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Vapor Storm ECO Hawk Review

Vapor Storm ECO Hawk Review

Good morning, vapers! How the devil are you all? I have a brand new vape toy that I’d like to talk about today ... I’m bringing you the Vapor Storm ECO Hawk kit review since they were nice enough to send one my way —  Hawk tank + ECO box mod.  (There are affiliate links in this review, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click & make any purchases. Please see Disclaimer for more details.)   About Vapor Storm  Vapor Storm is a Chinese company, founded in 2015, that I hadn’t…

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Summary : I liked the Vapor Storm ECO Hawk kit a lot, but I still had a few little niggly things to say about it. Despite its flaws, I'm still picking up this vape device on a daily basis & I'm loving the flavour!

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Good morning, vapers! How the devil are you all? I have a brand new vape toy that I’d like to talk about today … I’m bringing you the Vapor Storm ECO Hawk kit review since they were nice enough to send one my way —  Hawk tank + ECO box mod. 

Vapor Storm Eco Hawk Review 2

(There are affiliate links in this review, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click & make any purchases. Please see Disclaimer for more details.)


About Vapor Storm 

Vapor Storm is a Chinese company, founded in 2015, that I hadn’t heard of before they sent me the Subverter and Puma box mods, a while back. You can read the full reviews for those if you click on the red links. 

The company has a pretty impressive array of kits, mods, and tanks, and I’ve seen some rave reviews on my little trek around the internet to find more information. It all kicked off with the Vapor Storm 50 and 100 boxes in 2016, with the graffiti-style boxes coming a little later in 2017. Almost all of the products come in a vast array of colours and designs, too. 

Vapor Storm ECO Hawk Review 10

Vapor Storm ECO Hawk Kit  

The ECO Hawk kit is made up of the ECO box mod and Hawk tank, and it’s a sub-ohm vape kit. In the box, you’ll find: 

  • ECO box mod (no battery)
  • Hawk tank (2ml) with 0.2-ohm mesh coil installed
  • Spare 0.2-ohm mesh coil
  • 6ml glass tube 
  • Spare silicone rings
  • USB charger
  • Instruction manual

ECO box mod specs:

  • Maximum watts: 90w
  • Requires 1 x 18650 battery
  • Supported coil range: 0.1-ohm to 3.5-ohm
  • Voltage range: 3.2v to 4.2v
  • Continuous vaping time: 10 seconds
  • Recharging current: 750mAh
  • Weight: 46g (without battery)
  • Material: ABS

Hawk tank specs: 

  • Thread: 510
  • Material: stainless steel and glass
  • Size: 23mm diameter, 44.5mm height
  • Weight: 49g
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Changeable mouthpiece
  • 2ml + 6ml glass tubes/capacity 

The Hawk tank is compatible with Smok Baby coils. I haven’t tried those coils yet, but as soon as I work out which ones are which, I’ll order them and let you know what I think! 

Little website-related note: 

I wasn’t overly impressed with the Vapor Storm website. To start with, there’s no need to open a brand new page with every single click on the site. Secondly, the information for the Vapor Storm ECO Hawk kit seemed to be a little … confused. In one spot, it states that the maximum wattage of the ECO box is 90 watts, but then there’s a little red circle that says 100 watts. It also says that the ECO box mod has a 0.91-inch OLED display … There is no display. Luckily, I think it’s a business-to-business site and NOT for consumers (it doesn’t look like you can buy directly from the site), but that’s not the point. 

I also noticed that the instruction manual says, “ … it can support up to 100w” in one place, but lists 90w elsewhere in the same manual. I’m gonna forget about the little errors for now, but it doesn’t really fill ya with confidence, right?

Vapor Storm ECO Hawk Review

So … I’d like to get started by mentioning the three “advantages” of the ECO Hawk kit on the Vapor Storm website:

  • 1 – Graffiti series design bring you fashion and passion.
  • 2 – ABS material and light weight bring you good hand feelings. 
  • 3 – 6ml capacity liquid bring you the unique vaping experience. 

