Thursday , 23 May 2019

What Happened to Neo Cig?

It had been a while since I’d last ordered from Neo Electronic Cigarettes so I didn’t realise anything was wrong at first. It was only when I’d posted a picture on the Facebook page of one of the kits I happened to be using on that day when a ‘liker’ commented – What happened to Neo Cig? 

What happened to Neo Cig?

The products on their online store had been ‘out of stock’ for a while, and now the website seems to be down completely. Nothing happens when you type those words into the web address bar… Why? 

I first tried their customer services number. The website might not have been up and running anymore but their details were still available on Google. No answer, mailbox full. They had sent me some stuff to try in the past so I looked back through my emails and found some information for a direct line to one of their marketing managers I’d worked with. Still no answer and once again, the mailbox was full.

I decided to have a quick look at their social networking pages – Facebook had no mention of a closure, nor did Twitter or Instagram. They hadn’t updated for a long time – August / September time so I would imagine that’s when everything kinda stopped?

I’ve had no response to any of my phone calls, and no one has gotten back to my email either so it would appear Neo Cig have either gone out of business, or they’re revamping their image and will be back soon. I highly doubt it would be the latter. What they have essentially done is left hundreds and maybe even thousands of vapes without any way of ordering more batteries, cartridges, liquids, etc. Not including myself in this as I own not only the Charge ‘cigalike’ kit but also the massive E-Shisha too, a few friends of mine have been vaping with Neo Cig for a while and again, are unable to purchase more bits and pieces for their devices.

The Neo Cig E-Shisha was a £100+ personal vaporiser… One that many customers now won’t be able to use. I’ve not found one other place (website or online store) that stock these unique cartridges which CANNOT be refilled.

Neo Cig E-Shisha Review

(Well, they can but it ruins the cartridge and the VG / PG ratio of new liquid isn’t easily guessed…) I feel very sad for those customers who spent out such a big amount of money on a vaporiser that can no longer be used at all.

I’ve tried a number of the Neo Cig products and I was always very happy with them. I never had a battery die, none of the cartridges were faulty, and the E-Shisha always went down very well at parties and social gatherings. I’m actually very annoyed that I can’t use these devices anymore as are, I’m sure, a number of other customers. It’s a real shame that such a decent, reliable vape company couldn’t even go as far as letting their loyal customers know the brand was going out of business… Or whatever happened to them.

If I ever come across any information as to what went down with Neo Cig, I’ll be sure to keep you updated but for now, I shall look at my E-Shisha longingly, wondering what happened, sad that I won’t be able to use it again.

What happened to Neo Cig? It’s a mystery! 

(However, they did have a TV advert banned for making smoking appear ‘too sexual’ in November 2014. Maybe that’s what this has all been about?)


  1. Danielle Servance

    Yes i have been using neo for around 2 years and i love it, i have noticed slowly but surely it has become harder to find the products in shops. I decided to order from the website only to find there was no website any longer. Hope one day we all find out what happened to Neo. Such a shame

  2. I am also looking for neo, it is a shame to know that the company is no longer existing.

  3. So it was really totally gone? I was sad about them disappeared just like. I was using their product back then and I have a positive review on it. Hope they would get back on track soon.

  4. How sad for a good company to vanished just like that. Their products are good. I’m hoping neo will stand up again and continue their good performance.

  5. found a website :
    it’s in Hebrew, tried to search about the importer but found nothing.

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