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Vype ePen 3 Review

Vype ePen 3 Review

Hello, Vype. We meet again. It’s been a little while since I reviewed a product from this particular company … and it’s a company I’ve had mixed views on over the years. Here’s hoping this Vype ePen 3 review is slightly better fairing than the original ePen. I was not a fan of that first one at all. (You can read about it here if you like: Vype ePen Review.)  [wc_box color="secondary" text_align="center" margin_top="" margin_bottom="" class=""] (There are affiliate links in this review, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click &…

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Summary : I didn't have the highest hopes for the Vype ePen 3 review after the original ePen review was a disaster, but I was pleasantly surprised by how much better this device works. A great one for beginners, I'm still using it weeks later. I'd definitely recommend it for mouth-to-lung and new vapers.

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Hello, Vype. We meet again. It’s been a little while since I reviewed a product from this particular company … and it’s a company I’ve had mixed views on over the years. Here’s hoping this Vype ePen 3 review is slightly better fairing than the original ePen. I was not a fan of that first one at all. (You can read about it here if you like: Vype ePen Review.) 

Vype ePen 3 Review 15

(There are affiliate links in this review, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click & make any purchases. Please see Disclaimer for more details.)


The nice people over at Vype got in touch with me to ask if I wanted to give the ePen 3 a shot. I might not have been a fan of the original ePen, but I did quite like the cute yellow Pebble I had a while back, and still use occasionally. I also really loved the eTank. Sadly, both eTanks I owned fell victim to the annoying “Check Atomiser” message, permanently. There was a workaround for a while, but even that stopped fixing the message after a while. Both devices are now out-of-action for good. One of them doesn’t even turn on or charge anymore. I was very sad about that because the devices were my absolutely favourite mouth-to-lung devices for quite a long time. 


Vype is owned by BAT — British American Tobacco. I’ve seen a few opinions on the whole tobacco company owning a vape device business, but I’m not really *that* bothered about who makes the device. In my mind, I’m looking at it from the perspective of someone who just wants to quit the stinkies. It doesn’t really matter who or what creates it, as long as it does the job it’s meant to do. Right? 

Anyway, now that I’ve nicely got *that* out the way, let’s get to the stuff that really matters. 

Vype ePen 3 Review 19


  • Price: £14.99 (ish, various offers around, see bottom of review for places to buy)
  • Length: 123mm with pod attached, 95mm long without
  • Width: 27mm
  • Depth: 18mm
  • Pre-filled 2ml pods
  • Cotton wick
  • Runs at 6 watts
  • 650mAh battery capacity 
  • 200 puffs per pod, approx.


The ePen 3 device was designed in the UK but is made in China, along with the cartridges and USB lead. The eliquid that fills the pod is NOT made in China, however. It’s made right here in the UK.

The kit itself comes in a cute little box, and there isn’t lots of stuff you can’t recycle, unlike some of the other vape bits and pieces I’ve had delivered lately. 

I have champagne/gold and blue, but there are other colours on offer — black, red, silver, and white. The kit is usually £17.99 but is on offer (at the time of writing) for £14.99, and it gives you everything you need to get started. There’s the device itself, plus the USB charging cable, and two pods. These are both 18mg nicotine strength, and one comes in Crisp Mint, the other in Blended Tobacco. Oh, and the user guide is in the box, too. I didn’t read mine … The device is actually super simple to use. I kinda love that about it. 

The box/packaging states the Vype ePen 3 is good for three things — compact design, intense taste, and rich vapour. 


Vype ePen 3 Review 2


In terms of compact design, I both agree and disagree. It is a lovely device to hold, it fits in my small hands pretty well, and you could easily vape relatively discreetly with it when you’re out and about. 

However … the device is still bigger than every other pod device I have here. If I put this side-by-side with the likes of the Pebble (also by Vype, no longer available), the Aspire Gusto Mini, and Jac Vapour’s VIM and new Wee VIM, it’s no longer *that* compact. The picture on the box shows the user holding the device between the thumb and pointy finger, but it’s almost too long for me to do that. That position gives me cramp. 

