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Vapour2 PRO Series 3X Review

Vapour2 PRO Series 3X Review

Do you remember that I discussed a box of forgotten-about eliquids in one of my last eliquid reviews? (El Diablo Juices Mariachi Eliquid Review) Well, it wasn’t just eliquids that I had stashed away in there. There were devices too. That’s not the only reason this Vapour2 PRO Series 3X review is later than planned, however, and it had a little something to do with the eliquid that I tried in it initially. (There are affiliate links in this review, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click & make any purchases.…

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Summary : I liked the quality but hated that it didn't have a better grip. Shaking it around gave me the right hump, but I loved the way it vaped. Lots of features, but is it too gimmicky? Too expensive? Too confusing? The Vapour2 PRO Series 3X review is a bit of a rollercoaster ...

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Do you remember that I discussed a box of forgotten-about eliquids in one of my last eliquid reviews? (El Diablo Juices Mariachi Eliquid Review) Well, it wasn’t just eliquids that I had stashed away in there. There were devices too. That’s not the only reason this Vapour2 PRO Series 3X review is later than planned, however, and it had a little something to do with the eliquid that I tried in it initially.

Vapour2 PRO Series 3X Review 21

(There are affiliate links in this review, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click & make any purchases. Please see Disclaimer for more details.)

I’ll explain about that first …

So, I was gifted a big box of stuff from Vapour2. The PRO Series 3X was in there, as were a whole bunch of different eliquids, flavours that sounded absolutely bloody delightful. They were 100% VG eliquids and it turns out that I don’t like 100% VG eliquid much. There’s nothing wrong with it; it’s just not my kind of vape eliquid. Some people don’t like tobacco flavours. Others dislike sub-ohm/big cloud vaping. Apparently, I don’t like eliquid that contains just VG and no PG. I’ve tried one other brand of 100% VG eliquid since I got this big box of stuff and I didn’t like that one much either. (I can’t remember the brand, I’m sorry … and useless.)

I didn’t know that I didn’t like 100% VG eliquid back then, so I opened some up, checked the sub-ohm cartridge (VG) was installed in the Vapour2 PRO Series 3X device, filled up the tank, and started happily vaping.

Yeah, so, it was gross. I didn’t like it. That’s not a flavour thing or an eliquid thing, but just because I really don’t like 100% VG eliquid. That’s my personal preference. Not making the 100% VG connection and instead blaming the individual flavour, I threw a different VG coil in the PRO Series 3X eliquid cartridge and tried another flavour from the same range. The same thing happened. Of course it did. I then tried 100% VG eliquid (a different flavour from the two I’d already tried) in a different device with a sub-ohm coil and I still didn’t like it.

I think we’ve now worked out that I’m not a fan of 100% VG eliquids. It only took three different bottles of the stuff, two coils, plus a disposable tank.

The problem then, of course, was that I had run out of VG coils, hadn’t given them a chance at all, and had started feeling some rather negative emotions towards the Vapour2 PRO Series 3X. It wasn’t the device’s fault. It wasn’t anyone’s fault. Lessons were learned. No more 100% VG eliquid for Kim. But I put the Series 3X down and glared at it for a while before it made its way into a box that got pushed further and further under the desk …

I’m so sorry, Vapour2. My bad.

I’ve added Vapour2 high-VG (sub-ohm) coils to my shopping list and will update you as and when I have opinions on them. Sadly, it means that this Vapour2 PRO Series 3X review is based solely on the mouth-to-lung coils — high-PG.

Vapour2 PRO Series 3X Review 11

About Vapour2

Vapour2 used to be called V2 Cigs or V2 Cigs UK, and I’ve tried more than a few of their devices. In fact, I think I might have tried them all. The cigalikes were great for me when I started vaping, but it wasn’t long before I wanted a tank-style device and not those silly little cartridges that are fiddly to refill and expensive to buy prefilled. The V2 Cigs UK Ex Series (as it was known at the time) became the perfect device for me. It was still a cigalike, but one of the first models that came with a refillable tank. It wasn’t long after that, that a few of the slightly higher-powered models came along, including the PRO Series 3 and PRO Series 7, and also the Vapour 2 Trinity Kit. The VERTX wasn’t as impressive in my opinion, but I can’t win ‘em all, right?