I’m not laughing. I’m not laughing. 

Okay, I’m laughing. 

But I’ve got good hand feelings, so it’s all cool. 

Vapor Storm ECO Hawk Review 15

Chinese to English dodgy translations aside, I’m going to assume that multiple colours/styles is one of the biggest selling points, along with a lightweight design (that brings those good hand feelings), and the additional 6ml glass tube. Although, I do have a question about that: Is it still TPD-compliant? It must be. They wouldn’t be able to sell it here otherwise … would they? 

Little addition: In the instruction manual, it says, “The ECO Hawk kit is TPD compliant.” I guess that answers my previous question. 

There are 12 styles/colours, and they’re pretty ‘out there’. Mine is called ‘Forever Love’, but I’m not *overly* keen on the way the coloured/patterned ones look. They kinda remind me of the old Ed Hardy tattoo designs. Oh my gosh, every schoolboy was wearing those t-shirts for a while, weren’t they? Not that I can talk. I’m pretty sure I owned a couple of Ed Hardy bags, a pair of boots, and the damn perfume. 

Vapor Storm ECO Hawk Review 3

Vapor Storm ECO Box Mod

I found some safety specs in the instruction manual that I didn’t notice on the Vapor Storm website:

  • Over Temperature Protection 
  • Low Power Alert
  • Over Time Protection 
  • Short Circuit Alert
  • No Atomizer Alert

I actually experienced the annoying red flashing light you get with the short circuit alert. When I changed the first coil out for the spare in the Hawk tank and replaced the 2ml glass tube with the 6ml one, the tank kept short-circuiting on the box. The tank also short-circuited on Vapor Storm’s Puma box, too, so I pulled the tank apart, threw eliquid over my lap, cleaned it all up, pieced it back together, filled the tank back up again, and the annoying flashing red light stopped happening. I can only assume the coil wasn’t sitting in there right. Who knows? 

I did only experience that short circuit alert ONCE, though. The box hasn’t shown the error with any other tank (such as Jac Vapour Series-S22 and Aspire Cleito EXO), and the tank hasn’t short-circuited with any other box since.


The device uses 1 x 18650 battery, but you don’t get one in the box. (Standard, but annoying.) I used Jac Vapour’s INR18650-25R 20A 2500mAh 18650 Battery. (Usually £7.99, on sale for £3.99, out of stock the last time I checked.)

Vapor Storm ECO Hawk Review 18

I had no issues with the battery, apart from missing a screen a little so I could see how much power was left. I often think that I don’t really need a screen on my box mods, but when it’s missing (like with the ECO Hawk kit), I actually miss it a lot.

The one battery seemed to last me a long time in the device. I used it for a couple of days before it needed recharging with the 2ml tube on the tank, although I did notice a marked increase in battery-run-outs when I switched to the 6ml tube. That’ll be the ecstatic chain-puffing. 

Vapor Storm ECO Hawk Review 19

Also, considering the device is fairly cheap and plastic, the battery cover didn’t ping off every five minutes like it did with the Puma. It did come off when I dropped the ECO hawk kit on the floor, but that’s kinda to be expected. Ooops. I can’t recall the cover coming off in my bag, pocket or hand. 

Vapor Storm Hawk Tank

So, the Hawk tank … I like it. Let’s just get that out the way right now. I actually really, really like it. I think it looks nice. Mine is black, with a gold band and a purple mouthpiece/drip tip, and I think it looks good, even on my graffiti-esque designed box. The 2ml tube has a black tint to it, but the 6ml glass tube was totally transparent. 

