Thursday , 2 April 2020

Vype Announce The eTank Pro

Finally, finally, finally … I’d been waiting for Vype, or GoVype, to make a new vape announcement and finally they have gone and made it! It was only a matter of time, right? They had the cigalikes and the eTank, the ePen (although that was rubbish), and then they had the eBox – the box that had so much promise and just couldn’t handle the pressure. Such a shame …

Vype Announce The eTank Pro

But now there’s something new on the table – the Vype eTank Pro, and at first, I got super excited about it.

My first impressions upon looking at this device was that it was going to be a sub ohm device. It’s not. It uses ‘regular’ vape liquid rather than the sub-ohm eliquid, and it uses a 1.5ohm coil too. Nope, definitely not a sub ohm device.

How disappointing 🙁

It’s fixed wattage – 14W, has a 2ml glass tank, and a 1,000mAh capacity battery. So essentially, it’s the Vype eBox but in a better (hopefully working) order? Oh no, wait. The Vype eBox has a variable wattage of 4W to 12W, a 2,000mAh capacity battery, a 2.1ohm coil, and 11 wicks. You know, because one just isn’t enough. (I say that, I really enjoyed vaping with it until it broke.)

Vype Announce The eTank Pro

The eBox is £44.99, the eTank Pro is £24.99 … So yeah, there’s the price to think about as well.

So what’s the difference? What was the point in releasing another ‘regular’ vape device? I know the higher wattage will mean more clouds but even still, it won’t be quite in the same leagues as the cloud-chasers, and that’s the one thing I feel the  brand is missing. As much as I love ‘regular’ vaping, I do sub-ohm vape from time to time and I really enjoy it. If they’d offered this eTank Pro in a sub-ohm model, I would have snapped it up in a heartbeat.

I guess the Vype eTank Pro is just the eTank but pro’d up. The name probably should have given it away. And let’s be honest about this, I really did like the Vype eTank when I used it, definitely more so than the first ePen that I tried, so if this is just a beefier, more powerful version of it, I’m bound to like this one too … right? Lots of questions here, lots of questions.

For £24.99, compared to £17.99 for the original Vype eTank, the eTank Pro’s actually not a bad kit. The 1,000mAh battery will give you probably around eight to ten hours of ‘regular’ vaping usage before it conks out, and it’ll only take a couple of hours to charge up again (if that), making it great for a first-time vaper who wants something more than your average beginner’s tank, or for heavy smokers perhaps? Or maybe even perfect for those who’s already used the eTank and liked it, and are now looking for an upgrade?

Am I going to buy and try the Vype eTank Pro? Probably. I’ve tried the rest of the range so surely it just makes sense to give this one a shot too? At £24.99 it’s hardly going to break the bank, and I *did* like the Vype eTank, and the eBox too before it became unusable.

For more information, check out the Vype eTank Pro on the GoVype website, and if you buy it, don’t forget to come back and let me know what you thought!

Vype Announce The eTank Pro


  1. Hello Kim – sorry to bother you but do you know if any other brand/type of stainless steel atomiser can be substituted for the official Vype ones in the eTank Pro? It’s just that replacement atomisers for it seem to be out of stock just about everywhere – including the official site! – and I’m getting a bit panicky. =/

    • Hey Delilah!

      Thanks for your comment! I never tried the Vype eTank Pro so I don’t know about the tanks. I’ll try and find out for you though! It seems a little odd that you can’t buy them anymore, especially as it hasn’t long been released. Maybe it’s got something to do with the TPD?

      I’ll let you know if I find anything out.
      Thanks again for getting in touch!
      Kim 🙂

    • Hey Delilah,

      I’ve found some information out about the Vype eTank Pro and those cartomisers you were struggling to find. Could you possibly send me a message via Facebook / Twitter? I have contact details I can pass over to you so you can get this sorted 🙂



      • Hi Kim,

        Unfortunately I seem to be having the exact same problem, which is a pain.
        I was wondering if there was any word on this?

        Thank you


  2. Having a problem working out where the seals (o rings) that come with it are meant to be placed. Should there be one on between the screw top mouth piece and the clearomizer? Or between the small piece of metal and the battery under the clearomizer? Help!

  3. Hi James – Kim’s the expert so she probably knows, but for myself… I never used the little rings that came with mine. I think it says somewhere in the leaflet/instructions that they’re ‘replacement’ rings? I remember just scanning some info like that like and leaving them in their little bag. I’ve still not used them and haven’t had any issues. Looking at the eTank Pro right now (having a nice vape!) and I’m pretty sure there’s no room for one between the mouthpiece and the clearomiser. Only place on mine that looks a bit gappy and could probably do with a ring if I were conscientious enough to fish it out and put it on is… maybe between the base of the clearomiser and the battery when you unscrew the clearomiser? But as I say, it’s working fine and I’m firmly of the ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fiddle with it’ school! Try it without the rings and see what happens. Tighten everything firmly but too firmly and don’t overfill the clearomiser and you should be gold.

