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Variable Voltage Batteries: All You Need To Know!

One thing that you’ll spot on the various good e-cigarette websites is the many different batteries they have on offer. I’ve already discussed the differences between manual and automatic batteries and I must be honest, I’m definitely Team Manual these days. There are a lot of advantages (and a couple of disadvantages) for both so it’s definitely personal preference kind of thing, but you can my thoughts on the discussion over at:

Manual vs Automatic E-Cigarette Batteries

Manual & Automatic ECig Batteries from V2 Cigs – Click for more details.

Coming back to the topic of variable voltage batteries and a lot of people often ask me what’s the point? There are many points, so I decided to write them all down. I’m nice like that! 🙂

You have complete control over your vaping experience. You can control how strong or weak you want your inhale and throat hit to be, as well as controlling the amount go vapour your e-cig produces. When you start to learn about PG and VG e-liquid, you can take even more control over your e-cig smoking experience and you can find out more here:

When I wake up in the morning, I don’t tend to like a really harsh, strong smoke because my throat hasn’t quite woken up yet, and I need a drink before anything starts working properly. At this point, on my variable voltage battery, I would turn things down. I’m currently using the Jac Vapour 510 Twist (which I can’t rave about enough – just click the red link to read the review) and in the morning I tend to keep things around the 3.3V or 3.8V area. When I get to work, I want a much stronger smoke when I cheeky steal a couple of puffs in the office when no one is looking and no customers to see me, so I turn the heat up to 4.8V to give me the maximum hit as quickly as possible. Occasionally I can get away with vaping while I’m on the shop floor and when there’s no customers in or staff members to spot me, I keep things discreet by going back down to 3.3V and minimising the vapour production.

Click to read the Jac Vapour 510 Twist review.

Click to read the Jac Vapour 510 Twist review.

Once I’m at home in the evenings, fat and stuffed after dinner, I like a good smoke – one that really satisfies me in the same way a good cigarette would after a great meal. This is where I keep things around the 4.3V area – I don’t want it too strong that it starts to hurt my throat after a while, but I definitely need something more intense than the 3.3V or the 3.8V to keep me happy.

That’s the best thing about the variable voltage batteries – you can have as much control as you want and this works especially well if your battery is close to dying…

You will generally get about one hours worth of use as a ‘regular’ smoker from 100mAh of power, so your 450mAh battery should last you for about three to four hours depending on how heavily you are using it. When you have gotten around three hours use out of it and you don’t have a fully charged battery to hand, you can make things last a little longer by turning down the voltage and stopping it from using as much power. I have managed to make my tiny 450mAh Jac Vapour 510 Twist battery last most of the day by using this tactic. You’ll be amazed at the things you’ll learn to do when you are running out of juice or battery!

Another time that the variable voltage battery comes in handy is when you buy the wrong strength e-liquid which I seem to do ALL THE TIME! I think I must rush my order through or something like that but somehow, I always seem to end up with one bottle a different strength to the others and on checking my own order placed, it would seem that these are my mistakes and not that of the companies I purchase from. I accidentally ordered 1.1% e-liquid from Jac Vapour instead of my regular 1.8% to 2.4% stuff that I would generally get elsewhere. By turning the voltage up on the 510 battery, I may have gone through the batteries quicker, but I was able to make my 1.1% e-liquid seem a lot stronger than it was. If you accidentally buy a liquid that is too strong for you (such as the OKCigs 30% I recently purchased), you can turn the voltage down to give you a much softer hit.

What I will say is this – convinced or otherwise, variable voltage batteries offer a lot more than most other e-cig batteries have to offer, and if you loved going from the automatic cig-a-likes to the manual tank style e-cigs, you’ll fall hopelessly in love with a VV battery. Once you’ve had one, you’ll struggle to back down to a ‘regular’ battery. I ordered the 510 Twist and Manual batteries together and whenever I’m using the manual, I always look for the little VV dial even though it isn’t there.

Long story short – they might be a couple of extra pounds but they are definitely worth their weight in gold, especially if you go for the larger capacity ones. I can make 900mAh batteries last me the entire day on a variable voltage battery, only needing to charge it up when I go to bed at night. Imagine how simple life would be if you only need to recharge once per day rather than the multiple times you are currently needing to?

At the moment, my favourite variable voltage batteries are definitely the Jac Vapour 510 Twist and the Jac Vapour Series-E. Slightly different (Series-E is bigger) but both with their own special little features, pricey they might be, but amazing e-cigs they definitely are!

Why not have a look at the reviews, or take a peek at the website to decide for yourself:

JAC Vapour

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