Vapor Storm ECO Hawk Review 4

I like the transparent all-the-way-around glass tank. I was starting to get a bit bored of trying to peer through stupid little windows to see how much juice is left in the tank. The window on the Aspire Cleito EXO tank — my default sub-ohm tank — is stupidly tiny. I really liked the way my Innokin Scion tank was built — all transparent, all the way around, because I have a habit of dry-hitting when the tank doesn’t literally scream at me: YOU’RE EMPTY, REJUICE, REJUICE RIGHT NOW. 

Vapor Storm ECO Hawk Review 5

The Hawk tank is one of the nicest sub-ohm tanks I’ve vaped on. The inhale is super smooth, with everything running as it should, and apart from when the juice level gets a bit low, I’ve had no gurgling, hissing, spitting, or anything like that from the 2ml glass tube. It misbehaves a bit when the eliquid level gets a bit low, but don’t all vapes do that when they get juice-hangry?

Mouthpiece / Drip Tip

The Hawk tank looks like it has a non-standard/unique mouthpiece bit, but it doesn’t. Pull it out and you’ll see it’s got a standard drip tip. I tested mine with a bunch of others and they worked just fine. Some of them didn’t look that great, admittedly, but they fit fine. 

Vapor Storm ECO Hawk Review 6

To be honest, I really loved the mouthpiece that came with the kit, so I just use that one. I like a wider mouthpiece for sub-ohm vaping, which this one has, and I think it’s got a decent shape to it. 

Vapor Storm ECO Hawk Review 20


One thing I found super awesome about the airflow on the Hawk tank was that it stops moving at either end, rather than constantly spinning around. When you’ve opened it all the way, it doesn’t allow you to keep spinning it. The same for when you spin it closed, too. I get really annoyed with changeable airflows that just keep spinning around, because I find myself closing and opening it without realising. Guess who gets SUPER annoyed when she literally pulls a damn cheek muscle trying to get a decent puff out of her vape device, airflow fully closed … ? Me.

Vapor Storm ECO Hawk Review 7

I don’t think the airflow on this tank has ever shut or opened itself without my knowledge. By that, I mean: in my pocket, handbag, hand, etc., as I’ve experienced with other tanks.

Additional 6ml Glass Tube

Ha, I feel like this is a big F-U to the TPD. Yeah, the tank is totally TPD-compliant when it’s got the 2ml glass tube on it, but you get a spare glass tube in the box, and that one is 6ml. Three times the capacity! 

Vapor Storm ECO Hawk Review 8

If you’re relatively new to the world of vaping, you might not remember the old 2ml-plus tanks. I went from 3.5ml and 4ml tanks to just 2ml following the stupid TPD regulations, and refilling twice as often got fricking annoying real quick. You can forget about all that faffing and filling with a 6ml tank. 

But doesn’t the 6ml glass tube make the tank bulky? 

Well, yeah. I mean, it’s three times the size, and it can only get wider rather than longer because otherwise, the inner bits of the tank wouldn’t connect as they should. To be honest, I was actually a bit apprehensive about the bigger tube because I’m a clumsy beast, but the lure of being able to refill less frequently was too appealing. 

Vapor Storm ECO Hawk Review 9

I figured I would try the larger glass tube when I was finished with the first coil and onto the spare, and I filled it right up with some Lunch Ladies Lemon Tart by Flavour Boss.  

Dear 6ml glass tube, I love you. 

I can’t tell you how good it feels to be able to just vape for a while, without having to refill the damn tank every half an hour. Although, it seems that I just vape more when I have a bigger tank, so I’m not sure a bigger tank does me any favours. 

Vapor Storm ECO Hawk Review 11

[Hawk tank with 6ml glass tube on Vapor Storm Puma box mod.]


A Little Leaky-Leak

So, I had a little leaky-leak problem with the 6ml glass tube, which irritated me no end. Why you gotta play me that way, Vapor Storm? Give me a bigger tank to avoid refilling every ten minutes, and then take it away because it’s a leaky b*itch? That’s mean.

To be fair, the leak wasn’t *that* bad, but even after changing the o-rings the juice still dribbled out a bit. I’m not even entirely sure where the leak originated from. Sorry, originates. It’s a little greasy in my hand right now. Vape, vape, puff, puff.

