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Vaptio Tyro Review

Vaptio Tyro Review

[AD - GIFTED Vaptio Tyro by] I have used this vape device to death, so when I tell you that I reviewed this bit of kit, I mean I REALLY reviewed it. It was most definitely put through its paces. That’s why I’m actually really excited to share my Vaptio Tyro review with you because it might just be one of the best-performing pen-style vapes that I’ve tried in a little while. And, just in case that wasn’t quite good enough, the device acts as both as an MTL device and a sub-ohm one.  Winning.    ABOUT VAPTIO…

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Summary : I loved this device a truckload more than I thought I would. It's actually become a vape device I reach for every day! Apart from a couple of teeny-tiny design flaws, this Vaptio Tyro review is HELLA positive! I'd definitely recommend it!

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[AD – GIFTED Vaptio Tyro by]

I have used this vape device to death, so when I tell you that I reviewed this bit of kit, I mean I REALLY reviewed it. It was most definitely put through its paces. That’s why I’m actually really excited to share my Vaptio Tyro review with you because it might just be one of the best-performing pen-style vapes that I’ve tried in a little while. And, just in case that wasn’t quite good enough, the device acts as both as an MTL device and a sub-ohm one. 


Vaptio Tyro Review 2



I’ve only ever personally tried one Vaptio product before the Tyro landed in my lap — the P-III Gear device. I found that one too complicated, too fussy, and with too many flashing bits and light combinations to make sense of. It’s not a device I’ve picked up since I finished the review, and I should probably pass it along to someone who will actually use it. 

I have noticed that the Fusion device pops up on the Vaptio website, but at the time I reviewed it, it was sold under the name of Viva Kita. I’m guessing they’re the same company? Or one bought the other out? If you know, feel free to let me know in the comments below. Thaaaanks! 

The other Vaptio review on my little website was by the lovely ThatYorkyLass, reviewing the Wallcrawler box and Frogman tank kit. Click on the red links to read the full reviews, and don’t forget to let me know what you think if you’ve tried any of the devices for yourself. 


A nice, slimline box meant not a lot of plastic and waste (which makes me happy), and it’s got everything you need in there: 

  • Vaptio Tyro AIO [all in one] kit
  • 2 x coils — 1.6-ohm for MTL [mouth-to-lung] vaping and 0.7-ohm for sub-ohm vaping
  • Instruction manual 
  • USB cable for charging 

Vaptio Tyro Review 3


I’m giving Vaptio a massive tick for including both an MTL and a sub-ohm coil in the box. I can’t tell you how much it infuriates me when you get a device like this that offers both types, but only includes one type of coil in the starter kit. Honestly, what’s the point in that? Just give the customer whatever they need to try both. Tut.



  • Starter kit – £22.99 | ecigwizard
  • Length: 12cm (just over, including mouthpiece) 
  • Width: 2cm (just under) 
  • Top-side fill (Oh yeah, we’ll get to that in a minute …)
  • 1500mAh battery capacity 
  • Suitable for both mouth-to-lung and sub-ohm vaping
  • Adjustable airflow 
  • Various safety features — over-charging, over-vaping, low-voltage protection, short-circuit protection, etc.
  • Can be used with all types of eliquid, including CBD and nicotine salt eliquids


I didn’t like the paint job on my Tyro, to be honest. Mine was black with an ombre effect silver going on at the bottom. It’s almost stylish, but it looks more like the black paint has faded to reveal the shiny silver underneath. The ecigwizard website gives you the choice of black, blue, purple, rainbow, red, and stainless steel.

Vaptio Tyro Review Ombre Effect

You can probably guess which one I’d have gone for if I’d bought it myself. Mmmhmmm, rainbow all the way. 

Later Edit: I’ve somehow managed to scratch some of the black paintwork off the bottom of the Tyro. [See image above.] Like, a little chunk of it. There are also a few scratches around it now. It’s looking a bit bashed up for a device I’ve only had for a couple of months. The paintwork is a little ‘fragile’ compared to other pen-style vapes I’ve had, and I’d be more inclined to go for the stainless steel one if you’re worried about what it looks like and/or you’re clumsy like me. 

My personal views on the paint job aside, the device itself is actually pretty smart-looking. It ticked all the right boxes for both Mister best-ecig and I, not too bulky and not too thin. Not too slippery in the hands either. It actually reminds me a lot of one of my first ever sub-ohm devices — the Vapouriz Subtank. I loved that device. We had some good times. 


