Friday , 3 April 2020

VIP Electronic Cigarettes Offer Great Eliquid Multibuys!

I just so happened to be looking at the VIP Electronic Cigarettes website yesterday as I’m in the midst of writing the review for the VIP Photon Tank which I’ve recently had the pleasure of trying for myself. Upon browsing the website, I noticed they had some mega eliquid special offers and because I’m a nice person, I decided to share them with you!

If you head on over to the Special Offers page, you’ll see a whole range of stuff, starting with 10ml bottles of eliquid for just £2.00 each. When you consider that these are UK-made liquids, you have yourself a great deal there.

VIP Electronic Cigarettes

The website states:

VIP’s e-liquid refills are precisely formulated using only the highest quality ingredients and flavourings, exclusively blended for the VIP brand – all of which are tested to certify purity and consistency. Very few companies have the capability to produce the same ‘exclusive’ blends that we offer.

I regularly buy VIP liquids because they’re readily available. I see them all the time in shops around me and you can order online too. These are handy to grab from local stores when you’ve run out and you’re waiting on a delivery… Which for me, is quite often because I always leave it right to the last minute before I order vape supplies.

VIP Electronic Cigarettes

But as eliquid goes, I’m a ‘regular’ purchaser and I like the brand. Not bad prices even before the discounts, the flavours are what they’re meant to be, and there’s plenty of throat hit and vapour. A decent ejuice all round I’d say.

Back to the offers and you’ll find the £2 for 10ml bottles option only applies to certain flavours and certain strengths but there’s quite a few on offer with tobacco, cherry, menthol, etc.

If you wanted more savings than that, you can get the bottles for just £1 each but for that, you’d need to spend £50 and buy 50 bottles. If you’re a bulk-buyer this is a great option for you, especially if you tend to buy the same flavours over and over again.

VIP Electronic Cigarettes

For more information check out their website. You can find the Special Offers page HERE. And make sure you give the Facebook & Twitter pages a like while you’re there! The VIP Eliquid Review and VIP Photon Tank Review are coming soon!

VIP Electronic Cigarettes


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