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Vapouriz ELiquid Review

  • BEST FOR TOBACCO: Classic Tobacco
  • BEST FOR MENTHOL: Menthol Special Blend
  • MY FAVOURITE: Pocket Fuel Pink Fizz
  • £ / 10ml: £2.99 >

*Great flavours, great prices, slight compatibility issues with certain brands, fast shipping! Firm favourite!*

Vapouriz E-Liquid

I’ll be honest, I’ve been using Vapouriz e-liquids for a really long time and there’s a few things that keeps me coming back for more – the great flavours, fabulous customer service, and a massive range of strengths and tastes so there’s something to suit everyone. Not only that but they offer huge multi-buy discounts and impressive value for money that doesn’t always come with good quality. Usually good e-liquids are priced much higher than these.

Up until recently, their e-liquids have been made in China but a recent overhaul has changed their supplier. They are now made in the UK with only the highest grade materials and although this means their e-liquids are much safer to use with ingredients that can easily be traced, it has had somewhat of an impact on the way the liquids themselves smoke.

I’ve never really had an issue with any of the Vapouriz liquids I’ve tried but since the change, a couple of e-cig tanks seem to have become faulty… These are tanks that I’ve never had a problem with before yet since my latest couple of shipments from Vapouriz have come in, they seem to be clogging up a lot of the coils in my tanks, to the point where I’ve been replacing them at least once a week and in some cases (such as with the Kangertech EVOD) more often than that. I’m not sure if the liquid itself has gotten thicker but something has changed.

This doesn’t happen with every e-cigarette of course – the Vapouriz Fuse is still going strong on the same cartomiser at least four weeks after I started using it and I’ve only ever used the same brand of liquid in the tank. I’ve also never had a problem with the No1Ejuice EVOD Twin Kit and this liquid together, or the Jac Vapour Series-E. The liquid didn’t work well with the V2 Cigs Pro Series 3 but I never really liked using that e-cigarette anyway. Read the review to find out why…

You don’t get lots of vapour with these liquids so they are pretty discreet. Just enough – much like what a genuine e-cig would give out. As with most, the deeper the inhale (and the longer you inhale for) the more vapour you’ll get so you can control it to some extent.

The Vapouriz eliquid I’ve tried so far:

I will update this as and when I try new flavours and / or strengths but I’ve already tried a pretty big selection of these e-liquids and made some firm favourites.

Vapouriz E-Liquids

Classic Tobacco 1.8%

This is the most like a regular smoking experience. As I’ve mentioned before, you’re never going to be perfectly recreate the taste of a real cigarette because you’re not actually smoking a real cigarette and the components aren’t the same. It’s just like drinking cheap cola… It doesn’t taste like ‘real’ Coca Cola, does it? Some liquids do come pretty close however, and I’d say that this was one of them.

It produces a nice amount of throat hit and vapour, although I did find I had to drop down from 2.4% to 1.8%. I’m an ‘average’ smoker and I found the 2.4% was too harsh for my throat. Just so you know.

Virginia Tobacco 1.8%

If you’re a smoker of roll-ups, I’d say this was the right e-liquid for you. It provides a much gruffer smoke and throat hit than the Classic Tobacco and again, I found 2.4% was much too strong for me when I smoked this one.

This is a much heavier and deeper liquid and would be better for those that enjoy a stronger smoke. Regular smokers will probably find this one too harsh.

Menthol Special Blend – 1.8%

I did like this menthol Vapouriz e-liquid and it’s one of the best I’ve tasted. However on the flipside, this seems to the culprit behind many of my busted coils and clearomisers. It’s as if the liquid is too thick for the cartomiser to deal with it. The good news is that you don’t have this issue when you use it with the Vapouriz Fuse tank.

Ice Mint 2.4%

Since the change in supplier, this is far too harsh for me to enjoy smoking and even the 1.8% was too much. I prefer the Menthol Special Blend which offers a much softer experience. This used to be one of my favourites and I ordered it religiously but since the change, I just don’t like it. It’s really disappointing.

I’d recommend this to you if you like a really icy mint hit.

Grape 2.4%

I like a good fruity smoke from time to time and one of the ones I ordered during this change-up from the tobacco norm was the Grape flavour. It’s really hearty like a good red wine and it’s actually one of the most flavoursome fruity ones I’ve ever tried. After a while it gets a bit sickly but for a little while every now and again, I really enjoy the change.

The one thing I will say is once you have smoked this in your e-cig, it’s virtually impossible to get rid of the taste.

Strawberry Bliss 2.4%

I love strawberry full stop so I was quite excited to try this liquid and I will admit, I actually quite liked it. It has a really good fruity, full taste to it (which again, after a while got too sickly sweet for me) and I also really liked mixing it up with the two minty liquids. If you haven’t got into the habit of mixing up your liquids yet, you should really give it a try. It’s a great way to customise your own smoking experience.

I’ve actually started using the 1.8% version of the Strawberry Bliss Vapouriz e-liquid. It’s got a much smoother smoke and I’ve found I actually prefer it, despite the fact I ordered it by accident.

Vapouriz ELiquid Review

Vanilla Velvet – 1.8%

This was a bit too much vanilla or my liking – almost like licking straight from the bottle of the vanilla essence your mum used to keep in the back of the kitchen cupboards for baking days. I much prefer the V2 Cigs vanilla over this one, but again, friends of ours have said they quite liked the full flavour of the Vapouriz offering. It’s very sweet – I shall leave it at that!

Bubblegum – 1.8%

I’m not normally a fan of super-sweet eliquids so I didn’t think I’d like this one much. It does actually taste like pink bubblegum just as the name suggests but unlike some of the others I’ve tried, it’s not super sickly. It’s not one I could easily vape with every day but when I fancy a bit of a sweet treat, I like this one.

