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Vaping vs Smoking – Which Is Cheaper?

Vaping vs Smoking - Which Is Cheaper?

One of the first things people ask me when we’re talking about vaping is whether or not vaping is really that much cheaper than conventional smoking with real cigarettes. I’ll be honest, vaping can be a hobby and it’s easy to get carried away. I have quite the array of tanks, complete e-cigs, various tanks, coils, bottles of random flavours of e-liquid, and a whole bunch more in my collection, and if you don’t keep a check of your vape spending, you can very easily blow £100 or more on a new ‘box mod’.

When you first start vaping, before it turns into a hobby (as such), it definitely DOES work out to be a whole load cheaper than regular smoking. To prove my point, I’ve made things easy by giving you a rundown …

Vaping vs Smoking – Which Is Cheaper?

When I was a smoker, I was a regular 20-a-day smoker. I smoked B&H Dual or whatever they’re now called – the one with the minty-fresh button so you can alternate between menthol and regular tobacco. A pack of 20 cigarettes used to cost me about £8-£9 dependent on where I bought them from, and then the pack sizes got smaller and there was only 17-19 cigarettes in a packet. The prices haven’t seemed to have gone down so technically it’ll be costing me more but based on a spend of £9 per day on one packet of smokes, I’d be spending £3,285 over the course of one year.

365 x £9 = £3,285 

Now let’s look at all the EXTRAS your smoking habit will cost you. You’ll stink, as will your home, your car, your wardrobe, etc. Even when you smoke outside, your hair and clothes can still smell like cigarettes – just ask any non-smoker and they’ll soon tell you.

You’ll wash your clothes more so you’ll spend more money on electricity and water. You’ll use more laundry detergent and fabric softener. You’ll go through more cans of air freshener, or more home plug-ins. You’ll need more car-smellies, more bottles of Febreze, more candles, more perfumes or body sprays, more paint for the walls that turn yellow when you smoke inside, and maybe even replacing the carpets or soft furnishings more often because the smoke from the cigarettes completely destroy and discolour them over time … That’s before you even start to think about the all the ‘sick days’ being a smoker will cause you – all those bad coughs and flu-days – the time you take sick from work and the wages you lose because of it.

It’s expensive work being a smoker, no one blames you for wanting to find a cheaper alternative.

When you add these things all together, you’re probably look at a few hundred quid extra on top of your cigarettes over the course of a year, and that’s not including all the lighters you lose and re-buy, and chewing gum to freshen your breathe, or bottles of juice because you get dry-mouth when you smoke, or the barista coffee you MUST have with your lunch-break cigarette.

Let’s say that over the course of a year, you’ll spend about £500-£600 on all of the above things – laundry stuff, water, electricity, smellies, ‘spare cigs’ you give away to friends, all the lighters you’ve lost …

£3,285 + £500 = £3,785

That’s so much money, isn’t it? Think of all the things you COULD do if you had that extra money in your back pocket every year. Think of all the bills you could pay, or all the debts you could get rid of. You could take the family on a nice holiday, or go shopping for some nice new clothes.

Now let’s take a look at how much MY vaping habit costs me. Not including the various models I get sent to me or buy to review / try, just my REGULAR vaping habit.

Vaping vs Smoking - Which Is Cheaper?

I now vape using the Vapouriz Vbox 40W and the Vype eBox. I like to have two e-cigs on the go, firstly to prevent any freak-out moments when one battery dies and I have nothing left to vape, and secondly because I really like both models. With both of these, I can use the vaporiser all day and plug it in at night or in the evenings. I could quite happily live with just one of these. I don’t need two.

The Vapouriz VBox 40W comes as a sub-ohm kit (which I also dabble in from time to time) at £29.99 for the kit. You’ll also get a free bottle of sub-ohm e-liquid with the Sub Tank Lite Clearomizer. If you’re not interested in sub-ohming, give them to me! 😛

You can find the link for the full review here: Vapouriz VBox 40W Review

For ‘regular’ vaping, none of this sub-ohm, huge-clouds business, you’ll need a different tank. I’m currently using the Aspire Nautilus Mini which is £19.99. You can find the full review for the tank here: Aspire Nautilus Mini Review

So, that’s £29.99 for the kit, plus £19.99 for the tank. You’ll also have that sub-ohm tank and a little of sub-ohm liquid *should* you want to give it a shot later on. I quite like the odd super-cloud vape every now and again.

On top of that, you’ll need e-liquid. I generally go through a 10ml bottle of eliquid per week, sometimes more and sometimes less. It all depends on how much I’m vaping and what I’m doing. I work from home so I tend to find I chain-vape at my laptop most of the day, but when I go out and about, I don’t vape hardly at all. Sometimes I don’t even take it out with me.

If you say that you’ll go through about one 10ml bottle per week, that’s 52 bottles per year. You’ll find so many e-liquid super-deals and savings if you look around (and remember to like the Facebook and Twitter pages – you’ll be kept up to date with all the latest offers), so there’s plenty of opportunities to save a few quid. If you wanted to buy in bulk, Vapouriz does a 10 x 10ml bottle offer for £31.90, for example. You’ll need five of those to last you the year, so that’s an extra £159.50 for e-liquid. Even if you were to buy a bottle from the local shop every week (usually about £5 for a 10ml bottle) and not buying in bulk, you’d still only be spending £260 over the course of a year.

Check out the low-down on e-liquid by checking out the full reviews here: A-Z Eliquid Reviews

Now we come to spare coils too. Those are essential. Without new coils, you’ll start to notice your vape getting less and less enjoyable taste-wise until the coil is completely burned out and it makes you heave every time you use it. That’s when you’ve left it too long to change the coil.

I generally find a coil can last me anywhere from two weeks to about five weeks, depending on where I buy it from, whether it’s a ‘cheapie’ or a branded coil, and the kind of e-liquid I’m using. Thicker, menthol and vanilla types of e-liquid burn through them quicker I find. But let’s base our estimation on needed a new coil every four weeks or so, you’ll need 12 over the course of a year. You can buy a pack of five for the Aspire Nautilus Mini for £7.99 from UK ECIG STORE so let’s say you’ll buy three packs of those to be on the safe side. That’s another £23.97.

With the expectation of buying spare batteries (which I haven’t had to buy yet in almost a year of using the Vbox 40W), that’s pretty much all you need. Unless you get carried away with different tanks, box mods, top-of-the-range batteries etc. that’s all you’ll be spending on your vaping habit over the course of a year.

So, let’s total it up…

£29.99 for the kit + £19.99 for the tank

Approx. £200 on e-liquid (I’m going half-way)

£23.97 on 15 coils (to be safe)

Cost of vaping over one year: £273.95

That’s all you need … A grand total of £273.95. When you compare that to over £3,700, I think I’ve pretty much made my point.

Vaping is cheaper than smoking by a long shot. 

*Drops mic*

 Vaping vs Smoking - Which Is Cheaper?


  1. True! I can’t believe how much I saved since I switched from smoking to vaping. Some people look at the price of vaping devices (mine was for example £150, I have the Vapour2 7) and think that they’re too expensive for them. But when you look at the bigger picture, they are really not. Thanks for this article!

  2. David Liversidge

    Can I please ask you to put in the amount it costs in trying to find the right machine\liquid? Online may be cheaper, if you know what you are buying, but otherwise it can be very costly. If you are thinking about ‘vaping’ please think about what it is you got (physically) from smoking and go to a shop and find the system for you?

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