Vapour2 PRO Series 3X – The Specs

I couldn’t find any details of length, etc. of the device, which I feel is quite annoying since this is one of the longer vape pens I own. With the tank (or atomiser) inserted, it’s just over 15cm long. 1.5 cm across the bottom. It’s a fairly heavy device, but I can’t tell you exactly how much it weighs. I don’t have electrical kitchen scales. (They’re probably in one of those moving boxes I STILL haven’t opened …)

  • Sub-ohm and mouth-to-lung compatible, with different coils + tanks/cartridges
  • 1 cartridge is ceramic, with non-changeable coils
  • 1 cartridge has changeable coils
  • Loose leaf cartridge option
  • Wax cartridge option
  • Coils come in 0.9-ohm (sub-ohm), 1.2-ohm (MTL) and 1.5-ohm (MTL)
  • Variable voltage — 1.8v, 2.5v, 3.3v
  • Changeable temperature controls
  • Changeable airflow (MTL cartridge)
  • Battery life indicator
  • 750mAh battery capacity

The kit itself doesn’t come with everything. You get the vape device, one ceramic cartridge for sub-ohm vaping, one cartridge with changeable coils, and one of each coil — 0.9-ohm (sub-ohm), 1.2-ohm and 1.5-ohm (both MTL). There’s also the charging coil and instruction manual as you would expect.

Vapour2 PRO Series 3X Review 22

The kit is priced at £79.99 on the Vapour2 website. I’m going to be honest, that’s a bit higher than I thought it was going to be. The Series 3 (no X, previous model) is £53.99, down from £68.00. I think I probably would have put the PRO Series 3X more in that price range — around £50.

Vapour2 PRO Series 3X Review

So … I guess we’d best get started with the actual review side of things. I’ll kick things off with a few opinions on how it looks/feels …


I liked the way the Vapour2 PRO Series 3X looked, but it’s not really the most practical device I own. The surface is super slippery, with no grip anywhere, and it’s fallen out of my hands on more than a few occasions. Mister best-ecig gave it a whirl and it suffered the same fate … about three times in ten minutes. I took it off him at that point.

“Give it back, babe. You’re going to break it. Humph.”

I had the red one and I like it a lot more than the original PRO Series 3. I felt the older model looked like a Crayola crayon. That might be all the rage in the beauty and makeup world right now, but it’s not a look I would specifically choose when shopping for a vape device.

Vapour2 PRO Series 3X Review 12

The PRO Series 3X doesn’t fit in any of my pockets. I’m not really sure I like the length of it if I’m honest. It looks like it might have the potential to snap right in half, not because it’s flimsy, just because it’s clumsily long. It’s definitely not flimsy and I don’t think it feels cheaply made, either. It’s actually pretty weighty. I do like that about it.

At first glance, I think the device looks really easy to use. There’s no complicated technology stuff or screens, and no dials or buttons to keep changing things with. Sadly, these simple appearances are quite deceptive. I don’t think the device is *that* simple at all …

How to Use the Vapour2 PRO Series 3X

There’s an instruction manual in the box. May I suggest that you read it? I know that’s not the cool thing to do, but if you went through the same process I did, you’ll kick yourself for not just reading the damn thing.

Vapour2 PRO Series 3X Review 2

See the button? Click that three times fast to turn the device on and off. Simple enough.

Click the button nine times fast and you’ve got “stealth” mode. The lights dim a bit.

Click the button twice fast, turn it around, look at the three LED lights, wait for the right combo (1, 2 or 3 lights) to flash back at you, and then click the button again to select that voltage. That switches between the three variable voltages.

Shake the device in your hand, check the now lit up section at the bottom of the device, and if it’s green, you’ve got plenty of battery left — 60-100%. If it’s a yellow-orange colour, there’s 40-60% left, and if you’ve gone red, you’re under 30% and should find a charger soon.

Point the Pro Series 3X in a north-easterly direction, say a prayer to the Gods of Vaping, blink three times, click your heels together twice, and you’ll adopt yourself a pet owl and start playing Quidditch.

