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Vaptio P-III Gear Review

Vaptio P-III Gear Review

I was really excited when one of my latest vape hauls turned up, mostly because I had been sorta thinking I should get myself a new box or something. It was time. I had been clinging on to my old tank (the one from my Kangertech Nano Topbox) like it was the only thing I owned, mostly because I was too scared to try something bigger, better, more improved. Just take a look at what happened when I decided to go with the latest must-have tank and bought myself the Aspire Cleito EXO. It was a nightmare. I hated…

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Summary : 2.5 stars out of 5? What could possibly have gone wrong for the Vaptio P-III Gear review to get that score? Well, lots, and we'll start with it being overly complicated ...

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I was really excited when one of my latest vape hauls turned up, mostly because I had been sorta thinking I should get myself a new box or something. It was time. I had been clinging on to my old tank (the one from my Kangertech Nano Topbox) like it was the only thing I owned, mostly because I was too scared to try something bigger, better, more improved.

Just take a look at what happened when I decided to go with the latest must-have tank and bought myself the Aspire Cleito EXO. It was a nightmare. I hated the damn thing. I might as well have just flushed £25 down the loo. And I ended up going back to the Kanger again because it’s become my trusted ol’ faithful. Also: I have PACKETS AND PACKETS of coils for it …

I worry when I try new things, mostly because I’m scared I’ll fluff it up. I’ve been braver recently, obviously, but with vape gear I find myself *not* buying things because of how complicated they look. Take the Smok Alien devices as a prime example. I’ve been eyeing up those beauties for a long time now, but I’m just worried that when it turns up, it won’t be for me. I’ll have just wasted my hard earned cash, and that makes me super grumpy. I could have bought new shoes. Or hair dye. Or … y’know something that doesn’t make me really angry.

Vaptio P-III Gear Review

Anyway, the postman rang my doorbell and turned up with this little beauty – the Vaptio P-III Gear. Also in the box was the Fusion by Viva Kita, but we’ll come back to that one another day. Out of the two devices, this Vaptio one was the SECOND one I reached for. I was more excited by the Viva Kita Fusion because of how utterly adorable it was.

Funnily enough, despite my eyes being drawn to the Fusion kit initially, the Vaptio P-III Gear is the one I’ve found myself using regularly. In fact, almost daily. But … it’s not all good news.

Vaptio P-III Gear Review 

I am incredibly conflicted when it comes to this device. Let me explain myself – I love it because it looks like a ‘big boys’ device. I’m a girl, so I often have the smaller, discreet and cuter designs. Stereotyping myself a bit there, but that’s the way it is. When I meet one of those hipster vapers with a snapback and a beard, using a Zebra ZX150 turbo (or whatever they’re calling them), blowing out enough smoke to fill a room in 0.3 seconds, I feel inadequate. I get vape envy. My little girl-devices suddenly look a bit … weak.

I’m a brat really and I just want the latest super-awesome looking bit of kit.

I’ve had a little look around and I think the only place you can buy the Vaptio P-III Gear right now is actually on their website. It’s $60.50, which amounts to about £45, and I don’t think that’s a bad price considering you get EVERYTHING you need to get started. The batteries are built in, the tank is included, and you even get a spare coil in the box.

If you want to check out the Vaptio P-III Gear yourself, I’ve also spotted it on Amazon here > Vaptio P-III Gear – £51.99 and on Vape Club for £44.99 HERE.

Vaptio P-III Gear Review

I love it when everything comes together nicely, don’t you?

Except it didn’t. It took a long time to come together, and this is what happened when I tried to use the Vaptio P-III Gear for the first time …

In the box:

  • 1 x SAIL P-I TF Tank 
  • 2 x coils (kanthal 0.15 ohm) 
  • 1 x SOAR P-III TC Mod 
  • 2 x user manual 
  • USB charger 

Piecing the thing together is actually really easy, it’s when you come to use it that things start to get complicated. Even trying to put this review in order is complicated. I think we’ve pretty much established that the word of the day today, is complicated!

Vaptio P-III Gear Review

Screw tank on to box. Easy enough. 

Where does the liquid go? 

Reads manual. Wrong manual. There are two manuals, one for the tank and one for the box.

Finds manual. Right, okay, top filling. Finally, manage to unscrew mouthpiece / top. There’s a plastic ring covering it. Is that meant to be there? Tries to take it off. Doesn’t come off. I repeat, doesn’t come off. 

Checks manual. Right, dripper needs to be shoved down the side of the plastic / rubber ring bit. Now it makes sense. Talk about making life difficult … 

Switches to second manual. They couldn’t have put all this in one book?!

To turn on, press power button 5 x fast. Click, click, click, click, click. ALL THE FLASHING LIGHTS! Presses fire button. Vaptio P-III Gear kick-starts for the first time. WOOHOO! 

What wattage is it? There’s no screen? Where’s the screen? What are all these flashing lights? It’s like an airport runway!! AHHH! Do I need to learn Morse code? Is that what these lights are? Beep, beep, bip, bip, beep? SOS? HELP? Gives up. Puts mod down. Walks away. 