    And thanks again to the mighty Kim for being so kind in getting me sorted out with the spare atomisers recently. She’s a star. 🙂

    • Hi James and Delilah! I never actually tried the eTank Pro! It’s the one Vype model I didn’t try … Do you think I should?

      Sorry to be totally useless for this one haha! Glad I helped with the atomisers, Delilah! How are you getting on with it? All good now?

      Hope you’re all well!

      Kim 🙂

      • Hello Kim! Getting on great now, thank you for the help! I definitely think you should give the eTank Pro a whirl. I didn’t hold out a lot of hope for it (ordered it with my online groceries from Sainsbury’s on a spur-of-the-moment ‘I’m going to bankrupt AND kill myself with the price of these bleedin’ fags’ impulse!) but I’ve been pleasantly surprised. I gave vaping a try a few years ago with an old standard ego kit and those basic little clearos that were something special back in the vaping dino times. I was going well then… life struck and I got self-destructive and decided to chuck vaping in and return to the cancer sticks. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to adjust to vaping again having been a 30 a day puffer. I’d never tried sub-ohm vaping or anything like that – I’ve since got a little iStick 30W and some fancy schmancy Nautilus tanks and whatnot just to see what it’s all about, and although the tanks are a work of art and I -think- I can discern a more complex flavour (insert artistic wrist flick here!) I’m not all that sold on it. Think it’s maybe because I’m a confirmed mouth-to-lung vaper and I’m not after super-huge clouds so much as an experience as close to smoking as I can get. That’s where the eTank Pro has been fantastic. I’ve compared it to a very swish Aspire CFVV+ kit that I splurged on, again with fancy pretty tanks… and yeah, it looks the part, but for a real gutsy hit in a friendly small package, the eTank Pro knocks the socks off it. I love the eTank because it’s tactile, you know? Very light, very compact, not obtrusive or ungainly or difficult to hold… and it’s never cold to the touch. That’s something I hate about the expensive Nautilus tanks with their lovely shiny mouthpieces – they’re bloody freezing on the lips when you switch them on, and smoking to me was always a kinda comfort thing where being warmed by it was part of the charm – don’t know if that makes any sense to anyone but me!

        Anyway, sorry for the essay… the eTank has a very simple, streamlined feel and the material is a lovely thing, I’m not a scientist so I’ve no idea what it is, but it’s like a brushed matte coating on the body of it that resembles a really fine grain suede almost to the touch, so it’s always warm, not slippery or sticky or anything, it slides gently through your hand, and I really appreciate it the lightness and size of it. It’s not absurdly small or anything… it’s a goldilocks of a vaper – just about right for my pretty weedy wrists anyway. It’s the combination of the power of it with that size that is really impressive. I mean, yeah, it’s not VV but I don’t miss that at all, strangely, because the power of it doesn’t need tweaking. It delivers a good old satisfying mouthful of well-flavoured vapey goodness and plenty of clouds, so hey, who needs dials and buttons – not me, and I’m as control freakish as they get! Sometimes I get the iStick 30w out just to try to convince myself that I haven’t made yet another useless purchase, but I always go back to the eTank, and I guess the real proof is in the pudding – I’ve bought 2 of them and I’m thinking a 3rd wouldn’t be a bad bet in case of some vaping apocalypse (you know how it is). And, most importantly, it’s kept me off the awful fags for going on 2 months now. Haven’t even missed them! The atomisers have a good life to them, too – thanks again for helping me out with the replacements.

        It’s all personal preference, but if you’re a previous heavy smoker and you like something as cig-like and quietly efficient as possible, I’m not sure there’s anything better out there. If there is… please feel free to point me towards it! 😉

  4. So I’m going to buy an etank pro tomorrow and I was looking at the website and the accessories are pretty pricy. Maybe I should check on Amazon. The atomizer is 20 euros for a pack of 5 and the clearomiser is 25 euros. Makes you wonder if you should start vaping at all. Does the clearomiser need constant replacement? How long would you say it needs to be changed? I really wanted and etank but can’t find it in Milan.

  5. I’m also having trouble finding automisers, can buy them online, but I need one now! Surely they can be bought in a shop somewhere?

    • Hi Jake,

      I hope you managed to find the atomisers (and I’m so sorry for taking a couple of days to reply), but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen them in places such as Tesco & local chemists. I hope it helps!

      Kim 🙂

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