I’m kidding with that last bit, obviously, but OH MY GOD. I felt like I needed a magic spell to not just learn how to use the PRO Series 3X, but also remember how to use it. I kept clicking three times instead of twice and accidentally using the 9-click to turn it off when actually that just dims it.

Vapour2 PRO Series 3X Review 13

My Nan will NEVER get the hang of a device like this. Saying that, my Nan can’t even turn her mobile phone on, so asking her to use this magic wand, sorry — vape device — is probably asking a bit much. All that shaking around, too … bits’ll fly off the poor woman.

I love all the features this device has to offer, but all that’s a bit much, isn’t it? The device definitely isn’t beginner-friendly. Once you’ve found the setting you’re looking for it’s not so bad, but there’s a lot of faffing around involved. I missed the right light on the variable voltage changing cycle three times (don’t ask), and that was frustrating enough. But the shaking around just to see how much battery power is left? Yeah … no. Who came up with that? It works decently enough, but I look like a d*ck.

> Some might argue that I already look like a d*ck because I vape, but whatever *blows raspberries* ?

And stealth mode? Really? Does anyone actually use that? 9 clicks = excessive clicking. Especially when you’re trying to be stealthy. How quiet do you think 9 clicks are?! FAST clicks?

Moving on …

Backwards Compatibility

Everything that came with the original Vapour2 PRO Series 3 (no X) works with the new PRO Series 3X, including the ‘Dry Herb’ and ‘Wax’ cartridges. I’ve never vaped wax before in my life, nor do I think I want to. I’ve never found a ‘dry herb’ cartridge or vaporiser I liked that much, either.

Vapour2 PRO Series 3X Review 14

All this backwards compatibility made it really difficult for me to understand what was new and what wasn’t, especially when I was replacing the bits I’d messed up by using that 100% VG liquid stuff. (The bit I told you right at the beginning.) There are regular eliquid cartridges, ceramic eliquid cartridges, some cartridges that come with changeable coils, some that don’t and are completely disposable, sub-ohm compatible ones, and mouth-to-lung compatible ones. I spent about half an hour trying to change a coil in a disposable tank. Doh.

> And while we’re on that subject, I feel totally weird about throwing out the disposable tanks/cartridges. Like … is there any need for them to be disposable? That’s a lot of crap to throw in the trash for something you’ll just use once. It all seems a bit wasteful. All that metal, glass and plastic … It’s hardly a cheap cartomiser you’re throwing out, that’s all I’m saying.

I’m just going to throw my hands up and say it all confused the hell out of me. I do know, however, that I need to buy a 3-pack of Series 3X atomizers (coils, the 0.9-ohm ones), which are £14.99 and can be found here > Vapour2 Pro Series 3X Atomisers (3 Pack). You can get a variety pack of three different atomizers or three of the same — you’re given the option to choose during checkout. I’ve successfully tried and reviewed the 1.5-ohm mouth-to-lung coil (PG) and the 1.2-ohm mouth-to-lung coil in the S3X eliquid cartridge (for changeable coils). I screwed the 0.9-ohm coil up when I tried that 100% VG eliquid, so that’s what I’ll buy and review next. The review feels like it might be a long one, so breaking it into two parts is probably for the best. You know how I love to talk!

Vapour2 PRO Series 3X Eliquid Cartridge

I love how the cartridge (tank) is magnetically pulled into the main chamber of the PRO Series 3X, and you do need to pull with some oomph in order to get it out. For the record, the device is so smooth and shiny that I drop it regularly, but I don’t think the tank has ever bounced out. Another point I’d like to make: having the tank enclosed in this way makes it tough to smash the glass. Well, unless you dropped the tank after removing it from the mainframe, but that’s just damn unlucky.

Vapour2 PRO Series 3X Review 4

When you put the tank in the device, the magnetic bits speak to each other (in an electronic way, obviously). It automatically knows what kind of tank it is — dry leaf, wax, eliquid, sub-ohm (VG) or mouth-to-lung (PG). Smart. I do like that feature — no faffing about and changing modes.