Vype ePen 3 Review 3

The Vype ePen 3 IS compact in terms of being neatly packed together and tucked in, but it’s not the smallest pod device on the market. I’m guessing that’s why they didn’t use the word “small”.

I really like the way the Vype ePen 3 looks, though. Not that I had that much of a problem with the design of the original ePen, but this one definitely looks much smarter. It feels nice, and although it has a smooth finish, it’s not a glossy, smooth finish that causes the damn thing to slide right out of your hands. Also, considering it’s made out of plastic, I don’t think it looks or feels cheap or plastic. 

Unlike the original ePen, which was plastic as hell.


While we’re chit-chatting about the design of the Vype ePen 3, I should probably let you know that the button is very easy to find with both your thumb and pointy-finger. There’s a little raised dot on it, and that stops you from having to roll the smooth device around in your hands a bunch of times before you can finally get clicky. The little dot prevents the need for an actual raised button, so there’s no fear of the ePen 3 going off in your pocket. My ePen 3 has never gone off in my hand or pocket. 

Vype ePen 3 Review 4

You can turn the device on/off with three fast clicks of the button, and the little raised dot is actually a tiny light, too. The button-click is audible, but not so loud that it annoys me. There’s nothing more annoying than a loud click-clicker. 

As a final note, the Vype ePen 3 turns off automatically after ten minutes if you don’t use it.


I don’t like the way my entire finger or thumb covers the button and, therefore, the battery level light. I had the same problem with the Vim and Series-S22 from Jac Vapour, too, and it irks me a bit that manufacturers keep putting the light there. 

Seriously … How am I meant to see the light on the button when I’m pressing the damn button? 

Vype ePen 3 Review 5

Coming to the defence of the Vype ePen 3, the button is easier to click on just one end — the non-raised-nobble-bit end — than the Vim, so you don’t NEED to cover the entire button to start the device.

While we’re on the subject, one fully-charged battery lasted me almost a working day. The battery itself is 650mAh capacity, so I didn’t expect it to last quite that long, but it impressed me. I charged the device three times over two days, but I did use it pretty regularly as I sat at my desk and worked. 

Vype ePen 3 Review 16


When you click three times to turn the Vype ePen 3 on, the light flashes green. 

When you use the device (pressing the button), the button will stay green all the while you have 40% battery and upwards. Between 10% and 40%, the battery will turn orange. If the battery hits 10% and under, the light turns to red. 

The Vype ePen 3 also lets you know when it needs charging up by flashing a white light at you when you press the button. 

I had a few instances where the light was solid white, and it doesn’t tell you what that means in the user guide. I clicked three times to turn it on, and the button went green. Then I pressed the button to use the device and the button light was a solid white. Not flashing white. Not green, amber, or red … Solid white. 

Vype ePen 3 Review 6


I carried on using the device and it worked just fine, so I literally have no clue what a solid white light as you vape means. 


I asked Vype about this and the white light is just an I’m-working light. It’s only green/red when you turn it on or plug it in to charge. If I’d read the instructions PROPERLY, I probably would have realised that. 



Vype sent me two Vype ePen 3’s — a champagne/gold coloured one plus a blue one. It seemed only right that I should wave the blue one under Mister best-ecig’s nose in the hope that it attracted his interested. He’s my test audience for beginner-style devices, you see. Despite my constant vape chit-chat, he knows very little about my “hobby”, and he hasn’t yet found a device that he likes enough to give up smoking for good. 

Vype ePen 3 review 1

I should also mention that Mister best-ecig actually quite liked the original Vype ePen and used it for quite a while. I only gave it one star out of five, but he would have given it three or four stars. 


The cartridges (prefilled pods) are ONLY compatible with the ePen 3. That irks me slightly with the Vype range — none of the components have been compatible with each other. Each device has been very different from the one before, admittedly, but if you’re trying to vape on a budget, ‘backwards compatible’ components sure do make life a lot easier … and cheaper. 

Vype ePen 3 Review 7

You get two cartridges in the starter kit, both 18mg, one in Crisp Mint and one in Blended Tobacco. 

