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Vapouriz Platinum Vanilla Custard Eliquid Review

Vapouriz had a great Mega Sale going on recently, and they were offering all these great eliquid bargains. They’ve still got some pretty impressive deals going on, and right now, you can buy this eliquid (as well as many others) for just £0.99 for 10ml. That’s really not a bad price, especially when you consider that this is from the “Platinum” range of Vapouriz eliquids.

Vapouriz Platinum Vanilla Custard Eliquid Review

This is the Vapouriz Platinum Vanilla Custard review, but there are other flavours on offer. They sound pretty tasty, to be honest, and also include Banoffee Clouds, Blueberry Rocks, Cherry on Top, Fine Blend Virginia, and Wimbledon Strawberry. They sound tasty, right? But do they live up to the name? Are they as tasty as they sound? Let’s find out …

Vapouriz Platinum Vanilla Custard Eliquid Review

*Trusted Review Disclosure: I purchased this eliquid. This product WAS NOT sent to me by Vapouriz.*

So, we’ve got the cost out the way, here are a few more specifics you need to know about the Vapouriz Platinum range of eliquid …

Vapouriz Platinum Vanilla Custard Eliquid Review

  • It’s ‘mouth-to-lung’ vaping liquid, not sub-ohm. You will not get great big clouds from this eliquid, nor can you use the liquid in sub ohm devices. They are made up of a 50/50 Vg and PG split, and Vanilla Custard is now available in just 1.2% on the website. That’s the strength I bought. I’m usually a 1.6% – 1.8% in mouth-to-lung vaping, but I’ve recently been finding those a little strong. I think I’m ready to go down a strength.
  • UK-Made Eliquid
  • TPD Compliant

Vapouriz website states:

“All our E-Liquid is UK made on site. Vapouriz offer a dedicated commitment to providing quality and safety, with independent quality control procedures and testing in place. Vapouriz is both ISO 9001 and 14001 Certified and well as having several ISO Class 7 Cleanrooms for E-Liquid manufacturing. Furthermore, all our products will be authorised under the TPD.”

This is what the website says about Vapouriz Platinum Vanilla Custard:

“Brett’s Vanilla Custard e-liquid is a mellow blend of creamy delicious custard infused with fresh vanilla pods. It’s a luxurious vape and our MD’s favourite!”

What can I say about Vanilla Custard? Do I agree with what the website says?

Vapouriz Platinum Vanilla Custard Eliquid Review


Sorry, but this e-liquid is boring. It does taste like vanilla, and you can taste a hint of custard in there too, but it’s really boring. I know it’s not a sub ohm liquid and I’m probably expecting a bit much but it just wasn’t enough. I usually disregard vanilla liquids after a few tankfuls, just because they’re too sickly and sweet. This wasn’t sickly, which is a good thing, but I almost wished it was sickly. I just didn’t think it was powerful enough. Not enough vanilla and a little too much custard, perhaps? Or maybe the other way around? I’m not sure, I just found it a bit weird after a while, and although I DID finish the bottle, it was only because I’d paid for it. Nice though, a bottle I found myself vaping with regularly when I accidentally ran out of my regular tobacco flavour. It makes a pleasant and refreshing change. It also tastes really nice when mixed with the tobacco flavour that was already in the tank too.

Vapouriz Platinum Vanilla Custard Eliquid Review

Just saying – if you like a mixer, this one’s great with a tobacco.

Would I buy Vapouriz Platinum Vanilla Custard eliquid again? No, probably not. It was nice, but there are more flavoursome vanilla custard eliquids out there. It just didn’t deliver enough flavour for my liking.

Have you ever tried Vapouriz Platinum Vanilla Custard? Or any of the other flavours offered by Vapouriz? I’d love to know, and I’d also love to add your thoughts to my review. Leave your thoughts in the comments below, or get in touch via social media. Let’s chat!

You can buy this eliquid from – currently £0.99 / 10ml (1.2% only)

One comment

  1. I actually found this liquid quite difficult to comfortably vape with. Using a Vapouriz Fuse it was quite an effort to get any kind of decent suction. Trying to use this liquid became quite uncomfortable after a while as I developed a tight chest and the extra suction resulted in a headache.

    The item description and smell is full of promise, however the taste left something to be desired. It seemed to be quite dull in terms of flavour. There was a mere hint of vanilla and custard. Perhaps he high-vg content interfered with the overall production of flavour, which begs the question did this really need to be a high-vg liquid? Probably not.

    I’m a regular 12mg nic vaper, however this liquid felt a lot stronger.

    I’m glad I tried it, if only so I don’t make the mistake of buying it again. On the plus side this liquid doesn’t suffer from an unpleasant plasticy taste, it’s just a bit dull and difficult to use.

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