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VIP Affinity Eliquid Review

It’s not immediately obvious that these e-liquids are designed for sub-ohm use, but they are. I learned this the hard way after trying to use the liquid in the Vape Direct Pioneer Kit, only to figure out the liquid was too thick and gloopy to be sucked up by the coil. It was then that I decided to do my research into the VIP Affinity liquid itself (which I probably should have done in the first place), and learned that it’s 70% VG and 30% PG … so essentially liquid for sub-ohm devices. It’ll give you plenty of clouds … once you’ve figured out what it’s for.

VIP Affinity Eliquid Review

The next thing I’ll say is that these have weird names. I have a small disliking of brands who call their e-liquid ridiculous things like ‘Unicorn Poop’ and other such silliness. I know, I know, that’s a stupid thing to get funny about, but it just bugs me. It means I need to do loads of research before I finally figure out what flavour I’m putting in my tank. If I’ve got to do that, there’s a good chance I won’t use it again. How do you feel about novelty e-liquid names?

The VIP Affinity range has everything labelled on the box, which is good enough, but the actual flavours aren’t listed on the bottle. So it’ll have the name of the liquid – ‘Tranquillity I’, for example, but it won’t have what the flavour actually is – strawberry, passion fruit, vanilla and ice cream. You need to keep hold of the box for that.

VIP Affinity Eliquid Review

You can see plenty of information on the bottle though to be fair. Having the ‘correct’ e-liquid flavour / names on the bottle isn’t really that important in the grand scheme of things, especially when the further I looked, the more I started to quite like this range of e-liquids.

VIP Affinity Eliquid Review

The bottles are childproof – you need to push the lids down and unscrew at the same time in order to get in. The label also contains details of the basic ingredients within the e-liquid, the PG/VG ratio, manufacturers instructions, the usual health and safety warnings, plus a batch number and a best before date. All in all the labelling was pretty decent. With the exception of the unrecognisable names … obviously.

VIP Affinity Eliquid Review

So let’s now take a look at the flavours I’ve tried and what I thought about them …

VIP Affinity Eliquid Review

VIP Affinity Eliquid Review


VIP Affinity Tranquility I

I’d like to first start by saying that I got 6mg / 6% strength e-liquid, and I actually think it may have been a little too strong for my liking. I would vape ‘regular’ e-liquid at about 12mg or 18mg, and with sub-ohm liquids, I’d usually get 3mg. If I ordered these again, I’d get them at 3mg and not 6mg.

Despite the fact that the liquid was a little too strong for me, I found the Tranquillity liquid from the VIP Affinity range delightful. It’s one I’d definitely buy again, without too much flavour but just not enough to keep things interesting, and for the entire duration too, not just the first few puffs from a freshly filled tank. I hate it when that happens, don’t you?

VIP describe this flavour as:

“A sweet blend of succulent strawberries, delicious passion fruit, fresh vanilla pods and thick Devonshire ice cream.”

It sounds lush right? Well, it is. This was my favourite out of the three different flavours I tried, and it’s one I’d definitely buy again … just in 3mg and not 6mg.

VIP Affinity Eliquid Review

Little tip: If you ever buy e-liquid that you find a little too strong, get yourself some neutral / 0mg liquid too – you can mix the strong liquid and the zero strength liquid together to make a much lighter one to vape with. Then you don’t waste the bottle.

When you smell the liquid, you can smerll the fruity mix of strawberry and passion fruit, but it’s not as strong as the smell when you go on to vape with it. In fact, more of the vanilla and cream elements come through, making it a really decent one. The smell of the fruits with the vanilla / cream undertones make for a great mix.

There’s lots of vapour with this PG:30 / VG:70 split, and it’s not too gloopy either. In fact, I didn’t find any of these liquids too thick or gloopy, so there’s another big thumbs up from me.

VIP Affinity Karma II

Right, before I get into what this eliquid tastes like, I want to first show you what VIP say about their Affinity Karma II e-liquid:

“An exquisite combination of plush condensed milk, intensely aromatic cardamom seeds and fragrant rose syrup are the tremendous flavours that make up this unique blend.”

The box says – Condensed Milk, Cardamon & Rose Syrup.