I do just want to talk about the button for a moment. It’s on the side of the device, is ever-so-slightly ridged [not raised], and the edges light up when you press it, but you don’t normally see that because your thumb or finger is covering it. It’s also at exactly the same height as the USB hole for charging; they’re on opposite ‘sides’ of the device. I’m CONSTANTLY trying to press the USB hole instead of the button, and it’s actually a tad annoying. 

Vaptio Tyro Button

If I could make any personal changes to the Tyro’s design, it would be to place the charging hole further down the device. Or to make the button just a teensy bit more defined. The USB is easier to find than the button is when you’re not looking at it. Also, the button is black … on a black device. I can’t even see it when I look at it, sometimes. 

Vaptio Tyro USB Port


I tend to take notes and write bits of my reviews, over a few weeks, rather than sit down and write them all in one go. When I’d gotten to the end of the testing stage and started piecing this Vaptio Tyro review together to share with you fine folks, I realised something: I’d barely written anything down for the mouth-to-lung part of the review. 

That’s a very good thing. 

That means it worked EXACTLY as I’d hoped it would — as it should do. There were a few little niggles, mostly picked up during the second part of the review [with the sub-ohm coil] but for the most part, everything worked just fine. I had no reason to note anything down. 

I loved the way the Vaptio Tyro vaped, and the flavour it offers. It was easy on the throat, no eliquid in the mouth [mostly], and the battery lasted me more than a full day. I started using it with a full battery on Tuesday morning, and it still hadn’t run out on by 4 pm on Wednesday afternoon when I plugged it in before I went out, just in case. I used it pretty consistently throughout that time, so for MTL use, I’m definitely giving the battery a big gold star. 

Tyro by Vaptio


After using the 1.6-ohm mouth-to-lung coil for what felt like an eternity, I gave up on waiting for it to taste bad and switched it out for the 0.7-ohm sub-ohm coil. I pieced it together, grabbed a bottle of Salted Caramel Shortcake, dripped it into the tank, pushed the button and then … 

Bugger all happened. 

All the lights were on, everything smelled so good, but nothing worked. No vape. No good stuff. 

Grumbling to myself, I clicked the button five times to turn it off, then clicked again to turn it back on. Still, nothing worked. I was going to need to unscrew it to take a closer look … which meant that I would inevitably end up covered in eliquid. A delightful-smelling eliquid, admittedly, but that’s not the point. (I would 100% buy a perfume that smelled like Salted Caramel Shortcake.) 

After unscrewing the top part and removing it, the coil coming out with it and liquid emptying all over my hands and lap, I pieced it back together, refilled the tank, and absolutely bugger all happened … again. 

It just wouldn’t work. All the lights were on but nothing made a noise, no vape came out, nothing heated up … Humph. 

I figured I’d try it a different way around before losing my temper entirely. When I changed out the MTL coil for the sub-ohm one, I first screwed the coil to the mouthpiece section and then screwed the whole lot into the glass tank and battery. This time around, I tried screwing the coil into the base first and then screwing the mouthpiece section on after that. I then refilled the tank for the third time (and not a single puff of vape yet), and crossed my fingers very tightly. 

It worked! Woohoo!

Tyro Vape Pen

Later Edit: I’ve just realised that the Vaptio website shows you how the coil/mouthpiece/glass tank situation SHOULD GO when you’re piecing it together, etc. I did it all wrong both times. I didn’t take the glass tube off before putting the coil in. What a tit. Here’s a snapshot from the Vaptio website so you can avoid making the same mistake:

Vaptio Tyro How to Change Coil

You shoulda just read the instruction manual, Kim … Just like you tell everyone else to. Such a hypocrite. Eye roll. 

Vaptio Tyro Coil Change Instructions

I will just add that I didn’t like the original mouthpiece for sub-ohm vaping. I found it too thin and switched it out for another, wider one. The original one was just fine for MTL vaping, though. 

Vaptio Tyro Mouthpiece


You don’t refill the Vaptio Tyro in the same way that you refill most other tanks. There’s a hole on the plastic section, just below the mouthpiece, that you use to pour eliquid in. Rotate the plastic anticlockwise to open it, and then clockwise to close it again. The red Vaptio logo appears when the hole has been completely closed, and it stops rotating. I liked that — I haven’t had a single incident of the hole coming open as I’ve been out and about, leaving the eliquid to pour all over the inside of my bag/pocket/hand/etc. 

