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What is the Best E Liquid UK?

Best E Liquid UK

A question I am very commonly asked is “What is the best e liquid UK?” and the easiest way to answer that, and probably not the most helpful way, is to ask a question back – “What kind of vaping experience do you want?”

I know it’s inappropriate to answer a question with a question but in this case, you really do need to know what you want before you go shopping for it. There are so many brands out there offering low-quality, cheap, internationally-made e-liquids that won’t be great for you, your bank balance, your ecig or your health. At the same time, there are some brands out there offering really great quality, regulated e liquid that won’t break the bank.

Swings and roundabouts, right?

To make life easier, I have created a guide to the best e liquid UK for you dependant on your vaping needs and requirements…

Best E Liquid UK for UK Made

UK made e liquid generally means one thing – safe, regulated e liquid. With the laws and media coverage of these handy smoking cessation devices (which aren’t actually marked as smoking cessation products by the way), it would be foolish for a UK-based brand to manufacture and sell a liquid that doesn’t quite live up to standards so the UK-based side of this industry is definitely the right way to go.

This is not to say that you won’t get good quality internally-made e liquid but with the UK stuff, you know more of what you’re getting. You also know that only high quality, food grade ingredients are being used.

For the best e liquid UK that’s actually made in the UK, you should check out both JacVapour and Vapouriz. The latter recently switched their manufacturer from a Chinese maker to a UK-based one so once again, we know all those ingredients are regulated, and as a general rule, your eliquid will actually taste better too. It’s because there’s no bad stuff being added to the mixture to help it go a little further… you know?

Starting at £4.99 for a 10ml bottle, the Vapouriz UK liquid comes in a massive variety of flavours from Banana to Wimbledon Strawberry and everything else in the middle. There are also a wide variety of strengths on offer too – 0% to 2.4%.

Best E Liquid UK

JacVapour offers their UK Made range of e liquids alongside their Clear Steam range (which I shall go into shortly) and their Standard range which I would assume is NOT made in the UK. The UK-made stuff is created and tested in the UK – CHIP compliant and tested independently. That won’t mean a lot to you but it’s safe to say that this is safe e liquid to use. Once again, only food grade ingredients make up the liquid.

Best E Liquid UK

Starting at £5.19 for a 10ml bottle, there are plenty of flavours on offer once again, and you can even choose between VG and PG liquid. For more information on this, check out A Guide to E-Liquid: What’s The Difference Between PG and VG E-Liquid?

Best E Liquid UK for Flavours 

If you’re looking for a massive variety of flavours, either to use alone or to mix and match (because you can do that!), there are more than a few names I would like to present to you. Including both Vapouriz and JacVapour in this list, you can also add:

True Smoke – every flavour you could think of including cannabis, fruity flavours, drink-inspired flavours, and the regulars you would expect – chocolate, vanilla, menthol, tobacco, etc.

Starting at £4.99 for a 10ml bottle, you can also buy multi-packs offering savings up to 33% off!

V2 Cigs  – first starting out in America, V2 Cigs is now a very big name within the electronic cigarette industry in the UK. They have something for everyone too starting with the Ex Series for the newbies to the vaping world, right up to the V2 Cigs Pro Series 7 for the more advanced users among you. They don’t have the biggest selection of flavours but every single one of them I have tasted has been delicious. They are also batch tested so you can ensure you are only vaping with the best ingredients.

Best E Liquid UK

You can buy V2 Cigs e liquid in 25 ml or 50 ml bottles but the smaller 10 ml bottles can be purchased in a six-pack sampler. I love these smaller bottles and I normally order one every other month or so. Slightly more expensive than other brands, you’re looking at £13.45 for a 25ml bottle and the 6-pack samplers are £26.95.

You can save 10% sitewide at V2 Cigs with my exclusive discount code: UKWG10

A few more you could add to this list include the ones listed below. Just click on the link to read more in the full, detailed review of the best e liquid UK flavours I’ve tried (and some of the worst too…)

Best E Liquid UK for Vapour 

If you want loads of vapour, the kind of clouds you see those really experienced vaping dudes make, you’re going to want to look at sub-ohming. Those bigger devices have the necessary power to give you those luscious clouds you’re lusting after. So far I’ve tried Pocket Fuel and Element, both available on the Vapouriz website. I loved the Pocket Fuel range and you can find out more about those in the Vapouriz Sub Tank Review.

Best E Liquid UK

If you’re not quite that advanced yet, there are a few ‘regular’ e-cigarette e liquids you could try if you want a decent amount of vapour.

The Jac Vapour Series-E worked really well with the JacVapour range of e-liquids to give you a massive plume of vapour, and that was the case the 510 model too. When you get down to business, the e-cigarette itself has a massive part to play in how much vapour is produced. It’s not all down to the e-liquid.

That aside, the best e liquid UK for vapour is one that has a higher concentration of VG to PG. Again, you can find more information about that here: A Guide to E-Liquid: What’s The Difference Between PG and VG E-Liquid?

JacVapour (again) has different levels of PG and VG in their liquids, giving you more options. True Vape is another great one to keep an eye out for as well – you can buy many of their e liquids in varying ratios of VG including 100%, 70%, 50%, and 30%. They cater especially for those who suffer from PG allergies and therefore cannot use regular e liquids.

Best E Liquid UK for Discreet Vaping 

If you don’t want plumes of vapour, on the other hand, you should definitely take a closer look at the Clear Steam range offered by JacVapour. I know I keep banging on about them but they really do have something for everyone and although being a tad more expensive than some of the other brands, offers one of the most reliable ranges of models of vaporiser and electronic cigarette I’ve ever come across. The batteries last forever and although the coils do need replacing somewhat regularly, I’ve never had a problem with any of the JacVapour products I’ve tried and trust me, I’ve tried a few…

Back to the topic at hand and the Clear Steam range is genius – there is very little VG in the e-liquid itself which means that there is virtually no vapour coming out when you exhale. Dan works in an office-based environment and he can’t get away with vaping at work because people moan about it. (Yawn) With the Clear Steam range, however, he can get away with stolen puffs here and there, as can you! It takes a little while to get used to; the lack of vapour, but once you do, this stuff will be a lifesaver.

You’re looking at £5.19 for a 10 ml bottle or you can buy a five-pack tester with smaller 5 ml bottles for a special price of £9.99.

Best E Liquid UK for Strengths 

If you want plenty of strength options either to wean yourself away from your nicotine habit gradually over time or just to give yourself options because we all love options, there are plenty of e-cig brands to choose from. Some of the best e liquid UK brands I’ve already mentioned offer a great range of e liquid strengths from 0% right up to 2.4% and beyond. 0-2.4% tends to be the ‘norm’ among many brands although there are some that offer higher.

OKCigs goes right up 3.0% and 4.5% for those looking for something that’ll really blow your socks off, and Magnifecig offers a pretty impressive range. You can get 5 bottles (10 ml) for £9.99 from there too.

Best E Liquid UK

The best e liquid UK for you will very much depend on many things – the kind of smoker you are, the kind of vaping experience you are looking for, and your own tastes and preferences. For more help and advice, check out the full eliquid reviews and feel free to ask me your questions on Twitter and Facebook! You could even comment below.

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Hopefully, this will have made understanding e liquid a little easier, but for more help and advice, why not check out some of the following:

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