth (and perhaps a cotton bud if there’s lots of dirt and grime stuck in there) and the button should become un-stuck. If that doesn’t work, it’s not the button.

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There are plenty of other reasons why your battery is flashing during charging, ones that don’t make you feel silly when you realise your mistake. This flashing problem happens to me sometimes, and the first thing I usually do is unscrew the battery from the charger and re-screw it back together again. A loose connection might have caused the flashing lights, and by un-screwing and then re-screwing, you can usually rectify the problem.

While you’re there and you’ve got the e-cig in bits, grab yourself a cotton bud and give the two end connections a clean – the end of the battery and the end of the charger. You might as well give the tank a clean while you’re there too. It could be that a bit of pocket fluff has broken the connection between battery and charger, or even some gloopy and dried-on eliquid.

If, after all your efforts, the ecig battery still flashes when you try to charge it up, it could just be that you have a faulty battery. This happens sometimes and although it’s annoying, if you get in touch with the customer service department of the brand of ecig you’re using, they’ll normally replace it for you under the warranty. I’ve even had mine replaced out of the warranty a few times – you just need to be nice to them when you call them up to complain.

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Obviously, if you’ve had your ecig battery for a few months and you’ve vaped it to death, you may need a replacement. These batteries aren’t meant to last forever – they will die eventually. I usually find that mine last for about six to nine months before they conk out, although I’ve had some brands last much longer than that. The JacVapour 510 batteries, for example, are still going strong now and I’ve had those for about a year and a half.

A few other final things you can try, and although some of them sound ridiculous, occasionally they do work …

1 – Try using a different plug. Or if you’re using a wall adapter, try plugging it in via USB on a computer or laptop. One of the plugs in my living room doesn’t ever charge up my e-cigarette bizarrely. It’s just that one plug. I have no idea what that happens.

2 – Try the charger with a different battery. If the other battery charges just fine, it indicates a problem with the first battery (the one with the flashing lights). If the second battery doesn’t charge the battery up without flashing either, it’s the charger that is faulty and that’s the bit you’ll need to replace.

3 – Poke the little connections just inside the end of the battery/charger with a pen or other small, pointed surface. This sounds crazy I know but sometimes that fixes broken e-cigs. Like the Vype eBox ‘Check Atomizer’ message.

I hope you’ve managed to find the answer to your problem. If all else fails, get in touch with the customer service people. Most of them are actually quite friendly people and will happily replace your broken bits if you let them know about it. Sometimes things just break or don’t work, you know?

If you’ve ever got a vaping / e-cigarette problem, feel free to ask me! Get in touch on Facebook (let’s be friends!) or Twitter, or even just comment below. Don’t forget to check out the troubleshooting guides while you’re there too!

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  1. Ive only had epen vype s week and now red light flashes constantly while charging and it wont charge

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