Vaptio Tyro Liquid Chamber Closed

When it comes to actually refilling, things are easy enough. Twist to reveal the hole, poke the top of the bottle in the hole, fill, wave it around a bit so that the liquid falls to the bottom of the tank, twist to close the hole. Unfortunately, things get a little trickier with thicker, high-VG eliquid.

Vaptio Tyro Refill 10ml Bottle

The thinner, MTL eliquid went in no worries, and the top of the 10ml bottle I used (Black Note – Legato) fit into the hole pretty well. When I changed to the sub-ohm coil and attempted to refill from the 50ml bottle of Salted Caramel Shortcake, however, things got a little messy. The nib of the bottle wouldn’t fit in the hole so I had to hold it over the top of the hole and hope that the drips went in. They didn’t. More of the sticky stuff ended up on the outside of the glass tank than actually inside it. 

Vaptio Tyro Refill 50ml Bottles


Secondly, there wasn’t enough room for air to escape as the liquid went in. This meant that air bubbles would form at the hole itself, and waiting n’ shaking wouldn’t make them go away. I managed to sort that problem out with a cotton bud, but the ‘pop’ of the air bubble exploded eliquid all around the outside of the tank … again. 

I could refill the tank of my Vaptio Tyro with MTL eliquid casually walking down the street, but refilling with the thicker, sub-ohm stuff was a sit-down-at-the-desk job, with lots of tissue and a couple of cotton buds to hand. Things are a little easier with thinner-tipped, 10ml sub-ohm eliquid bottles, as the tip itself would then fit into the hole, but I’m not sure people still like faffing around with those, ya know? 

Vaptio Tyro Refilling Tank


The Tyro has a 1500mAh battery, which I predicted would give me somewhere in the region of 12-15 hours of ‘regular’ mouth-to-lung vaping. What that means to me is that I start using it in the morning, carry on using it on/off throughout the day, and then have a series of chain-puffing sessions around lunchtime, early evening, and then later on that night. I MTL vape in the same way that I used to smoke — averaging a pack of 20 a day. I probably have around 20 “vape breaks” in a day, although there are times that I chain-puff. (Mostly when I’m laptop-bound.) 

With the 1.6-ohm MTL coil installed and Black Note Legato eliquid in the tank, I found myself using the Tyro all through day one, starting at around 11 am and going right into day two. I didn’t actually need to charge the device up until just a little bit before I went to bed on day two. I’d probably say around 12/1 am. 

Vaptio Tyro Button and Tank

For sub-ohm vaping, the battery didn’t last quite that long. I started using it at around 3 or 4 pm on one day and had to charge it up before I went to bed that night. I did use it a lot, though, reviewing Salted Caramel Shortcake at the same time as the Vaptio Tyro review. 

The Vaptio Tyro takes two hours [max] to charge from empty and you DON’T need to lie it down to charge it up. Vaptio gets a big tick for that. I hate devices that need to lie down to charge.


I gave up waiting for the 1.6-ohm mouth-to-lung coil to start tasting like garbage, and that was after about four weeks of regular use with tobacco 50/50 eliquid. (I had four bottles of Black Note’s Legato to use before they went out of date … lolz!) I can confirm that those coils last for at least three or four weeks, which isn’t bad. You can buy a pack of 5 coils from ecigwizard for £12.99, and they work for both the Tyro and Cosmo Vaptio vape devices. 

You’re essentially paying £12.99 for about 4 to 5 months worth of coils, if you’re a mouth-to-lung vaper. 

I managed to get a week’s worth of vaping out of the 0.7-ohm sub-ohm coil before it started to taste crappy, but I was vaping a thick, sugary-sweet eliquid — Salted Caramel Shortcake – Shortbake by Exceptional Vapes. It’s an absolutely delightful eliquid, but it’s also a little bit of a coil killer. 

Vaptio Tyro Coil


The Vaptio Tyro has an adjustable airflow — one that you twist to change. Situated just below the silver band that sits at the bottom of the glass tank, you grab the glass tank itself to twist it. You first see one little hole, then a slightly bigger hole next to it, and then a long and thin opening for the rest of it. I had mine all the way open for sub-ohm vaping and on the middle hole for mouth-to-lung vaping, and both of those suited me just fine. 

Vaptio Tyro Adjustable Airflow

You can’t over-twist the device when finding the right airflow for you. It stops turning when you hit all the way open, and then again when you hit all the way closed. It’s also fairly stiff, so doesn’t twist by itself when it’s in your hand, pocket, bag, etc.

