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Vype eTank Review

Vype eTank Review

Starter Kit Price: £19.99  Battery Cost: £9.99 E-Liquid Cost: £4.99 / 10ml Money Back Guarantee: 14 Days for Refund (Unopened) / Faulty. (Doesn’t apply to e-liquid) Charger Options: USB, Wall, Car, EU Battery Life: 5 - 6 hours (650mAh) As you’ll know if you’ve read the Vype ePen review, you’ll know this particular brand and I haven’t gotten on very well. I hated the ePen, disliking almost everything about it from the shape to the size, the way it tasted, vaped, everything. I didn’t have very high hopes for the Vype eTank if I’m honest, and I was sure I would be just as unimpressed.…

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Summary : I wasn’t happy with the ePen when I tried it, so I was dubious when I first got my hands on this newer model, recently released by Vype. It appears I need to eat some humble pie… As this Vype eTank review will show - it’s actually the perfect e-cigarette for a beginner!

User Rating: 1.99 ( 146 votes)
  • Starter Kit Price: £19.99 
  • Battery Cost: £9.99
  • E-Liquid Cost: £4.99 / 10ml
  • Money Back Guarantee: 14 Days for Refund (Unopened) / Faulty. (Doesn’t apply to e-liquid)
  • Charger Options: USB, Wall, Car, EU
  • Battery Life: 5 – 6 hours (650mAh)

Vype eTank Review

As you’ll know if you’ve read the Vype ePen review, you’ll know this particular brand and I haven’t gotten on very well. I hated the ePen, disliking almost everything about it from the shape to the size, the way it tasted, vaped, everything.

I didn’t have very high hopes for the Vype eTank if I’m honest, and I was sure I would be just as unimpressed.

Well, it turns out, I’m wrong. I’m a woman, and I just admitted I was WRONG. I actually quite liked it.

Now, don’t get me wrong, this isn’t an e-cigarette that an advanced vaper is going to want to be shouting from the rooftops about, but for someone moving onto their very first tank, or even their very first e-cigarette or vaporiser full stop, you can’t really go wrong with the Vype eTank.

Read more of the Vype eTank review. You’ll see:

Vype eTank – £19.99

Vype eTank Review Made with “high quality grade materials”, the Vype eTank is a refillable electronic cigarette / personal vaporiser with a tank that you can refill with e-liquid. Much like the other tank-style ecigs you may have come across, it gives you more options than the Vype ePen or cigalikes, allowing you to put whatever flavour liquid you like in the tank, and giving you a way to completely customise your vaping experience.

For the RRP of £19.99, you’ll get the Vype eTank – a tank and battery plus a USB charger, a user guide, and a 10ml bottle of eliquid too.

It’s not a bad price – definitely comparable to other vaporisers such as the Vapouriz Fuse or JacVapour 510, and in almost every case, it’s cheaper too.


A 650mAh battery at 13.8 cm long, it’s a fraction shorter (minus the tank attached) as the Vype ePen before you screw on the cartridge. There’s not a variable voltage option here yet though, which probably isn’t the worst thing in the world. I found the variable voltage option almost pointless on the ePen anyway.

I would expect to get around 6 hours of fairly regular use out of a 650mAh battery, and the Vype eTank actually sits pretty much in line with that. It was dead on arrival (boo!), but only took about an hour and a half to fully charge and once it was fully juiced up, I got around five to six hours of very regular use out of it. If you were to go to work from 9-5, I’d say you could start using this when you woke up in the morning, and only need to charge it when you went to bed that night.

Vype eTank Review

I am very impressed with the battery.

The whole e-cig is covered in a really lovely material. It’s soft, matte, and black – nice to hold, not too heavy and a really nice design. That’s one thing I wasn’t prepared for – it’s actually a very nice looking and feeling electronic cigarette.

Appealing to both men and women, it’s one I would highly recommend to a new vaper. There’s nothing complicated or fussy about it, everything is simple to piece together and use, and it feels and looks really good.

As much as I secretly wanted to dislike it as much as I disliked the Vype ePen, I found it difficult not to like the eTank.