Vapour2 PRO Series 3X Review 3


The tank pops out easy enough with a firm tug, although I have found it a bit slimy and slippery at times. I wouldn’t go as far as to say it leaked, but a little bit of juice squidges out of somewhere. I’m not sure where. There were a few instances where I needed to poke a cotton bud into the Pro Series 3X device/battery-bit to clear excess juice away.

Vapour2 PRO Series 3X Review 5

Unscrew the big, silver mouthpiece and you’re met with the main part of the tank, covered over by almost-clear plastic with holes to pop your liquid into. Unless you get the bottle top right in those holes, which are pretty darn small, the liquid will end up on top of the clear plastic cover and you’ll need to clean it away. The plastic cover bit is a good idea in theory, but in reality, I just found it more fiddly and squelchy when refilling than other tanks.

Vapour2 PRO Series 3X Review 6

How Long Do The Coils/Cartridges Last?

The website states that you’ll get 40 refills out of 1 atomiser (coil) or disposable PRO Series 3 cartridge. I personally thought that was a bit ambitious when I first read it, and I was proved right. The 1.5-ohm coil had about 10 refills before I noticed a definite change in the flavour and vape quality, getting through around two tanks per day, and I managed to get another three or four refills before it tasted so bad that I couldn’t vape it anymore. The 1.2-ohm coil actually lasted a little less than that, maybe about ten refills in total.

Vapour2 PRO Series 3X Review 7

If I continued to use the Vapour2 PRO Series 3X as I had during the weeks I reviewed it, I’d be getting through a mouth-to-lung coil in around a week. Maybe 10 days if I were lucky. At £14.99 for a pack of three, that’s about a fiver a week.

(I’ll let you know about the sub-ohm coils in a later review.)


I don’t think the Pro Series 3X eliquid cartridge (tank) comes with/works with other mouthpieces, but I didn’t find it hindered me too much when changing from sub-ohm to mouth-to-lung vaping. I’d usually prefer a wider mouthpiece for sub-ohm, but the little bit of big-cloud use I did get out of it was decent enough.

Vapour2 PRO Series 3X Review 20

The shiny, silver finish is nice, although it can be shockingly cold first thing in the morning. I felt the silver finish made the device look less Crayola-like than the original Pro Series 3 (no X).

Vapour2 PRO Series 3X Review 15


The adjustable airflow on the PRO Series 3X tank is built into the silver mouthpiece section that you unscrew to refill. There are three settings — one dot, two dots, and all the way open. Mine pretty much stays open all the way, for both sub-ohm and mouth-to-lung vaping, although I do drop down to two dots with heartier/stronger MTL eliquids. The turny-bit itself is stiff, so doesn’t turn around to a different setting without you realising. I like that about it, too.


Because the tank/cartridge drops right into the middle of the covered-up Pro Series 3X device, there’s a window so that you can see how much juice is left in there. In fact, there are two windows — one on either side. I have nothing to say about them. They do the job — I can see through them and how much juice is left.

Vapour2 PRO Series 3X Review 8


I like the placement of the button on the PRO Series 3X. I also like the size of it, how much it protrudes from the device itself, and the clickiness of it. It’s not a quiet click by any means, but it’s not a super-duper loud one, either.

I’ll refer you to the earlier section of this review — How to Use the Vapour2 PRO Series 3X — for the rest of my buttony adventures.


Just like the tank, the charger and charging port on the device come together by a strong magnet. You can use it while it’s plugged in, and it only takes about an hour and a half to go from empty to full.

Vapour2 PRO Series 3X Review 9

When the light around the button is red, it needs to be charged right away. That same button flashes a green colour as its charging and turns a solid green when the battery is fully replenished.

Vapour2 PRO Series 3X Review 10

Battery & How Long It Lasts

Considering it’s only a 750mAh battery, I actually got a full day of use — 9 am until 8/9 pm — of mouth-to-lung vaping before the Pro Series 3X needed charging back up. Again, I can’t speak for the sub-ohm side of things, but I do predict that the battery will last considerably less than half of that. I’ll let you know as soon as I know, folks.