Vaptio P-III Gear Review

Comes back, re-reads box manual. Four lights – white for watts, green for Ti, red for Ni, and blue for SS. Where’s the light though? Oh, the centre light. I get it. The centre light tells you the setting. Right, okay. Still don’t know what wattage I’m using though … 

Re-reads box manual again. I think I get it now. The lights around the outside are the wattage, so as long as the light in the middle is white, I’m on wattage. Red lights around the outside mean 30 watts to 60 watts and blue lights around the outside mean 70 watts to 100 watts. 

It only goes up to 100 watts? After ALL that?! 

Vaptio P-III Gear Review


You’d think I could have just vaped with the thing at that point, but no. I inhaled, all the noises happened, but I got a mouthful of burn. WHY DOES THIS THING HATE ME SO MUCH?!?! 

Vaptio P-III Gear Review


Finds first tank manual again. Re-reads it. Doesn’t say anything about why it isn’t working. Takes a look on website. Ends up on Instagram watching food porn videos for half an hour. Comes back to Vaptio P-III Gear. Stares at it for twenty minutes. 

Hang on, why can’t I see the coil material? I’m sure I could earlier. There’s no white circle. Where’s the white circle gone? 


Takes a peek at picture on front of box. There’s definitely meant to be a white circle on the centre section of this tank. 

Turns and twiddles various sections of tank. Accidentally pulls mouthpiece off. Accidentally unscrews coil. Liquid goes everywhere. Gets up to get clean-up equipment. Comes back and rests head in hands for ten minutes. Dies a little inside.

Decides to quit vape reviewing career. 

Goes to pack Vaptio P-III Gear away in box and give up on it forever. Somehow manages to turn a section I’ve not managed to find until now. White circle reappears on tank. What? Where did that come from?

Realises that you can ‘lock’ the tank. This prevents liquid from getting through to the coil. Also, realises too stupid for vape reviewing career. 

Decides to quit vape reviewing career again. 

Vaptio P-III Gear Review

It feels like I just survived ten years of marriage, and I still want to remind you that I haven’t yet managed to vape with this thing ONCE!

Also: I’m 1,200 words in and I still haven’t even started to review this bit of kit yet.

I’ll start with one word: C-O-M-P-L-I-C-A-T-E-D. 

The Vaptio P-III Gear goes up to 100 watts. That’s it. After all that drama, and it really was drama too, I feel like all those lights and flashing Morse code signals were not worth it. If you want my personal opinion I think they’ve tried to pack way too much into something that doesn’t have a screen. This lights and flashing signals crap is not working for me. It feels like I’m trying to communicate with aliens. Maybe they can help me use it?

I should probably start making sense of this Vaptio P-III Gear review now, so I’ll give you a rundown of the features:

  • 3000mAh battery (built in) 
  • Outputs: VW/VT-Ti/Vt-Ni/VT-SS
  • Resistance range: 0.1 ohm – 3.0 ohm 
  • Power levels: 30/40/50/60/70/80/90/100 watts
  • Temperature levels: 250/300/350/400/450/500/550/600 (Fahrenheit) 

Vaptio P-III Gear Box Unit:

If you don’t like a built-in battery, you won’t like this one. I think I prefer built-in batteries, but I’m not really sure if I know enough for either side of the debate. What are your views on this? Do you prefer them built-in or separate?

The unit itself is quite nifty, although we’ve established that I hate the lack of a screen. Those lights and colours … it’s not a system that works well as far as I’m concerned, and I’m sure I’m not the only person who got blown away by how confusing it was. White circle in the middle, three red lights around the white circle … There’s no need to be that complicated, surely? Maybe I’m just a dunce?

Vaptio P-III Gear Review

The box unit is quite small, smaller than my Aspire Archon, although it is a little thicker. I actually didn’t mind the design or shape of the Vaptio P-III Gear box, and even the button is well placed. It’s easy to find whether you use your thumb or fingers.

I LOVE the way it looks. That’s the kicker here. I think it looks like a really nice device, a bit space-age looking, but still, something that I think is aesthetically pleasing.

Decent shape, size and design, yes. The lack of a screen for everything it tries to offer … Why? I actually think this might be the most complicated device I’ve ever picked up. I just don’t understand why Vaptio would have tried so hard to NOT fit a screen in. I need to take the manual with me everywhere I go, just so I know what coloured lights I should have on the box to make it work.

Vaptio P-III Gear Review

Also: Isn’t this all a little much for a device that only goes up to 100 watts? Compare this to something like the Aspire Archon, for example, which I found really easy to understand. Even the beautiful Wismec Predator 228 (newbie to the collection) is easier to understand. Both of these devices vape at more than 100 watts. The Aspire Archon goes up to 150 watts, and that’s between £40 and £50, depending on where you shop. Admittedly, you don’t get a tank with that one, but even that little screen is better than the Vaptio’s system of bizarre coloured lights.