The battery isn’t too big which is another thing I quite liked. It’s the tiniest bit smaller than the Vapouriz Fuse 650mAh battery and although it’s the same thickness, it feels thinner. It’s hard to explain. The Fuse feels bigger in my hands than the Vype eTank does, even though in diameter, they are exactly the same.

You need to do the usual click-five-times-to-turn-on business, and the ‘V’ on the button lights up when you vape, it also flashes red to let you know when it needs to be charged.

Speaking of the button, it’s easy to find. It doesn’t stick out too much to be a real pain in the ass, but you don’t spend forever spinning the device around your fingers before they finally find the button.

A spare Vype eTank battery is £9.99, and you’ll be paying £2.49 for Standard Delivery (1-3 working days). When you consider that the same capacity battery from Vapouriz is £12.99 (although they offer 1100mAh batteries for £14.99 also), Vype is the cheaper option and if I’m honest, I quite like the eTank batteries more.

Clearomizers / Tanks

The Vype eTank clearomizer (as they call them) is £4.99 and they are not rebuildable tanks. By that I mean you can’t just replace a coil (usually a lot cheaper), you will need to replace the entire tank.

Vype eTank Review

Again, comparing this to the Vapouriz Fuse clearomizers at £6.99 each, the eTank provides the cheaper option. However with the Vapouriz Fuse, you can replace just the coils and they are £9.99 for five.

Covered in the same nice, matte finish as the battery, the Vype eTank clearomizer has a good sized window on the side so you can see exactly how much liquid is left in the tank. I often think these covered tanks look a lot nicer than the clear plastic ones (again, just like the Vapouriz Fuse). It just makes them look a little bit more expensive. You may disagree. But some of my favourite e-cigs have been ones with covered tanks – JacVapour 510 and now this Vype eTank.

Vype eTank Review It’s easy to refill with your own liquid, and they have added a tiny little detail which I personally think is utter genius. They have added a cone-shaped piece of plastic that rides from the open centre tube to the mouthpiece, with a much smaller hole on the top. This means that when you are refilling, you have very little chance of the liquid escaping down into the centre and into your mouthpiece. E-liquid tastes really bad when you swallow it, and as someone who has accidentally ingested more of the stuff than I wish to admit, the effects from drinking it are awful.

I love that little plastic cone ‘bit’ Vype have added. Another tick for the Vype eTank review.

The tank is refilled from the top by the way – you unscrew the mouthpiece rather than the bottom.

One final thing I noticed with long-term and regular use of the eTank was that it never seems to get hot. Other vaporisers and e-cigs I’ve tried and used for long periods of time seem to get really warm after a while. The V2 Cigs Ex Series was pretty bad for this, as was the bigger sub-ohm devices – Vapouriz Sub Tank.

The eTank never, ever got hot. Another tick for the Vype eTank review.

Throat Hit & Vapour

I had 12mg liquid with my order and I must admit, this ecig offers a pretty impressive amount of throat hit and vapour for such a low strength juice. The vapour is comparable to again, the likes of the Vapouriz Fuse, and it has a nice, smooth throat hit – it’s not too much.

When you first fill the tank, the instructions state to leave it for about ten minutes before you try to use it. As someone that doesn’t read the instructions and didn’t make note of that, let me tell you this – do as the damn instructions say and leave it for ten minutes!

The dry hit of this tank was so bad, I felt nauseous for about 40 minutes afterwards. After a couple of minutes of refilling, I decided to try and use it for the first time. It was the worst thing I’d ever tasted. When it says leave it for ten minutes before using it, leave it for ten minutes before using it. Those instructions are there for a reason. The last thing you’re going to want is to spend twenty quid on a brand new e-cig, only to hate it immediately because your impatience got the better of you.

Vype E-Liquid

I’ve tried a few different e-liquids from Vype so far, and I intend to use the full range. Keep your eyes peeled for a full Vype ELiquid Review… It’ll be coming soon.