Throat Hit & Vapour

I actually really like the fact that the Vapour2 PRO Series 3X has both mouth-to-lung and sub-ohm compatibility. Not that I got to use it in a sub-ohm way, of course, but I’m excited to. I enjoyed the way it vaped with MTL liquid, particularly, Jac Vapour Originals American Blend, and it’s an MTL vape I could use on a regular basis.

Nice and smooth on the inhale with pretty much every juice I tried in it, the adjustable airflow had all bases covered. Morning vapes are smoother when the airflow is closed to one or two dots (1.8 and 2.5 volts respectively), with all-the-way-open (3.3 volts) for when you need something gruffer. The same process works with vapour, too. The more the adjustable airflow is open, the more vapour I got from it. When I wanted something more discreet, I just closed it down to one or two dots. The inhale is a bit tougher as the flow is restricted. It provides a little less vapour on the exhale. With most eliquids I tried, the lowest 1.8-volt option was not enough for me. I found it a bit Silk-Cut-esque.

Vapour2 PRO Series 3X Review — Conclusion

When you look at EVERYTHING this device offers — eliquid, wax and dry herb tank compatible tanks; adjustable airflow and variable voltage; a built-in, hard-to-smash tank; all the magnetic bits and dimming functions; plus a durable, hardwearing design, you are getting what you pay for. However, if you don’t want all that stuff, you’re paying for what is essentially a glorified vape pen, with a whole bunch of features you’re never going to use.

There are lots of little features I DID like about it, but it almost feels as if they have tried to fit TOO much on to something that should have been a lot simpler, and for every pro, I found a con. The device DOES slide out of my hands all the time, but I really liked the way it vaped. I’m never going to use the dimming feature, but I really liked the vape-pen, built-in design. The tank was a bit messy to refill, but I loved the little window and button on the Pro Series 3X. I loved the way it vapes, but I wish the coils lasted just a little bit longer. Buts everywhere!

Vapour2 PRO Series 3X Review 19

I would use the Vapour2 PRO Series 3X as a mouth-to-lung device. I’ve not really had a decent shot at it with the sub-ohm coils, but the pen-like design isn’t really what I would personally choose as a sub-ohm device, especially as I REALLY liked the dinky Trinity box. (And I don’t need to shake that thing around like I have a pair of maracas in my hands.) I also imagine that sub-ohming with the PRO Series 3X would kill the battery pretty quickly and that the coils would last for just a few refills rather than the 10 or so that I dragged the MTL ones out for.

Bearing all of that in mind, £80 would put this device just out of the box I’d be happy to pay. I’m not going to use the wax or dry leaf tanks, and I’m probably not going to use it much as a sub-ohm device once I’ve got the initial review out the way (although that’s just a guess at this stage), so this one isn’t really that economical for me. I *personally* wouldn’t have bought this one had it not been sent to me for this review.

*I intend to buy more MTL coils to use with the device now that I have it, though.

Who would I recommend the Vapour2 PRO Series 3X to?

Although I probably wouldn’t buy this one myself, I can see a few people really liking not just the design of the Vapour2 PRO Series 3X, but also the versatility. If you’re into dry leaf vaping or wax vaping, you’ve essentially got a device that does that ALONGSIDE regular vaping. And if you’re on the hunt for a vape pen that offers both MTL and sub-ohm vaping, this one will tick that box, too. But if you’re just looking for a simple and easy to use, mouth-to-lung vape pen, you’re paying for features you’re probably not gonna use.

⭐️My final score? Hmmmm, tough one. 2.5 stars.⭐️

Not bad, vapes great, but too expensive and with too many gimmicks for my liking, plus I’m not going to stop grumbling about all that shaking around.


  • Glass tank built into the device
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Variable voltage
  • Sub-ohm and MTL compatible
  • Backwards compatible (Pro Series 3)
  • Lots of features
  • Dry leaf and wax tanks available
  • Magnetic attachments


  • Confusing to use
  • Not really great for a beginner
  • Shaking the device around made me feel stupid
  • More expensive than similar devices
  • Lots of pointless* features
  • Coils don’t last as long as promised

*In my opinion.

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