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Vapouriz Sub Tank Review

Vapouriz Sub Tank Review

Starter Kit Price: No Longer Available - I'd recommend the Voltair 50w Starter Kit instead!  Money Back Guarantee: 7 days / 56 days / 12 months  Charger Options: USB, Wall, Car, EU Battery Life: 2 - 4 hours sub-ohm, 9 - 10 hours 'regular' vaping (1000mAh) Free Delivery: Starts at £2.99 // Free shipping over £50 Discount Code: Use discount code UKWG10 and this link to get 10% off site-wide at Vapouriz.  **The Vapouriz Sub Tank is no longer available but I would recommend you check out the Voltair 50w Starter Kit instead. Just don't forget to use the discount code - UKWG10 to…

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No Longer available - was 4.5 stars!

Summary : Everyone kept telling me I needed to try a sub ohm electronic cigarette / vaporiser so I finally decided to bite the bullet and give it a shot. I went with a brand I already knew pretty well and loved and you can see what I thought in the Vapouriz Sub Tank review…

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  • Starter Kit Price: No Longer Available – I’d recommend the Voltair 50w Starter Kit instead! 
  • Money Back Guarantee: 7 days / 56 days / 12 months 
  • Charger Options: USB, Wall, Car, EU
  • Battery Life: 2 – 4 hours sub-ohm, 9 – 10 hours ‘regular’ vaping (1000mAh)
  • Free Delivery: Starts at £2.99 // Free shipping over £50
  • Discount Code: Use discount code UKWG10 and this link to get 10% off site-wide at Vapouriz. 

Vapouriz Sub Tank Review

**The Vapouriz Sub Tank is no longer available but I would recommend you check out the Voltair 50w Starter Kit instead. Just don’t forget to use the discount code – UKWG10 to save 10% across the entire site!**

I’d never tried a sub ohm device before but everyone kept telling me I should so I figured I might as well give it a bash. Definitely not for the beginners of the vaping world, these aren’t your every day, run of the mill vaporisers. They are bigger with much more power packed in them, and they have one very big difference when you put them side by side with many of the rebuildable and tank-style e-cigs – they produce MUCH MORE vapour! Plumes of it in fact. Great clouds of the stuff.

I went with the Vapouriz Sub Tank for my first sub ohm device because it’s a brand I know very well. I’ve had great success with the Lumina (on the second attempt) and also the Vapouriz Fuse. Plus I know their customer services guys are super friendly so if I have any stupid questions (although apparently, there’s no such thing) I know they’ll be on hand to answer them.

So, lets get to the point. Let’s take a closer look at what I thought about my first sub-ohming experience in the Vapouriz Sub Tank review!

Vapouriz Sub Tank – £44.99

Firstly, you’ll get 10% off if you use my exclusive Vapouriz discount code: UKWG10 during checkout.

Vapouriz Sub Tank Review

Secondly, when you compare this to some of the other sub ohm devices on the market, this is one of the cheapest by far. I would go as far as to say this was an entry-level sub ohm device, perfect for first time users. Definitely not for those that have never tried an electronic cigarette before though, I can tell you that. I would imagine this beast would make you cough quite a bit if you were to use this on your first vaping attempt!

With your kit you’ll get the Sub Tank itself – a 1000mAh battery with a 1.8ml capacity clearomizer (tank), two replacement 0.5ohm coils, a USB charging cable and the instruction manual. You don’t get eliquid with the kit and you will need to be sure that you only use specific sub ohm liquid (which you can also buy from Vapouriz). This kind of device calls for a different ratio of PG and VG which I shall go into at a later date. The regular e-liquid you can buy from most places won’t work right in these bigger sub vapes – you won’t get enough cloud and you’ll probably end up with a busted e-cig.

Vapouriz describe their Sub Tank as sleek and streamlined and compared to some of the box-type vaporisers, that’s definitely the case. It’s only a tad bigger than the JacVapour Series-E and although heavy, isn’t quite as heavy as I thought it might be. It all comes in this super cute little compact box too. You’ll see if you watch the Vapouriz Sub Tank review on YouTube!

(Hint hint!)


It’s a 1000mAh battery which, if it were a non sub-ohm vaporiser, would probably give you about nine to eleven hours of pretty regular usage. This is a much bigger device though so it will go through the power a lot faster than the smaller ones. I generally found I was going through a full battery in about two to four hours dependant on my usage. I was warned by a fellow sub-ohmer that these bigger ones would go through batteries a lot quicker. I fully intend to buy another battery, maybe even another two. I wished the life was longer but it’s not enough to put you off using it. If anything, I missed it dreadfully when I wasn’t using it. Dan held it ransom and kept taking it to work for the first couple of days and I couldn’t wait for him to bring it back. Sad, right?