Vype eTank Review What I will say for now is that the flavours are actually very nice. There are nine to pick from –

  • VPure (No flavouring)
  • Rich Aniseed
  • Oriental Spice
  • Fresh Apple
  • Infused Vanilla
  • Dark Cherry
  • Crisp Mint
  • Golden Tobacco
  • Blended Tobacco

I didn’t like Blended Tobacco but I intend to try Golden Tobacco and see if that one sits with me any better. I LOVED Dark Cherry and Fresh Apple, and mixing the two together gives you a real fruity, hearty flavour that is delicious. Infused Vanilla was great, but it only gives the slightest hint of vanilla, so if you’re looking for something with more of a hit, this one isn’t for you.

The liquids themselves are not thick and syrupy, which makes a change as flavours such as mint, vanilla, and cherry tend to be so gloopy, they go right through the coils or tanks / clearomizers at an alarming rate.

At £4.99 per 10ml bottle, it’s not exactly breaking the bank either. Plus if you buy five bottles, you’ll get one free. I would always suggest buying in bulk when the sales are on. You save so much money that way. I get hundreds of ml’s of e-liquid for next to nothing by doing this.

If you like the best-ecig.co.uk Facebook page, you’ll get the latest offers as soon as they pop up! 😉

Delivery & Customer Service

I’m going to including branding for the purposes of this Vype eTank review. The Vype is a very well marketed brand of electronic cigarettes. Simple and to the point – that’s what they are all about, and that’s what they achieve. Their TV commercials, their website – it’s all simple, easy to use, and completely understanable.

Not every Vype e-cigarette is for everyone which they are fully aware of, and that’s why you have three different options when you shop on the website. They’ve got all the bases covered.

There are the cigalikes – the Vype eStick. Then there are the bigger, tank-style e-cigs like this Vype eTank. Then there are things like the Vype ePen, and I’m not entirely sure which bracket I’d want to put that in. Either way, I didn’t like it.

Their customer service people are incredibly friendly, and have been quick to help if I have had a question or concern, especially on social media. Just click on the links to find their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

You have two options for delivery – Standard and Next Working Day.


Unless you choose otherwise, orders containing battery devices are shipped via Royal Mail Tracked 24 delivery service. Orders containing five or more battery devices will be automatically upgraded to our Next Working Day delivery service at no additional cost. All other orders will be sent via Royal Mail 24. We will dispatch your item(s) the same day you place your order, and aim to deliver within 1-3 working days, provided your order is placed before 2pm Monday to Friday.


If you want, you can request a Next Working Day Tracked and Signed delivery via DPD at an additional cost. If you choose our DPD Next Working Day service, we will dispatch your item(s) on the same day you place your order and provided it’s placed before 2pm Monday to Thursday, we aim to deliver the next working day.

If you want to get in touch with Vype, you’ll find these details handy:

You can also get in touch by sending them a message through their online form. Their customer service peeps contact you after you have received your order to make sure you’re happy also, which is a nice little touch.

Is The Vype eTank The Best E-Cigarette?

You know what, it might be, depending on what you’re looking for.

If you want something simple, easy to use, to the point, does what it says on the tin, this e-cig is the right one for you. There’s no gadgets or gimmicks. Nothing to try and get your head around or work out. No coils to faff around with, and accidental mouth-tube liquid leaks. It’s easy, reliable, and pretty durable too. It’s jumped off my desk a couple of times and it doesn’t even seem to dent or scratch!

Taking everything into consideration, this is the perfect electronic cigarette for someone brand new to the scene. It’s not really one the most experienced users are going to jump up and down about, but I quite like it, and a few other people did too. My Nan for example – she’s a 40-a-day smoker who thinks electronic cigarettes are just plain weird and even she had a little bit of love for it.

I think that gives you a pretty good reason why this is such a positive Vype eTank review… Right?

Taking everything into consideration, I think its fair to give this Vype eTank review a very well deserved 4 stars out of 5. It’s not the best e-cig out there, but it’s definitely one of the simplest, and it has a lot of great little features.

Well done Vype! I eat humble pie. I might have hated the Vype ePen, but the Vype eTank is actually a pretty impressive e-cigarette.