You also get two cartridges per pack, which didn’t actually seem like much at first, but they do last quite a while. I’ll talk about that in a moment. 

Vype ePen 3 Review 10


The 2-packs are £5.49, and you can choose from seven flavours: 

  • Wild Berries
  • Infused Vanilla
  • Golden Tobacco 
  • Fresh Apple
  • Dark Cherry 
  • Crisp Mint
  • Blended Tobacco 

*Later edit: many more flavours have been added to the range. Lots of weird and wonderful flavours that I can’t wait to try!

There are also four different strengths: 0, 6, 12, and 16mg. 

The pods fit into the device backwards and forwards, something I not-so-elegantly displayed in one of my recent Instagram videos ??

All flavours are available in all strengths, although some looked to be out of stock at the time of writing. I really liked that there was a broad range of strengths and flavours available in the pods, and I even recommended the device + pods in a recent blog post: Where Can I Find 0% Nicotine Pods?

Vype ePen 3 Review 8

It states that you’ll get approximately 200 puffs from each well-labelled pod. (I really liked that, too.) I’m generalising massively here, but let’s say that a cigarette lasts for 20-30 puffs, 25 on average. It means that each pod would give you the same amount of puffs as 8 cigarettes. If you used the device like you would a cigarette — 25 puffs at a time, spacing the ‘sessions’ out, one pod would last for half the day if you were a 20-a-day smoker … in theory. 

Vype ePen 3 Review 11

Personally, I found that the pods lasted longer than that. I used the Dark Cherry pod from start to finish, without trying any other flavours in between, and it lasted me a couple of days. This was using the device fairly regularly, too — I had to charge the battery up three times in the time it took me to use one entire pod. 


There is a brand new pod type on the Vype website for the ePen3 — pods containing nic salts. Not actual salt, of course, but nicotine salt liquid. It’s made slightly differently, offering a bigger and better vape for those who are just making the switch or need a heavier nicotine hit. Those are winging their way to me right now and I’ll be reviewing them soon! (If Yodel ever delivers them …)


Once I was done with the Dark Cherry pod, I did everything in my power to try and pull the bugger apart to see if I could refill it. I poked at it with sharp tweezers. Tried to stab bits out with a screwdriver. I even had a pair of pliers on it at one point. It looks as if there should be a way to take it apart and refill it, but I couldn’t find it. 

Vype ePen 3 Review 9

I even told the Vype dude that I fully intended to take the pod apart and attempt to refill it myself, and he told me he didn’t believe there was a way that you could refill them. As much as I poo-poo’d his response, I think he might be right. 

If you CAN refill the Vype ePen 3 pods, I can’t work out how to do it. I do think it would be awesome if they came with refillable pods, though. They would probably appeal to a larger audience if that were the case. 


Since I’m talking about those flavoured cartridges, I should give my thoughts on the “intense taste” statement that Vype has used to promote the new device. 

Vype ePen 3 Review 17

I definitely think all of the pods taste better than the original Vype ePen pods did. The ePen 3 cartridges have a much less plasticky taste, and I even half-liked the Blended Tobacco one, which was a flavour I hadn’t been that impressed with before. It’s still *not* my favourite tobacco, but it’s not bad. I think it now has a decent enough taste that I would recommend it to a beginner. I’d probably suggest buying either 6mg or 12mg if you’re not sure which nicotine strength to pick. The 18mg kicked my ass a lot more than anticipated. It’s pretty gruff, and it gives you quite the throat hit, too. Great for a heavier smoker. I was much happier with the 6 or 12mg ones. 

Vype ePen 3 Review 12


Fresh Apple is nice, but I do wish it had a little more apple-ness about it.

My favourite flavour is Dark Cherry. I personally think it tastes like a more muted cherry Diet Coke. 

Mister best-ecig really likes the Infused Vanilla pods and “couldn’t taste anything” from the Dark Cherry ones. I liked the Infused Vanilla ones, but I did wish there was a bit more vanilla-ness about them. 