I’m sorry, Vaptio. I get the concept but I just don’t like it. I’m not sure this one could be described as user-friendly. Rating the box alone, I’d only give it 2 stars out of 5. It looks good, works, and it’s super durable (because I’ve dropped it a couple of times already) but I think it’s overly complicated. I don’t know what I would rather have instead, because I do appreciate that some people may want a vape without the screen, but I just don’t think this is the one for me.

Vaptio P-III Gear Tank:

The plastic / rubber ring that I spoke about in the tank earlier? Well, that’s a silicone film that is designed to stop the liquid from leaking out. That’s a great design feature, but I’m not so sure I personally liked it. Unless you have a thin-tipped liquid bottle to force down the side of it, you’ll struggle to refill it. I’ve also noticed that life tends to get a little messy on the top half of the silicone film (facing up), and I think I’ve been filling the tank carefully enough to avoid that.

Another point I didn’t like – it can get a little gunky.

Despite the gunk-factor, this tank is a real pleasure to vape with … once you’ve got the hang of that coil-lock business. I’ve NEVER come across that before so I wasn’t ready for it. I couldn’t get the thing to work originally, and it was because I had it locked. I managed to unlock it, but I couldn’t work out which bit I’d twisted in order to do that. Once I’d done it the first time, I couldn’t work out how to do it again.

Vaptio P-III Gear Review

I eventually figured it out, of course, but it took another dry-hit session for me to finally learn how to use it. I thought I’d burned the coil out because it tasted dry and nasty. I changed the coil, and only then did I realise the coil lock thing had been on again. I threw away a coil for nothing. Goddammit. I’d only been using it for a couple of days too.

Vaptio P-III Gear Review

All that aside, it’s a really nice tank to vape with. Now I know how to use it, I’ve found myself picking it up more often than my previous fail-safe – the Kangertech Nano Topbox tank. The adjustable airflow works well, but I tend to use it fully-open most of the time.

TPD-compliant, it’s got the annoying 2 ml capacity tank so you will be refilling this every five minutes. I’ve also noticed that I go through eliquid very quickly when I use it. The annoying thing is, when you unscrew the top to refill the tank, it locks the coil every time. You fill the tank, put the mouthpiece back on, and when the coil lock opens again, the material absorbs the juice and you’re left with about half of what you had in your tank to start with … before you’ve even started vaping with it.

Pointless, although I do appreciate that some people will really like the coil lock feature.

It vapes really well. Very smooth, no gurgling, no leaking. With the exception of the gunk above the silicone bit in the tank, there’s very little mess. Again, I just think it’s a bit over complicated for me. I didn’t like the coil lock and it seemed to catch me unawares all the time. I’ve found myself regularly checking the hole before I vape with it, just to make sure I’ve not closed it by accident again. That dry hit is rank. That is all.

Vaptio P-III Gear Review – Conclusion

This box mod has a lot to offer, I give it that, but I just feel that it perhaps offers too much. I know different vapers will want different modes, and that’s cool, but just because you CAN put it all into one device doesn’t mean you should. I just found this one to be overly complicated. I’m not sure what I would have wanted to change to make it better, but I do know that I’ve long since left the box behind.

Vaptio P-III Gear Review

The tank, however, I do like … now I know how to use it. You know – the bits to twist to open / close the lock-coil feature. I think the Wismec Predator 228 and the Vaptio P-III Gear tank make a great combo, and that’s what I’m using right now. And have been for a few weeks too.

I feel that the Vaptio P-III Gear has a lot of great features to offer, including short circuit protection, low voltage protection, over vaping protection, over charging protection, and a ten minute auto-lock feature, but I was overwhelmed with the lights and colours that I just never got the chance to appreciate them. I’m sure they’re all great, and I’m glad they’re there to protect me and all, but I just didn’t like the device that much. I’m fine once I eventually find the setting and mode I’m looking for, but if I accidentally press buttons and change the mode (which does happen from time to time), I then need to get the booklet out to put it back on the right setting again.

I ain’t got time for that.

So, after everything, I think I’m going to end this Vaptio P-III Gear review by rating it 2.5 stars out of 5.

I’m so sorry, Vaptio, but I really didn’t like the box mod. The tank was great, really great, but that box is just way too confusing for me. It took me far too long to try and work out how to use it.

Oh, and one final point – it shows up EVERY damn fingerprint. You’ve only gotta use it for five minutes and it looks grubby. I don’t like that much.

Vaptio P-III Gear Review

Would I buy the Vaptio P-III Gear again? No. I didn’t like how complicated it was. I would buy coils for the tank, on the other hand, and I would buy the tank again. I think it vapes really well.

Would I recommend the Vaptio P-III Gear to you? Hmmm, if you like the sound of something complicated that no one else can use, go right ahead! Just make sure you read the instructions, and don’t throw them away. I guarantee you’ll need them at least once …

If you want to check out the Vaptio P-III Gear yourself, I’ve also spotted it on Amazon here > Vaptio P-III Gear – £51.99 and on Vape Club for £44.99 HERE

(Don’t worry if you throw them away, I got plenty of photos of mine. I had to keep one in the favourites of my phone to remind myself which colour was for which mode!) 

*Prices & information correct at time of writing

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