Vapouriz Sub Tank Review

When the full e-cigarette is pieced together, it’s 13 cm long. The battery by itself is about 7 cm long. It’s not massive, put it that way. I wouldn’t put it in your pocket though. It’s too big for that and although it is durable, it’s not entirely indestructible.

From what I could see, you can’t buy Vapouriz Sub Tank batteries singularly. It would probably be a more cost effective solution to just buy a brand new starter kit. Especially with my 10% off….

Just Saying.

Clearomizers / Tanks

Right, I’m still working out the clearomizer / tank situation with sub-ohming because I know a lot of different bits and pieces are interchangeable

The Sub Tank clearomizer is £17.99 alone (but you’ll get 10% off with my discount code again), and you can also rebuild it with coils and they aren’t all that expensive either. A pack of five coils will set you back just £12.99. Again, my discount code will work on those too.

Vapouriz Sub Tank Review

Considering how much of a cloud this beast gives off, it doesn’t zoom through the coils as much as I figured it might. I was expecting to be going through them at a daily rate especially with the speed I go through some of the tank-style coils. I found I was using the same coil for about a week before I needed to replace it which really wasn’t bad going. The one thing I would also like to comment on is that the coil itself doesn’t hold the flavours of the e-liquid like the tanks I’ve tried. You can switch from Blueberry Pancakes to Key Lime Pie without any mixing of the flavours. As soon as the juice is done from the first flavour and starts to run dry, pour the new flavour in and within three or four puffs, there’s no hint of the previous flavour.

Definitely a winner as far as I’m concerned.

Vapouriz Sub Tank Review You’ll know when the coil needs to be changed too because all of a sudden, there will be a brown ‘fizz’ of sorts around your coil and the vapour / clouds will start to get a little mucky. The flavour changes too. Only once have I gotten down to a completely dry coil and I’m going be honest, I hope I NEVER do that again. Which brings me nicely to my next point…

When you first piece the Sub Tank together, you need to drip the liquid in and leave it for around ten minutes before you start using it. If you don’t, you’ll get a dry, burnt taste and it will put you off vaping for life. It’s an awful taste and with these bigger devices, the dry throat sting is definitely a thousand times worse than a dry hit from a small tank-style ecig.

You can speed up this soaking process by removing the tank from the battery and inhaling through it for a couple of minutes too. You can find out more about this in the Vapouriz Sub Tank review over on YouTube.

You have an air flow filter on the side of the tank. By rotating it, you can open the air flow or close it, allowing more or less air into the tank when you vape with it. An open air flow will give you more vapour where a closed air flow will give you very little. It’ll also be much more difficult to inhale. I never really found myself using it and kept it open most of the time. I did keep knocking it shut through which was a little annoying.

Throat Hit & Vapour

Right, now we get to the heart of the matter. You will use a sub ohm device if you want loads of vapour. If you don’t want lots of vapour, the Vapouriz Sub Tank is NOT for you. This is an ecig that will give off great plumes of clouds. Massive plumes. More than you thought you could create! I’d seen friends blow clouds with their mods and tanks but I’d never tried myself. Again, as you can see from the YouTube video, I was quite apprehensive about vaping with it for the first time… especially on camera!

(The video was recorded live for Periscope.)

I went with 3mg Pocket Fuel sub ohm liquid for my first attempt and I’m glad I did. I have since tried a couple of other brands of sub ohm liquid and I’ve not enjoyed them so much. I’ve also tried stronger liquids which again, I’ve not enjoyed quite so much. You will generally go a lot lower with your drip liquid than you would with regular eliquid. With the Vapouriz Fuse (as an example) I would have used either 18mg or 24mg eliquid. I wouldn’t dream of going that high with a sub ohm device mostly because of how much is produced.It would be like having five cigarettes at once. You’re getting a lot more out of this type of electronic cigarette than you would with a cigalike or much smaller device that doesn’t pack quite a powerful punch. There is a lot more power in this one – you’re going to get a much bigger hit in one puff.