Crisp Mint isn’t actually that bad considering it’s menthol and I’m not usually a fan. I think Crisp Mint tastes EXACTLY like B&H Capsule cigarettes. Those are what I smoked back in the day, mixing it up between regular tobacco and menthol tobacco. I might not like menthol vapes, but I once smoked menthol cigarettes all the time. Weird, right? 

Vype ePen 3 Review 18

Anyway, if you’re looking for a replacement taste for those capsule cigarettes that turn regular tobacco into menthol, I’d definitely recommend Crisp Mint cartridges and the Vype ePen 3! 


… but it’s certainly a marked improvement from the original Vype ePen. I vaped Dark Cherry and Blended Tobacco from the start of the pre-filled cartridge to the end. It’s definitely a vape device that you can easily get used to using. It just kinda … fits? 


I don’t really want mounds of clouds from my mouth-to-lung vapes; that’s what I have sub-ohm vapes and stuff for. I do appreciate that new vapers/quitters will want vapour that mimics that of a real cigarette, though. That’s what I based my thoughts on. Mister best-ecig is pretty opinionated, too. He couldn’t wait to have his say. 

“Yeah, it’s nice. I like it. It’s a bit like a real cig, eh?”

That’s it. That’s all he said. But he’s a man of few words so it’s more than I expected. He did the thumbs-up motion with two hands, and I think that means the Vype ePen 3 has got his mark of approval. He’s been using it on an almost daily basis, too. That’s more than I’ve managed to get him to use any other device, and the Jac Vapour Series-S22 came pretty close. (Because it was green … ) 

The Vype ePen 3 chucks out more vapour than what I thought and the website states that this model gives you “double the amount of vapour than ePen 2”. I never tried the second generation, but I can definitely say the third one produces more than the first. It’s a pretty dinky little device, so it doesn’t look as though it’s going to throw out a mass of clouds. 

The Vype ePen 3 is not in the same realms as sub-ohm devices, obviously, but it still chucks out a decent amount of vapour. The 6mg Dark Cherry pod threw out about the same as most of my other MTL devices with 12mg eliquid, and the 18mg Blended Tobacco ePen 3 pod kicked my ass. Well and truly. Lots o’ vapour. A tad too much for me.


Generally, I think this device is a good one, but it does have a couple of problems. Like I mentioned earlier, you run the risk of covering the light when you press the button, and that might cause you to miss the colour change warning you of a dying battery. You can tell that the battery is dying from the way it vapes, but that’s not the point. That’s something that comes with experience and a new vaper may not realise.

Moving along to the pods themselves, they’re kinda transparent but it’s not quite enough to allow you to see how much juice is left inside. To be fair, I have spoken to Vype about this and they’ve mentioned it’s a problem they’re looking to solve. I’m assuming we’ll see more transparent pods in the future. 

Vype ePen 3 Review 14

When the battery starts to die, about 30-40% and under, juice pulls through into the mouthpiece sometimes and into your mouth. And it’s disgusting. It doesn’t happen regularly, but just every now and again. I put it down to inhaling too hard and too little battery capacity left. I don’t have the same problem with a fully-charged device. 

Vype ePen 3 Review 13

And I think that’s pretty much it. Not bad when I thought I’d hate it from start to finish, eh?


This device is aimed at new vapers — people who are quitting smoking and need something that will closely mimic it. The Vype ePen 3 does offer that, in a design that is simple to use and understand. 

The pods need some working on. They definitely need to be made more transparent. But aside from that and the odd little bit of eliquid in my mouth, I can’t really think of any real negatives. I’m not even a new vaper and I found it decent to vape with. Even Mister likes it, and more than that … actually uses it. No coughing or spluttering. No moaning about how non-cigarette-like it tastes. Just happy (ish) vaping.

I’m going to finish this Vype ePen 3 review by scoring it with a decent 4 stars out of 5! ?

Yeah, it has a few little issues, but it does what it says on the tin. As much as I might have wanted to be overly critical of it, I kinda like it. The only thing that I would REALLY like to see, is those refillable pods. 

