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Viva Kita Fusion Review

Viva Kita Fusion Review

I’d not heard of either Viva Kita or Vaptio before they got in touch with me, which is surprising. I took a peek at both of their websites and they’ve got quite a few models on the go. Some of them look pretty cool. I’m thinking about checking out a few more of the range. Now, before I go on any further, I'm going to say that I did try to find some more information about Viva Kita as a company, but their ‘About Me’ page on the website is a broken link. I’m assuming these guys are relatively…

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An AIO Sub Ohm for Beginners

Summary : I had a lot of love for this device, as you'll probably have guessed from the high star rating in the Viva Kita Fusion review. It does the job, no real gimmicks, and it looks nice too.

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Viva Kita Fusion Review 12

I’d not heard of either Viva Kita or Vaptio before they got in touch with me, which is surprising. I took a peek at both of their websites and they’ve got quite a few models on the go. Some of them look pretty cool. I’m thinking about checking out a few more of the range. Now, before I go on any further, I’m going to say that I did try to find some more information about Viva Kita as a company, but their ‘About Me’ page on the website is a broken link. I’m assuming these guys are relatively new, as their FAQ page simply says ‘coming soon’ also.

Well, I’m not impressed with the website so far. It’s the little details, Viva Kita, and the ‘About Me’ page is one of the first pages you should’ve sorted out.

Rant over … 

Viva Kita Fusion Review 15

The Viva Kita Fusion was very nicely sent to me by the lovely folks at Vaptio, so I’m assuming Viva Kita and Vaptio are owned/made by the same Chinese folk? Either way, out of the two vape devices, this was the one I had the most success with. I, personally, found the Vaptio P-III Gear far too complicated to use as my everyday vape, although I’m sure not everyone will agree with me. This device – the Viva Kita Fusion – was the first one out of the package, and the one I was most excited for. I’ve vaped on small, discreet devices for many years now, and I’m kinda getting bored with them. I want something bigger, ‘saving myself’ for the Vaptio P-III Gear. I actually assumed I would enjoy the larger P-III Gear more than this one, but as you can probably tell from the star rating, that wasn’t the case. This one was the better one out of the two, in my opinion.

Viva Kita Fusion Review

The device is marketed as small and compact, and I think that will appeal to a lot of people. It comes under ‘Starter Kits’ on the Viva Kita website (as opposed to advanced, etc.) It looks a little space-age, alien-esque, which I think works very well in its favour. Because of how small and discreet it is, it could easily be seen as a more feminine vape, but the fact that it still has quite a stylish, more masculine design means that men and women will enjoy vaping with it. Mister best-ecig has said, “It looks like a little girl vape,” frequently with a few I’ve tried before, and I was waiting for the same line with this one. It never came. In fact, Mister best-ecig even quite liked it. The design, I mean. He’s still not a vaper yet …

I’m working on it!

Viva Kita Fusion Review 9

The glossy design doesn’t actually attract too many fingerprints, which I’ve recently discovered (with the Artery Lady Q) is a real bugbear of mine. It’s nice, I like the curves, and I really like the finish too. I haven’t dropped it yet, so I don’t really know how it would stand against the drop-test. The paint hasn’t seemed to chip off either, which is a good sign. I have used it pretty regularly for a couple of months now.

Viva Kita Fusion Review 4

You can buy it in black (the one I received), white, blue or red, and they all look alright, to be fair. You know how some devices look truly awful (usually very cheap) when they’re in bright or different colours? Well, I don’t think this one does look cheap in different colours. I would have been happy with any of them.


I like the fact that the tank isn’t exposed, so it’s less likely to fall prey to bumps, bashes and bangs, and end up getting broken. I’ve smashed and cracked my way through my fair share of exposed glass tanks, and also discovered how tiny a crack you need in order for the damn thing to leak like a dripping tap too. The fact that this is all nicely built in will make it perfect for those who are known to be a little clumsy. You know … Like me. There’s less chance of the glass getting damaged.

Viva Kita Fusion Review 11

The glass tank, although hidden, still makes it relatively easy to see how much juice is still left in the tank. I find this is often an issue for me with other covered tanks. The Aspire Cleito EXO, for example, is covered almost all the way around, and working how much juice you have left is a minefield. Nine times out of ten, I miss it and dry hit. I’m still learning …

The Viva Kita Fusion tank has a 2 ml tank capacity, all TPD compliant. You will be refilling the tank regularly, but that’s the price we vapers need to pay for the introduction of the new and ridiculous regulations. The coils are 0.25-ohm Kanthal coils, and there were two in the box – one ready to go and one spare for when you need to change it. For the record, they last forever. I think I used the first coil for a good four weeks before it even started to taste bad. I’m still using the second one now.

Viva Kita Fusion Review 14

The kit also comes with the USB charger and all the instruction manuals and authenticity stuff that you would expect it to come with. Everything you need to get going (apart from liquid — you’ll need high VG sub ohm liquid for this), and a spare coil to boot. Excellent stuff.

Viva Kita Fusion Review 8

The coils are super easy to change, another awesome point about the Viva Kita Fusion, and the cap comes off very easily with a push-down and twist. Pull out the old coil, unscrew, replace with new coil, pop back in, twist cap back on and you’re good to go. It’s the same process as most other tanks, but it is a simplified process. I like it. (And I don’t cut my fingers on the super-sharp threads on other coils.)