Get the Vype eTank for just £19.99 from Vype! (And get FREE DELIVERY too!) 


  1. Well i’m afraid I don’t agree with this review. I keep getting eliquid in my mouth and on my lips and gums. Eliquid is coming through the mouthpiece and into my mouth. I am sick and tired of calling vype “customer support” and asking to speak to the manager – he never calls me back. They clearly don’t listen to their customers. If they did they would have developed a better product. Waste of money.

    • Hi Richard!

      I’m so sorry to hear you’re having such a bad experience! Out of the two Vype models, the eTank was the one I found I had the best luck with. It might be worth getting in touch with their customer services department on Facebook or Twitter? I know whenever I complain on there things normally get resolved a lot quicker than going through the phone…

      If the tank isn’t working, you should definitely get in touch and organise a replacement. I didn’t notice any leakages with mine apart from when I overfilled but it could just be a faulty tank or a dodgy mouthpiece. I hope this helps!

      Thanks for your comment and remember, you can always get in touch on Twitter & Facebook!

  2. I personally cannot comment on the quality of this product as I’m only here to get some idea if I want it or not I’ve had the e-pen and now using the e-stick but find them just not a good enough hit or cost effective I presume they’re more for a light smoker but what I will say is the review about the customer service is wrong! I have contacted them via email and they have replied the next day of same day, they have tried help me find the right product for me and event given me free tips to try the flavour, vypes customer service is spot on

    • Hi Teddy and thanks so much for your comment!

      I will agree with that – it’s not a cost effective solution for long term use although I did find the Vype eTank faired much better.

      It sounds as if Vype customer services were great! Glad you had such a positive experience with them.

      Thanks for your comment and remember, you can always get in touch on Twitter & Facebook!

      • Must say the vype e cig is amazing both myself and my partner have been off cigs for nearly 5 months but we are looking for a smaller mg we re on 18 mg justnow and need to go lower can u help?

  3. What a disappointing purchase this was. If you are reading this and thinking about buying one dont, sure its a good product and does what it’s designed to but once you need to replace the clearomizer things start to get a little sketchy. The thread on the battery is only compatible with their product and after speaking with their customer services the replacement clearomizers are only sold via their website and at £7.48 a go (£4.99 + £2.49s&h) it’s just a money grabbing exercise by them.

    Do a little more research and find a 501 thread compatible battery and clearomizer combo that will allow you to change the coils yourself for a fraction of the price.

    • I must admit I do agree with you on the whole getting pricey thing. It’s not bad for a beginner getting into the world of vaping, or even as a make-do device, but with long term usage it’ll get quite expensive. You can save some money by shopping around for eliquid of course but as you said, £7.50 is quite a lot for just the ONE fresh clearomizer.

      Thanks for your comment and remember, you can always get in touch on Twitter & Facebook!

  4. I recently bought the E Tank Starter Kit but it leaked from the window as I filled it,they sent another one which did the same and then a third one which did the same,absolute rubbish!

  5. Hey, I am new to vaping and so far use all of the Vype vapers. I like the ciggie one although the tips burned my lip, I emailed them though and they sent me 8 replacements so was quite happy! The pen is a bit naff I feel, looked alright but just feels cheap on my opinion, I have just got this etank and love it.
    I normally stay to Vypes own tips, pen cartridges ect but can you use a different brand of vape liquid in them? There website says they don’t advise it and to stick to there own, I would think this is purely for marketing but just thought I’d ask a expert 🙂

    Thanks Dave.

    • Hey Dave!

      Thanks so much for your comment. I’m glad to hearing you’re having a great time with the Vype brand. I’ve not tried the cigalike. I’m not really a fan of them to be honest. But I agree the eTank is better than the ePen! Definitely felt cheap to me too.

      I’ve used a number of different e-liquids in my Vype eTank and it’s been fine. Vapouriz, Halo, Vivid, VIP… Just to name but a few. The thicker liquids tend to burn through the tanks quicker so maybe look for more ‘liquidy’ ones but apart from that, I don’t think you’ll have a problem using other branded e-liquid.