I thought it might have been leaking from the airflow channel holes at first, but after taking it apart and putting it back together again, I don’t think that’s the case. I’m pretty sure it’s coming from where the glass tube meets the metal base of the Hawk tank, where the gold band sits. That’s why I changed the o-ring, but it was still a bit … moist (sorry if you hate the word) after that.

Vapor Storm ECO Hawk Review 14

It’s not a leak like a PROPER leak. You can’t see droplets of juice pouring out or anything like that. There’s just something coming from somewhere, leaving an oily film over parts of the tank. After a while, the top of the box mod also gets a bit squidgy too. And then that makes me leave oily fingerprints all over my clothes and other stuff. Guess how annoyed I get by that, folks.


I DIDN’T experience any leaking at all with the smaller, 2ml glass tube attached — before and after using the 6ml tube. It’s a 6ml-related thing, and it only happens *sometimes*.


Vapor Storm ECO Hawk Review 21

Refilling the Hawk Tank

When you unscrew the bit that the mouthpiece slots into, you’ll see down into the main glass tank — where you’d drip your eliquid into. The spaces in which you pour the juice are pretty big, so I didn’t find that refilling was all that difficult or messy. I actually thought the tank was pretty easy to use overall — pulling it apart, putting it back together again, changing the coil, etc. 

Vapor Storm ECO Hawk Review 16

Vapor Storm Hawk Coils 

I had two coils in my kit — one that was already sitting in the tank, plus a spare. They were both 0.2-ohm “mesh coils” (that’s what it says on the box) — sub-ohm coils. I used the first coil with the regular, 2ml glass tube, and when I changed that one out for the spare, I popped the 6ml glass tank on. The leak I mentioned above could have been caused by EITHER the 6ml glass tube OR the second coil. I had no issues/leaks with the first coil or the 2ml glass tube. 

The first coil lasted for about two weeks before I got bored of the flavour I had in there, and I used JUST the ECO Hawk kit for that whole time. There was the occasional MTL burst of vaping in there, but I found myself reaching for this bit of vape kit a lot more than I thought. 

Vapor Storm ECO Hawk Review 17

The second coil lasted for three weeks before it started to taste a bit rank, but that was with the 6ml glass tube — and I chain-vaped like a mo’fo just because I could. There’s something delightfully liberating about not having to refill the tank every half hour. 

Smok Coils

I was told (and I also read) that the Hawk tank is compatible with Smok Baby Beast coils, so I thought I would order some and see how the combination worked together. I had no real issues with the Vapor Storm-branded coils that came in the box, but I figured the Smok ones would be easier to find and buy. 

So, I looked around on a couple of different websites and holy hell, how many different types of Smok coil exist? And WHAT DO ALL OF THOSE LETTER-NUMBER COMBINATIONS MEAN?

I just wanted something similar to what I already had in the kit — the 0.2-ohm “mesh coils”. I hopped on to (because I like and trust ‘em) and searched for “Smok Baby Beast coils”. 

  • Q2 – 0.4-ohm 
  • Q2 – 0.6-ohm 
  • M2 – 0.15-ohm 
  • M2 – 0.25-ohm 
  • T6 – 0.2-ohm 
  • T8 – 0.15-ohm 
  • X4 – 0.15-ohm

What? You’re having a laugh, right? 

Guess how many I ordered? 


Like, what’s the difference between “dual coil” and “sextuple coil”? Apart from the last one sounds like a lot more fun … (Sorry, I’m childish, okay?) 

And “octuple coil”? What is it? An octopus? 

I know it’s all to do with numbers, but what does it all mean? What does a “T8 Octuple Coil” do that a “Q2 Dual Coil” won’t? 

That’s a serious question. Answers below. Thanks. (Honestly, THANKS!) 