It’s a very simple adjustable airflow system, but it works well. There are no complaints here.  

Vaptio Tyro Adjustable Airflow Open


Firstly, I had the Vaptio Tyro lying down on its side for about 10 days, and there wasn’t a single leak. Not a single droplet came out of it. That’s pretty damn impressive. I know that’s how it *should* be with all vape devices, but I’ve been let down by a lot of leaky vapes before, and putting them down sideways is usually a surefire way of speeding the process up.

(I didn’t do it on purpose for this Vaptio Tyro review … it was purely by accident that it was left like that.)

Vaptio Tyro Mouthpiece Removed

Some eliquid does end up in the part where the mouthpiece pops in, but it doesn’t make its way up into the mouthpiece itself — or into your mouth. I didn’t experience that, anyway.  


I had some gurgling and bubbling going on, but it only happened at two specific times.

It bubbled quite a bit when you first filled the tank up, and it would bubble again when the tank would start to run low. I’d say when the juice got to just below halfway down the tank.

Thankfully, the bubbling would stop within a minute or so after refilling, and topping the tank up also worked to stop it. Not letting the tank get below halfway was a bit annoying, but the vape itself is actually bloomin’ decent and everything else worked just fine. I can let some occasional bubbling go. 


Hilariously, as I was adding the finishing touches to this review, I stopped to grab myself a drink from the kitchen. I was then distracted by the cat, something that happens fairly frequently, and knocked my poor Vaptio Tyro right off the kitchen counter. It bounced once on the hard floor, made the loudest crunching sound, and part of the vape went flying across the floor. I was 99% sure I’d just broken the device good n’ proper. 

But I hadn’t. 

Vaptio Tyro Box and User Manual

The bit that went flying across the floor was the mouthpiece. The loud crunching sound was actually my now-dented floor. The Vaptio Tyro was still in full working order like it hadn’t just taken a five-foot trip across my kitchen. 

I can 100% confirm that the Vaptio Tyro is made of stern stuff. If I can’t break it (and I definitely tried, mostly by accident), I think most people will do just fine with it. 


The only mess-ups I really had with the device were of my own making — proper user errors. If I’d read the instruction manual or taken a look at the website I’d have seen that the coil should have been screwed into the mainframe of the device before then adding the glass tube and mouthpiece-section together. In turn, I wouldn’t have ended up with a lap full of eliquid. 

I was actually spectacularly impressed with the way the Tyro performed, both in terms of mouth-to-lung and sub-ohm vaping. When using it as an MTL device — with various eliquids, I must add — I found it to be reliable, with a decent punch to the inhale, and I had very few problems to report. With the exception of that little bit of bubbling and gurgling, I actually had no problems with it at all. 

Sub-ohm vaping was pretty much the same, although I did have a few issues filling the tank with larger-tipped bottles. It pumped out masses of clouds, quite unexpected for a relatively small, pen-like device; and despite preferring box-like vape devices for sub-ohm vaping, the Tyro gave me everything I needed.

Yes, there were a few moments where I couldn’t find the button and I got eliquid on my hands as I refilled, but the device itself performs really, really well. 

Tyro Vape Pen Vaptio

Would I buy the Vaptio Tyro again?

Absolutely! If I lost or broke this device, I’d be beyond devestated. It would be like that time Jac Vapour discontinued their Series-E. The Tyro has become one of those devices that I pick up a lot, both when I’m vaping at home and when I leave the house. I use it more as a MTL device than a sub-ohm one, but it’s still awesome for both styles of vaping. 

Would I recommend the Vaptio Tyro to you?

100% yes. It’s absolutely brilliant for a beginner, is one of the most durable devices I’ve ever owned, and it’s all very simple to use. There are a few little features with the design of the device that I would have changed or tweaked a bit, but overall, I think both experienced and newbie vapers are going to find a lot of things to love about the Vaptio Tyro. 


  • Super easy for a vape beginner
  • Offers MTL and sub-ohm vaping …
  • … and both coils come in the box
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Removable/changeable drip tip 
  • Impressive battery power 
  • Works like an absolute dream
  • Heavy duty — can take a crash or two
  • Proper leakproof! 
  • Long-lasting coils 
  • Not a bad price at all!


  • Paint chips easily 
  • Didn’t like the ombre effect paintwork 
  • A tad fiddly to refill with larger-tipped bottles
  • Button a little too flush with the device 

? I’m finishing the Vaptio Tyro review with 4.5 stars out of 5! ?



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