When you vape this for a long time, you might find that it does get a bit sickening but I’m not the biggest fan of bubblegum or sweet stuff anyway so that could just be me!

Cherry Bakewell – 1.8%

This Vapouriz eliquid reminded me so much of the cherry bakewell cakes my Grandmother used to make as a kid so for me, this was an instant winner. It’s got everything you could want – the sweetness from the almond bakewell-ness with the cherry hint running through it. If you like cake, you’ll love this. It actually tastes just as its meant to!

(As does the vapour which amused my family and friends no end!)

Gin & Tonic – 1.8%

I can’t stand Gin & Tonic at the best of times so I gave this to the one woman who I knew would like it – Dan’s mother!

She said it tastes just like a G&T and was a very refreshing vape. Not quite the perfect substitute for the real deal of course, but pretty damn close. She said she loved using it during stressful periods of work. Couldn’t we all do with a G&T throughout the day sometimes? 😉

Black Cherry – 1.8%

I am a MASSIVE fan of cherry and the Vapouriz Black Cherry e-liquid thankfully didn’t disappoint me. It tastes like actual cherries, not just a cheap replica. It does get a bit sickly if you smoke it regularly, and it also has a habit of making the coil taste of cherry and NOTHING else, so don’t think you can throw a tobacco e-liquid in over the top of this to get rid of it – there’s no getting rid of the taste of cherry once its embedded in your e-cig!

Blueberry – 1.8%

Now I really like a good blueberry muffin so I was excited to try the blueberry e-liquid from Vapouriz. Sadly, I felt it could have done with a bit more sweet and a little less berry – there was something about it that just wasn’t right for me. Berries yes, blueberries? I’m not so sure…

Juicy Apple – 1.8%

Another Vapouriz e-liquid I wasn’t disappointed with – if you want an apple e-liquid that fills you mouth with something that tastes a little like Apple Tango, you’ve come to the right place! Full of flavour and with a lovely crisp aftertaste, this is one I’ll definitely be keeping for special treats. I’m more of a tobacco girl on a day to day basis, but every now and again I like to liven things up with a fruity little number and this one works just fine for me!

Millionaire’s Menthol – 1.8%

This is a really nice menthol flavour and it reminds me very much of fresh mint mouthwash. It’s sweet but cold, but not too icy. I’m not really a big fan of super cold, icy menthol e-liquids. It’s not overpowering unlike other menthol’s I’ve tried, just enough if you ask me.

USA Gold Tobacco – 0.6%

I was really annoyed when this one arrived and I realised it was only 0.6%. Sadly, upon looking at my emails I realised it was MY mistake and not one made by Vapouriz, but even still, this is a really pleasant smoke – smooth, not too harsh on the throat, and very soft – much like a “light” cigarette rather than a full-flavoured one. Think Marlboro Light over Marlboro Red and you have about the right idea.

Pocket Fuel Vapes of Hazard 1.8%

A ‘classic tobacco’ flavour, I did like this one. It’s a little more ‘crazy looking’ than the regular Vapouriz branded e-liquid but for a little treat, I ordered a couple of the Pocket Fuel liquids.

Vapouriz Pocket Fuel E-Liquids

This one is quite a hearty tobacco flavour, and it has a really deep and almost tangy aftertaste to it. You can only buy this one in 1.8% just so you know.

Pocket Fuel Pink Fizz 1.8%

Strawberries and champagne… I’m a girl so of course I was going to order this one! It’s pink! I did like this e-liquid, I must admit. It got really sickly-sweet after a while though and just like the Grape, once this one has been in the e-cig tank, it takes forever to get rid of it again. You WILL need to change your coil after using this Vapouriz eliquid otherwise every other flavour will have a strawberry fizz aftertaste!

Those are the ones that I have tried so far and as I order more, I will continue to update this Vapouriz e-liquid review. Give me a Facebook like and you’ll even be the first to know about it! 😉

Pocket Fuel Blackjack – 1.8%

Vapouriz ELiquid Review

I’m not a big fan of liquorice at the best of times but I definitely didn’t like this e-cigarette. There was too much happening for me – the aniseed-y smoke was just a bit overpowering for me to enjoy it. A friend of mine and Dan’s has tried it and quite likes it – he does like blackjacks generally though!


I have come across some brands of e-cigarette that don’t seem to be compatible with this liquid and it’s quite puzzling. Since the change  of supplier (which I mentioned earlier) the following e-cigarettes have gone through coils at an extreme rate (over two per week in some cases):

  • Kangertech EVOD
  • V2 Cigs Pro Series 3

With the actual Vapouriz brands of e-cigarette such as the Fuse model, you won’t have the same problems. The e-liquid works perfectly fine and I’ve never had any problems with the two together.

Why Should You Buy Vapouriz ELiquid?

Apart from having a great range of flavours and being very decently priced, I really enjoy smoking these e-liquids. Aside from having a few issues with some of the e-cigarette coils from other brands, I’ve never really had any problems with the Vapouriz liquid with the Vapouriz e-cigs and have always found they give off a decent amount of both throat hit and vapour.

Shipping is pretty fast (although Groupon Vapouriz offers seem to take FOREVER!) so if you’re looking for something that will turn up the next day, you’ll normally get just that and it won’t cost a fortune either because they have great multi-buy offers. The more you buy, the more you save so I tend to buy in bulk with my friend Dan at the same time and you can get the liquid for as little as £2.99 for 10ml.

To check out more of the e-liquid range from Vapouriz, click on the banner below. There’s so many to choose from!

Vapouriz ELiquid Review


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