Hawk Tank + Other Box Mods 

I tried to use the tank with a number of different box mods to see how it would function, and it really didn’t seem to play well with others. I dug out my Vapour2 Trinity box mod first because I thought the tank + box combo would be a small, cute and discreet one. The box actually only goes up to 40 watts, but the recommend wattages, according to what is inscribed on the coil, is 40 to 60 watts. The tank didn’t work well at all. It felt like there wasn’t enough power to suck the liquid through the coil, so I ended up with some minor leaking and a bit of juice in the mouth. 

I figured I might need higher watts to get the tank going, so I grabbed the Wismec Predator 228, which goes up to 200 watts. As I screwed the tank on the box, I set the watts for 50 and tried to vape again. Again, some hissing and gurgling, eliquid in my mouth, not enough power to make it work properly. I found the same thing at 55 watts, and then 60 watts. I didn’t want to go higher than that because it would have taken me out of the recommended wattage range. At 60 watts on the Wismec Predator 228, the Hawk tank leaked like a b*tch. I couldn’t work out where from, but my entire box mod was covered in juice, as were my hands and the tank. 

Vapor Storm ECO Hawk Review 12

As soon as I put the Hawk tank back on the ECO mod it came with, the damn thing worked as good as gold. No gurgling. Zero spitting. Nada juice in the mouth. Just lovely vaping. 

Hawk Tank + Other Vapor Storm Box Mods 

I thought the Hawk tank might play better with other Vapor Storm box mods, so I grabbed the Puma and Subverter. I started with the blue Puma box, screwed the tank on, and set the watts to 40 watts. It vaped beautifully. 

I bumped it up to 50 watts. The flavour was awesome, and I got a seriously impressive amount of cloud. (I was vaping with Gloop’s Caramel Latte.)

Vapor Storm ECO Hawk Review 13

I took it up to the higher end of the recommend watts for that coil — 60 watts — and that’s pretty much where I stopped. Although it did still vape really well, I felt the flavour from my eliquid was really distorted. It changed from being a really nice java flavour to something that resembled a great big bowl o’ sugar. As soon as I took it down to 50 watts again, the flavour returned to normal. 

Finally, I grabbed my lovely yellow Vapor Storm Subverter box and performed the same experiment, using the Hawk tank at 40 watts, 50 watts, and then 60 watts. My “sweet spot” was 45 watts, and I found that anything over 50 or 55 watts was a bit flavour-distorting. Overall, though, I had no real problems. 

The Hawk tank doesn’t work well on the box mods of other brands/companies, and I tried it on a few different boxes, too — Jac Vapour’s Series-B DNA 75W box, the Aspire Archon, the Wismec Predator 228, the Neon box mod … I tried a few and ended up with similar results.

Hawk tank + Vapor Storm box = fab vaping. 

Hawk tank + any other NON-Vapor Storm box = misbehaving brat of a vape. 

Vapor Storm ECO Hawk Review – Conclusion 

Vapor Storm’s ECO Hawk box mod and tank kit is a little, lightweight pocket rocket! It might only go up to 90 watts, but I found that plenty for my sub-ohming habit and I actually think this would be a really great little device for someone who wants to start playing around with big clouds, perhaps upgrading from a smaller MTL device. There isn’t a screen to worry about, and there aren’t any confusing buttons, modes or dials to figure out … I thought it might be a tad on the simple/boring side for me, but it’s not. I really appreciate the simplicity of it. It makes a refreshing change from fiddling around with the right watts before you find something you like. 

Screw the tank on, push the damn button, and go. 


The one downside was that the tank really didn’t work well with other, non Vapor Storm branded box mods. I tried it with a number of different box mods, over quite a few different wattages, and I had similar problems with them all. Gurgling. Spitting. Dramatic unpleasantness. With other Vapor Storm boxes, though … everything worked fabulously. That can’t be a coincidence? 

Would I replace the Vapor Storm ECO Hawk kit if it broke or I lost it? 