*puffs on Vype ePen 3*

Vype ePen 3 Review 20


I like the ePen 3. There, I said it. I didn’t think I would, but I find myself using it a lot. It’s a really easy-breezy mouth-to-lung device, and one that could easily be in the little pile of every-day devices I have on my desk. 

I plan on buying more pods for it, probably Dark Cherry and Infused Vanilla. I’m kinda hoping they look at the idea of refillable pods, to be honest. I’d happily make this my go-to handbag-friendly MTL device if I could throw any of my MTL/50 juices in there. Although the pods are pretty economical, I’m a refillable kinda gal.

Disposable = more plastic in landfill. There’s enough plastic in our oceans and landfill sites already.

You get me? 


I did actually discuss the plastic-waste-business with Vype and was told this ?? 

“We will welcome any used cartridge returns and manage the recycling at our warehouse in Rotherham. If a customer makes contact with us on 0800 1337 350 or [email protected], we will arrange for a Collect+ Label to be sent for them so that they can return at no cost.

You are also welcome to return any Vype packaging material to us at the above address. Please contact us if you would like more information concerning the disposal of Vype products.”

Link to find these details on the website is HERE.


If you want a device that is going to do everything a sub-ohm device can do, you’re going to be sorely disappointed. But if you look at this device for what it is — a pod-style device that is specifically designed for new vapers, it does live up to expectations. It is easy to use. It is simple to understand. There’s no muss and no fuss. I like it as an every day MTL’er, which means that it does appeal to *some* veteran vapers. If you like a heavy nic hit, I definitely think you’re going to appreciate the higher strength, 18mg pods. Those ones pack some punch!



  • Cheaper than many other pod-style devices
  • Vapes really well, no complaints
  • Compact & sleek design
  • Economical pods
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Decent tasting pods (better than before)
  • Super simple to use
  • Fab for new vapers
  • 18mg pods would suit heavy smokers


  • No refillable pod option (for the eco-friendly of us)
  • Occasionally had liquid in my mouth
  • Can’t see liquid left in pod
  • Occasionally covering button with finger when pressing button

Free delivery over £20
Free delivery over £20
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*Prices & information correct at time of writing.

HONESTY POLICY: The Vype ePen 3 was sent to me by GoVype/Vype for a review. I did not pay for these vape products. I was not paid for my review and I will not be paid for my HONEST review. All opinions are mine and in no way influenced by affiliate status, store, brand, or manufacturer.

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  1. The pods are refillable in a minute. Just insert something sharp inbetween the base plate(the one with the electrical connectors). After that snap out the white silicone containing the coil , refill on the sides. Put the coil and the base plate back and that it is all. Verry simple.

    • Andrei — you’re an absolute superstar! Thank you! ??

      I did as you said and managed to refill one of my Vype pods with CBD eliquid! I did make quite the mess, but I’m guessing I’ll get better at it with some practice, haha.

      Feel free to come back with more awesome advice ?

      Thanks again!


      • Hi, been refilling my pods for 2 years now ,the pods only take about 4 or 5 refills before the coil packs in,recently even with new pods,after first puff for 4 secs it flashes 3 times white and switches off. Sos please.

  2. Hi. I have been refilling the pods hack-style, too. The wick does seem quite corroded, though, and washing doesn’t seem to help. I have seen videos about making new wicks to replace them, but I haven’t yet bought the wire and cotton/wick string needed to do this yet.

    Also, I’m sure if this is a recent design change, but the lip of the reservoir hole seems designed to prevent the inflow of liquid even if letting the juice flow down the sides. The hole itself will quickly become covered by a thin layer of liquid which prevents any more liquid from entering the reservoir and it will start to “overflow” even when it not even near full. I keep using a q-tip to help get rid if the film of liquid blocking the flow, but it just keeps happening.

    I think a thin type of dropper would help with this problem, but I cant seem to find one this thin.

    Any advice on this? Am I missing something obvious to everyone but me? Does anyone know where I can find a dropper of this type or any other delivery system for refilling the pods?


  3. Very informative and answered a few questions I had about this product. Thank you Kim x

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