      Hope you’ve found the website helpful! Thanks again for your comment!

  6. Hi,

    Do you know if you can use non vype liquids like blu or do they have to be the vype branded ones?


  7. This is a well written review & I generally agree with what’s said. I get the impression with the ePen that Vype (owned by BAT) are trying to create a product where they monopolise all the accessories & limit customisation options to what they produce themselves. I’ll stick with the eTank and probably change the clearomiser to one with replaceable coils – it seems so wasteful to have to throw away a whole clearomiser every couple of weeks.

  8. New to vaping and had this a week – my first device. So far I am really impressed with it. Very easy to use, looks and feels good and a nice amount of vapour. So far I’ve tried blended tobacco – my favourite, vanilla – pleasant but a bit meh and dark cherry – lovely but flavours the next 2 or 3 refills with cherry!
    I can see how it will begin to add up with a new clearomiser every 2-4 weeks. The starter kits are £14.99 at Sainsburys at the moment so I will probably one which will give me a spare battery, new clearomiser and a bottle of blended tobacco. After that I may look at a device with replaceable coils.

  9. Just seen someone not very happy on Twitter about the Vype products he bought and the Vype team is not responding. I think this is very bad. This is not a good sign for the brand. A customer is always king. Small things like this can ruin a brand for life. I was not happy that, they have not responded or are ignoring the customer. Tomorrow, it could be you, your friend, your family member. It appears the customer has bought two products in less than 2 months and both are faulty. I would never advocate for this brand or point someone to their direction. I am sure many of you would share my sentiments.

  10. Have had Vype e stick and e pen and wasn’t really happy with quality of vapour with either so complained to customer services online and they were fantastic with a quick response they offered to send me a e tank instead which was much better for what I needed and am a lot happier with this product and have had no problems with it at all and a lot more cost effective than the other two.I have been using the e tank for a while now but after reading the awesome reviews on the e box from Vype have now just ordered one to test.Go Vype!!!

  11. I am totally new to the vaping experience and I had no idea what to buy, so I initially went for the E-Pen (which received a terrible review from this site). I’m not experienced enough to really know the difference, but I also bought the E-Tank the day after, firstly to compare and, secondly, since the Tank was a wee bit smaller and more discrete than the Pen. Like the other review said, I now can’t get the idea of it looking like a thermometer out of my brain. I’m a bit nervous with some people saying the liquid can get into your mouth but I’m guessing this is not an intentional design, so I’m waiting to see what happens.

  12. Don’t waste your money. Mine leak all the time even with new tank.

  13. Just bought this e tank , and I have nothing but problems with it so far. MY ADVICE IS TO LEAVE ALL COILS SOAKING IN JUICE FOR 1-2 HRS.
    I’m very well versed and experienced in vaping , and have had various different types. I first started off with the vivid pen and clear/transparent clearmorisor with the high mounted coil and long wicks. I found that this one tasted burnt very fast.
    So I changed over to a generic etank with the bottom mounted replaceable coil, in which you can strip right down and even strip and repair coils.
    These are my favourite, but I recently spotted the evype tank for £9.99 in Superdrug, and decided to purchase it .
    I brought it home filled the tank and left it for 40+ mins while I charged up the battery.
    Once I put it together it seemed ok , reasonable puff and amount of vape, good throat hit.
    But now only after a day and fully charged , its working fine for a few puffs and then tastes burnt most of the time.
    Usually you can feel a good ecig pushing the vape into your mouth with minimal suction , but this is not the case.
    I actually find that when I loosen the top so that it isn’t sealed airtight , that the pen works better and the juice seems to reach the coil faster and more efficiently BUT it also leaks onto the battery.

    As I said I know exactly how these things work, but iam really disappointed in this purchase. I feel it may be the battery that’s at fault, but its hard to say as all my other ones don’t fit.
    It seems as though the juice is airlocked and can’t reach the coil.
    Also you can usually hear the coil at work , and on this pen it kicks in and out.
    Unfortunately I cant strip it to see the problem.
    Maybe I just have a dodgy one , but its definitely the worst one ive purchased so far.
    As the burnt taste you get is the worst. Its worse than coughing when drawing on a ciggy. And you all know how horrid that is.
    1 out of 5 ,as this is the worst ever!