I would, but only as a complete kit. I wouldn’t buy the Hawk tank separately to use with another box. The tank a little too temperamental for that. The tank worked fine with the ECO box mod, as well as the Subverter and Puma, but the second I put a different branded box together with the tank, everything seemed to go a little tits up. 

The ECO box mod was fine and seemed to work well with every other tank I threw on it. 

I’ll definitely buy more coils for the tank. I very much enjoy using the tank + box mod together and find it gives me an enjoyable, easy vape, from a device that is really easy and simple to use. I also plan on buying Smok Baby Beast coils to try them out … just as soon as I’ve worked out what the buggery all those letters and numbers mean. 

Would I recommend the Vapor Storm ECO Hawk kit to you? 

Although I had my struggles with this vape kit, I did very much enjoy using it. I like the way it vapes — nice and smooth, pretty decent flavour, and all simple enough to use for a beginner. I would recommend the kit to someone looking for their first sub-ohm device but aren’t yet quite brave enough to look for something with a screen and different watts/modes. You can’t really go wrong here — screw the tank on to the box mod, turn it on, and off you go. 

The leak was only intermittent and only confined to the 6ml glass tube. The 2ml tank worked like a breeze with absolutely no problems, but only on a Vapor Storm box mod. 

I’m actually having quite a tough time rating this one … I like the device and use it a lot. Like, right now. Yesterday. The day before. It’s fun and simple, but it definitely has its little, niggly flaws. If I was going to rate according to specs, the leak, the misbehaving tank, etc., I’d probably only give it maybe 3 stars out of 5. I’m still using it on a daily basis, though. I ordered two packets of coils for it, rather than one. I love the way it vapes and the flavour it delivers. 3 stars just doesn’t feel like enough … 

Pros: ??

  • Lightweight
  • Relatively cheap
  • Not overly bulky in the hand
  • Lots of designs/colours/styles
  • Complete sub-ohm kit with spare coil
  • Hawk tank compatible with Smok Baby Beast coils
  • Easy, smooth vape
  • Great flavour
  • Easy to use/refill/piece together
  • Didn’t get gunky during refilling
  • No complicated screens, modes, or buttons
  • 6ml glass tube – less refilling
  • Great for sub-ohming beginners! 

Cons: ??

  • Occasional, unexplained leaking with 6ml glass tube
  • Plastic and light – not always a good thing
  • Hawk tank doesn’t play well with other non Vapor Storm box mods

My personal rating is 4 stars out of 5! ?

The reason for that — I’m happy to overlook the little difficulties to carry on using it because it vapes delightfully.

(Kinda like a boyfriend that misbehaves sometimes, but you love him 99% of the time.) 

Fancy checking out the big, yellow Subverter? You’ll find that right here > Vapor Storm Subverter Review.

How about the big, blue Puma? You’ll find that here > Vapor Storm Puma Review.

Check out Vapor Storm on social media:

Bizarrely, I don’t seem to be able to find the Vapor Storm ECO Hawk kit for sale in the UK, although I have seen it listed on US website for between $30 and $40. I guess that would work out to about £25-£30, right? That seems about right to me. In fact, that’s pretty cheap. 

If you’ve found it on sale somewhere, feel free to shout out below! 

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  1. My vape whenever I try use it always blinks 3 times blue and doesn’t work

    • Hi! Sorry to hear that! I’m pretty sure the Vapor Storm ECO box mod flashes blue three times when there isn’t an atomiser on the box (or it doesn’t register one). Have you checked the tank is fully screwed on? What tank are you using on the box?

      I hope we can get it figured out for you! 🙂


  2. Just picked up a Hawk tank on ebay;not yet received/tried but wanted to read up on something I’m unfamiliar with. Gotta say, your review is great – descriptive, objective AND subjective, humorous. Not expecting perfection when the tank arrives but at least know what to expect. Keep on puffing, Sammo

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