Vapouriz Sub Tank Review

Pocket Fuel Eliquid | Click For More Details

The one thing you should definitely know about the Vapouriz Sub Tank is that you don’t vape with it in the same way as you would vape the Vapouriz Fuse or another smaller ecig. You vape with this like a shisha – the same as the Neo Cig E-Shisha. You don’t breathe in, remove the cigarette and then inhale. Instead you breathe it in, taking it right down and not just into your mouth. Again, take a peek at the video and you’ll get a better idea.

Vapouriz Eliquid

Vapouriz Sub Tank Review As yet, Vapouriz don’t have their own brand of sub ohm eliquid although I imagine it won’t be long. You can buy two other brands of sub ohm juice though – Element and Pocket Fuel. Out of the two, I would recommend going with the Pocket Fuel and if this is your first time, go with 3mg.

I tried the Pocket Fuel juice first and fell in love with it. I tried the Element liquid after and hated it. Element is an American brand and their menthol is so menthol, it blew my head off. I’ve vaped Blueberry Pancakes, Key Lime Pie, and Pink Fizz sub ohm from the Pocket Fuel range and fell in love with each of them. They are delicious flavours and the vapour makes the room smell lovely. My favourite was Pink Fizz closely followed by Blueberry Pancakes. I can’t praise them enough and neither can my first-time sub-ohming buddies.

There is a full Pocket Fuel Eliquid Review on its way – keep your eyes peeled!

Delivery & Customer Services

I always get my Vapouriz packages the next day if I order early enough – before 3pm. It’s cheap enough too. You can get free delivery on all orders over £50 (which is basically the Vapouriz Sub Tank and a bottle of eliquid) or £2.99 for regular delivery. There’s a whole bunch of worldwide shipping options and they’re all pretty decently priced.

Their customer services guys are brilliant. You can ask them anything which I think makes them great for first time vapers, whether you’re on the Vapouriz Fuse or Lumina or the Sub Tank. Their Facebook and Twitter pages are the best place to ask for advice and they always seem to have great special offers going on. I’ve been ordering stuff from them for years. I order a bunch of eliquid when they go on special offer and when the various ecig starter kits are on sale, I’ll buy a couple of those too. They aren’t an expensive brand but when you throw in these deals and multi-buy offers, you’re barely spending anything on your vape habit. Definitely a lot less than smoking!!

Is the Vapouriz Sub Tank the Best Sub Ohm?

I’ve only ever tried this one sub ohm device so I hardly have a fair comparison here but I really did enjoy using this vaporiser. Its simple enough for a completely beginner to use and has enough options to keep things interesting. You can’t change the wattage’s with this, but if it’s your first time, you wouldn’t want to. That’s what the bigger tanks are for – the VBox for example which I’ve already got my eye on.

If you’re looking for something more exciting than the ecigs you’ve already been using – the Vapouriz Fuse and the JacVapour 510 (for example), this Vapouriz Sub Tank review proves that this is the right one to go for. You get all the benefits of a sub ohm device without too many options to complicate and confuse things. It’s not going to break the bank at under £50 for a starter kit, and it’s cheap enough to buy replacement parts for. You can use any sub ohm / drip liquid in the vaporiser but make sure it’s definitely sub ohm liquid – there’s a different ratio of ingredients here and using the wrong one will probably break your tank.

Taking everything into consideration, I’m going to give the Vapouriz Sub Tank review a well-deserved 4.5 stars out of 5. 

For a newbie to the world of sub-ohming, its perfect – simple, good value for money, reliable and durable. I just wish the air flow filter didn’t swivel around as easily as it did.

If you like what you read in this Vapouriz Sub Tank review, take a peek at the Sub Tank itself and remember you can save 10% by using the Vapouriz discount code: UKWG10 during checkout!

Vapouriz Sub Tank Review

**The Vapouriz Sub Tank is no longer available but I would recommend you check out the Voltair 50w Starter Kit instead. Just don’t forget to use the discount code – UKWG10 to save 10% across the entire site!**

Take a peek at the full album of photos on Facebook:

Vapouriz Sub Tank Review


  1. desperately need your help with the vapouriz subtank, I don’t know how to tell when its charged, I have tweeted you as well!

  2. I’ve been using the Vapouriz sub-ohm for over a month I think its great but recently I’ve noticed it doesn’t seem to be as powerful as it was when first purchased, I’ve cleaned it out changed coils and given it enough time to recharge but it doesn’t feel the same.

  3. Also the overall air flow seems to have reduced, I’ve only been using the pocket fuel e-juice from their website.

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