  14. Hi just purchased this about 2 weeks ago and I am definitely happy with it ..no problems like others have mentioned but will agree with the expense of buying a clearomiser every 3 to 4 weeks although eBay has them .. wish it would let you no though when it actually does need replacing .. other than this it does what it states ! 4 out 5 from me !! I think they should offer a discount on the clearomisers and sell them in the shops that we purchased the kits from .. thanks though !

    • Hi Tony, and thanks for getting in touch! I agree – these can be quite pricey when you’re buying them over and over again. How are you getting on with it? Are you still enjoying it?

      Thanks, and happy vaping!
      Kim 🙂

  15. Just bought the Vype e tank and when filling it for the first time the e liquid did not go in to the tank, just sat in the top and went over the sides and down the middle. Rang Customer Services who took some details and are to send out a free replacment clearomizer.
    Well done Vype excellent customer service.

    • Hi Jeff,

      I’m sorry you’ve had problems with it, but I must admit the Vype customer services guys are always great! They’ve been super helpful when I’ve had problems, even sending out replacements where necessary. Did you have better luck the second time around?

      Thanks, and happy vaping!
      Kim 🙂

  16. Fot all the folk that have had problems with Vype’s devices – read the instructions that come with your kit!
    Aim your e-liquid carefully when you first fill your device – do not ‘flood’ the atomiser/wicking system in your eagerness to get the system working. Do wait 10 to 15 minutes to let the e-liquid soak into the wick before you vape – if you don’t you will vape burnt wick – pretty horrible!
    I made these mistakes myself – flooded both my e-tank and my e- box when I got them, pissed me right off! But I hadn’t properly read the instructions…. more fool me!
    These ‘Vype’ devices are great bits of kit, treat them right and they will deliver!

  17. I bought one of these from a local Tesco. Cosmetically it is very well made and attractive but the actual vape experience is the worst I have ever known. The unit is incredibly quiet in operation and the only visual indication is covered by your thumb when pressing the button! Other manufacturers put the light around the edge of the button so it’s generally visible even when being pressed.

    So I’m standing there holding the pen to my ear like a lunatic so I can be sure it is actually doing something. When I vape, the first three or four draws produce a foul smelling vapor accompanied with a taste of burned rubber and the sensation of an irritated throat. Then I will get two maybe three draws which taste and smell as they should before the burned rubber experience returns. It is vile and completely inconsistent. Had I not thrown away the packaging I would be taking this back to the shop.

    I understand the need to leave the liquid to soak in for a while before first use but seriously, any more than 10 maybe 15 minutes is ridiculous. No product should need more than this in order to work correctly.

    As another reviewer has pointed out, the unit sounds as though it is cutting in and out which leads me to push harder on the button, as if it were touch sensitive…..which of course it isn’t.

    I have been using Vapouriz products which have been very satisfying but got caught without on a recent trip so bought this to tide me through. I will never touch a Vype product again. Awful. I’ve just placed a new order with Vapouriz and can’t wait until tomorrow when it arrives and this thing won’t even be kept in reserve for emergency use.

    • Hi Carlos,

      Thanks for your comment! That’s so rubbish! Out of all the Vype products I’ve tried, the eBox and the eTank were my favourites. I’m so disappointed it didn’t work out for you 🙁

      Vapouriz is another great brand – I’ve used a load of their products over the years and only rarely have I had problems with them. I find they take ages to arrive when I order though … a little irritating.

      I do understand what you’re saying about the rubber and burnt taste with the Vype – I got that from the ePen and I couldn’t use it in the end.

      I’m sorry you had a crap experience, but let me know what you use from Vapouriz!

      Thanks, and happy vaping!
      Kim 🙂

  18. Me and my partner bought two Vype e tank, absolutly rubbish. Sorry tó Say this, but its leaking every where, ím drinking more liquid like what ím vaporizing… The liquids taste good, but the tank is shit… Waste of money..

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