Viva Kita Fusion Review 13

Adjustable Airflow 

The adjustable airflow took me a little while to find, but I don’t read the instructions (like I tell you to) because I enjoy giving myself a challenge … The airflow change does make a difference, although it does have a habit of spinning around quite easily, shutting the airflow and opening it again without me realising. I generally use mine with the airflow all the way open, but I have had a few strong juices that I’ve needed to shut it a little for. Again, it does have a habit of spinning around. There’s no ‘click’ to help keep it in place.

Viva Kita Fusion Review 3

Using the Device 

The Fusion has three different power levels. They’re not overly difficult to change between either. The Viva Kita Fusion doesn’t have a screen on it, but it does have three little lights. One light is the lowest power (30 watts), two lights is the middle one (40 watts), and three lights is the most powerful vape setting (50 watts). It’s much easier to work and figure out than the Vaptio P-III Gear, with all its different coloured lights and SOS-coded messages.

Viva Kita Fusion Review 10

The three little white lights also give you an indication of how much battery you have left. Three lights equal full battery, two for medium, and one light for low. All very simple, all very effective. I still like it.

There are lights on the device itself, and you can see the back of the tank light up when you use it. To be honest, I’m not really sure if they stand for anything. They look cute and funky, but that’s about it. I think it just lights up different colours (seven) when you use it. Like, each time you vape it lights up with a different colour — blue to green to white, etc.

It vapes really well — plenty of clouds — and does everything it says it does on the packaging. I don’t even think the mouthpiece feels weird, and I almost always want a bigger mouthpiece when I’m sub ohm vaping. I think the mouthpiece on this device works and fits quite nicely.


The battery itself is a 1500 mAh battery, which I wasn’t expecting, and it’s all built in. You can’t take the batteries out and change them for your own. I got quite a lot of vaping time out of this on a full charge too. Although I didn’t use it all day long, I did find myself getting a decent amount of time on it before it ran out of power, and it didn’t do that annoying thing of turning into a whiny little bitch vape as the battery depletes either. I hate it when you get below 40% on a battery and the device just starts vaping at half mast.

Viva Kita Fusion Review 6

I actually really enjoy vaping with this little device. Despite being so small, it delivers quite a powerful punch and one that I haven’t experience from a tiny device in a long time. There’s no confusion over how you vape with it, unlike the Lady Q by Artery or Aspire PockeX.

The button is easy to find. It doesn’t stick out so much that you accidentally press it when it’s in your pocket (although you can turn it off by clicking it five times fast), but it sticks enough to make it easy to find. In fact, while I’m on the subject of the device being in your hand, it’s a really good shape and design. It sits in my hands really nicely, and I don’t find it awkward or difficult to use. I would go as far as to say that I’m quite impressed by the Viva Kita Fusion. Very impressed, in fact.

Viva Kita Fusion Review – Conclusion 

I have spotted this device in a few places, but on the ECigWizard website, it’s £39.99. I actually don’t think that’s a bad price, although I’m sure you could get it cheaper if you were to shop around. I’ll have a look and see what I can find. I’ll add the links at the bottom of this Viva Kita Fusion review if I find any good deals.

Viva Kita Fusion Review 2

I wasn’t expecting much when I pulled this out the box, but I was very pleasantly surprised by it. It IS easy to understand and simple to use, and the lights and features aren’t too complicated. You don’t have the option of different methods with this discreet vape device like you do with the Vaptio P-III Gear, but I don’t use them anyway. I would rather use this one – the Fusion – over the P-III Gear. That’s just my personal opinion.

The all-in-one (AIO) style makes it perfect for new vapers, which is what it is marketed as. I’m not a new vaper and I use this regularly. I really like using it, so I’d suggest that this was good for beginners and the more experienced alike. It’s pretty simple, with nothing to mess up too much, and I found even changing the coil and refilling was easy enough. If you wanted me to suggest you something small, discreet and decent as a first-time sub ohm device, the Viva Kita Fusion would probably be the one I’d put forward.

Viva Kita Fusion Review 5

For the price range that this device seems to fall into, I think it does pretty much everything you’d want it to. The coils seem to last me quite a while, even with thicker juices, and nothing has broken or stopped working on me. You’d be amazed at the speed I can break a vape device in. Seriously, don’t test me.

Anyway, after taking everything into consideration, I have decided to give the Viva Kita Fusion 4.5 stars out of 5. Why? Well, because the moving airflow bit annoying me a little, but that’s literally the only thing I didn’t like about it. Oh, the gimmicky lights too, perhaps, but they don’t bug me. I just think they look pretty. Pointless, but pretty.

Would I buy the Viva Kita Fusion again? Yes, actually. I have already added new coils for it to my shopping list.

Would I recommend the Viva Kita Fusion to you? It depends on what kind of vape experience you’re looking for. If you’re a brand new vaper, you’re probably still mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping, so there’s a good chance you won’t be looking to use something like this just yet. On the other hand, if you want a sub ohm device to upgrade to, this one’s a winner.

Viva Kita Fusion Review 1

If you want to check out Viva Kita for yourself, you can find them in the following places:

If you want to buy the Viva Kita for yourself, I’ve spotted them here:

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