I don’t know what cardamom tastes like, so I should probably get that out the way nice and early. In fact, I needed to Google it. It’s a spice apparently, and one that I don’t think sounds like it should be mixed with rose syrup.

VIP Affinity Eliquid Review

I opened the bottle to have a sniff. I could definitely smell the rose. In fact, it was a very overpowering scent and it almost put me off completely. I decided to be persistent and had another sniff. You can definitely smell a touch of condensed milk in there too. As I’ve said, I don’t know what cardamom smells like so I’m no help as far as that particular ingredient is concerned.

I poured the liquid into my tank (the Voyage Sub Ohm Mini Kit), screwed everything back together, and prepared to vape.

Oh god … what is this? It was awful, I’ll be honest. I’ve never thought about vaping with ‘rose’ tasting anything. In fact, rose is a small thing, isn’t it? Candles, essential oils, flowers, that kind of thing? Rose-smelling anything isn’t something I’d usually want to put in my mouth. It was every bit as awful as I imagined it would be, and I’m so sorry VIP. It tastes like I’m vaping with something you would pour into a candle to make it smell pretty.

I didn’t find myself finishing the tank when I vaped with the Karma II e-liquid. I poured it out. Some people may like it, but I didn’t. And neither did Dan. It’s just too perfume-y. And way too strong – 6mg in this made me cough, and very little makes me cough when I vape these days.

Definitely not a liquid I would personally buy again.

VIP Affinity Nirvana IV

On the box VIP list three ingredients – Almonds, Milk and Brown Sugar. Sounds delicious right? This is what they say on the website:

“This perfect pleasure is a brilliant blend of dainty almonds, drowning in pure organic milk with a sprinkling of brown sugar dust.”

I like all of those things – milk, almonds and brown sugar, so I was super excited to rip this open and get stuck in. When I opened the bottle, I didn’t think the liquid smelled that nice, but I put that to one side. I poured some into my tank, dropped some of the liquid around the coil, and waited a couple of minutes before vaping …

VIP Affinity Eliquid Review

It’s really hard to explain but this one is a really ‘scratchy’ eliquid. When I vaped with it, it was very scratchy on my throat, and although it had a decent taste (although I couldn’t really make out any of the individual flavours), it gave me a tickly cough. I’m putting this down to the fact that I got 6mg liquid instead of 3mg, and I imagine the latter would be quite tasty.

Once you get over the scratch-factor, the liquid itself vapes really well. In fact, all three of the flavours do. It’s not as smooth as I’d like, as we’ve already discussed, but it’s a nice ‘biscuity’-like flavour – probably what a blend of milk, brown sugar and almonds would taste like in all fairness.

I do like this liquid, but if I bought it again, I’d buy it in 3mg rather than 6mg. It’s one I would dilute with a weaker strength neutral / no flavour liquid to make it more vape-able for me.

VIP Affinity Eliquid Review – Conclusion

Out of the three flavours I tried, VIP Affinity Tranquility is my favourite. I did not like Karma with that weird rose taste, and Nirvana would have been more enjoyable if it hadn’t been so strong or scratchy on my throat. But all in all, these aren’t bad.

There is one more flavour that I’m super excited to try, and that’s Serenity III – a mixture of mango, yoghurt, and milk. Obviously when I’ve tried it, I’ll come back and update the review. Don’t forget to let me know if you’ve tried any of these flavours too – I’d love to add your comments to my review!

Would I recommend the VIP Affinity eliquid to other vapers? Well, yes actually. Apart from Karma … I just don’t understand the liquid, or why you’d want to vape anything that tastes like perfume. With the exception of that one, I’d recommend these if you’re looking for a flavour that’s a little different from the norm. I’ve never come across flavours like these before, and that’s what makes them so appealing.

A few final notes I’d like to add:

  • They’re made in Britain 
  • Free delivery over £19
  • All ingredients are listed on the bottom of the flavour / bottle page 
  • Free from ethylene glycol, diethylene glycol, diacetyl, acetoin, and acetyl propionyl
  • Available in 0mg / 3mg / 6mg
  • £4.50 / 10ml 

VIP Affinity Eliquid Review

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