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Vype Eliquid Review


I have one negative thing to say about the Vype e-liquid range before I get cracking with the Vype eliquid review. The bottles are impossible. There, I said it. Once you get the plastic tab off, and then finally pop the lid open, squeezing the thing is almost impossible – they’re child-proof so you need to squeeze them in one very specific place in order to get the liquid out, and it often takes me ages before I find that spot and then when I find it, I need to squeeze for AGES before I’ve refilled even the smallest of tanks. I know these bottles need to be child-proof, but do they really need to be me-proof too?

Vype Eliquid Review

Now I’ve gotten that out the way, the Vype e-liquid range is made in Italy and not the UK. I always believed they were made in the UK, but I’m not really sure where I got that from. Not that it matters much, they’re still going to be made from EU-grade ingredients. As a brand, they’re renowned for their testing, scientific studies, and health-conscious ingredients. Always good to know, right?

I’ll get to the important stuff – the stuff you really need to know about your eliquid before you vape with it:

  • The e-liquid is compatible with all Vype vaporiser models – the eTank, eTank Pro, eBox, and ePen. 
  • No-spill caps
  • Childproof (and me-proof)
  • Nine flavours
  • Three strengths – 0mg, 6mg and 12mg
  • 10ml bottles – £4.99 or buy 5 get 1 free

I got mine packaged nicely in a little box, and I must say, they’re all very nicely packaged – great little plastic bottles that kids definitely won’t be able to get in to, and nicely labelled too – no weird and funky names (which often confuse me), and strength / flavour easy to find and read. I hate bottles where you really need to look hard to see the strength, flavour, etc. That’s just a little bug bear of mine.

Now for the flavours themselves … I’ve tried them all, and this is what I thought about them individually:

Vype Fresh Apple

I find apple flavoured e-liquid a little touch and go. They’re either right or they’re very, very wrong. I’m really fussy when it comes to apple so I’ll be honest, I didn’t have high hopes for the Vype offering. It would appear I underestimated them a little …

It’s actually a really nice and fresh apple flavour – packed with flavour and a great smell too. It has a really fresh aftertaste, almost a little menthol-cool but not, if that makes sense? I think it tastes a little bit like those apple juices you can get in boxes that often come with kids meals. It’s got a thumbs-up from me – if you like apple, you’ll love this. More apple juice than fresh Granny Smith, but yummy nevertheless.

Vype Blended Tobacco

I used this liquid in a number of vaporisers before I made my final decision. I felt it tasted a little ‘plastic’, like there was an aftertaste of something but I wasn’t quite sure what it was. Firstly I tried it in the Vype eBox and I found that plastic taste, so I decided to use it in the VapeDirect Trek e-cig too, and I still found it had that plastic aftertaste.

I’m not really sure it tastes much like tobacco if I’m honest, I think it has more of a vanilla / sweet flavour to it. It’s quite odd. Either way, I really didn’t like it. It’s not a bottle I’ll buy again.

Sorry Vype 🙁

Vype Eliquid Review

Vype Golden Tobacco

I like this one. Nice, easy, smooth vape, but quite strong. Bit gruff around the edges. If you like a stronger cigarette, or you want a ‘harsher’ and more realistic vaping experience, this is the one I’d recommend. I’d actually go as far as to say that I would buy this one again, something I didn’t think I’d say about any of the Vype e-liquid range.

Flavour-wise, it tastes pretty much like a good, generic tobacco flavour. When I look for a tobacco flavour, I look for one that doesn’t stand out too much – I don’t like too much flavour, or too little for that matter. I think that this one ticks all the boxes for me. I didn’t expect to like it much but I must be honest, I did. I’d buy it again.

Vype Neutral Eliquid

This eliquid doesn’t have a flavour which I know seems a bit pointless at first, but if you ever invest in one Vype product, I’d suggest this one.

You can use this e-liquid to dilute flavours and strengths of e-liquid that are too strong for you – there’s no flavour in it, and you can buy 0mg upwards, making it awesome to add to any eliquid collection.

Let’s say you bought 2.4% e-liquid instead of your regular 1.2% by mistake. Dilute it down with some of this Vype neutral e-liquid and you’ll find it much more vapeable. (Yes, I’m aware that’s not a real word.) I have a bottle of 0% (omg) and 3% (3mg) at all times to solve any e-liquid emergencies.

Plus, if you’re getting to the end of the bottle and need to wait just one more day for your vape mail to turn up, you can make it last a little longer by adding a few drops of this Vype neutral e-liquid. Smart right?

Vype Eliquid Review

Crisp Mint

If you’re looking for a crisp mint – one that’s icy but not too cool, and that offers a really minty taste, this one is for you. It’s not packing too much of a punch, so for Dan (who prefers a good, hearty and icy menthol kick), it just didn’t have enough ‘oomph’ to it. It’s a decent, well-rounded menthol e-liquid, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not just the most powerful one you could go for.

More a beginner’s menthol, if that makes sense? It’s not too much of anything, a mid-way sort of menthol flavour.

Rich Aniseed

I really don’t like aniseed at all so I didn’t see the point of trying this flavour for myself. I’d only have hated it and that’s not really an unbiased review. I offered it to a few people who all said the same thing – “Ew, no thanks!”, before finally coming across someone who was brave enough to give it a try.

They love aniseed and said that it wasn’t too powerful that it blew your socks off, but it definitely tasted like aniseed so if you don’t like aniseed, you definitely won’t like it. It all makes sense really …

Dark Cherry

I’ve actually had Dark Cherry eliquid from Vype before – it’s come with a couple of the kits I’ve bought. I never vape with fruity flavour e-liquids but if I did, this one would be it. The Dark Cherry is probably my favourite of the bunch, and it’s one I’d buy again just because it’s a really decent cherry flavour. I find it can be hit and miss and with other brands, it’s often a miss. This one however, I quite liked.

It’s not too powerful – not a really strong cherry, so if you’re looking for a really deep taste, you on’t get it from this. But a subtle and enjoyable cherry vape, I’d recommend it for sure.

Vype Eliquid Review

Infused Vanilla

I often find vanilla e-liquids a little too sickly-sweet for my liking and I’ll admit, I did find this one a little too much. I like vanilla for about three vapes worth, and then I realise I don’t like it anymore. That’s how I felt about this one too.

I’ve given the Infused Vanilla Vype eliquid to someone who does appreciate a good vanilla, and they’re opinion was that it just wasn’t strong enough to appreciate.

“There are loads of other vanilla eliquids out there, and I’d probably buy one of those.”

Again, sorry Vype.

Vype Eliquid Review – Conclusion

There are some really decent flavours in there, I must admit, but I really wasn’t wowed by the Vype range of e-liquids. I didn’t really like the tobacco flavours, especially when I compared them to other (even cheaper) brands, and although the Dark Cherry was a great hit, and the Crisp Mint went down a treat, I found the rest of the flavours a little lacklustre – the flavours are there, I just wished they had been a bit stronger. I also found some of the flavours a little weird – the aniseed one, for example.

Vype Eliquid Review

The neutral Vype eliquid is a handy bottle to have around, especially if you have a habit of buying the wrong flavours or strengths like I often do, and they’re not overly expensive either – £4.99 for a 10ml bottle. If I were going to pay that though, there are other brands I’d rather spend my hard earned cash on.

Not bad but not a winning range if I’m being honest …

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