Thursday , 2 April 2020

What is “Vapers Tongue”?

You may have heard of the term “vapers tongue” and if you haven’t heard of it, there’s a good chance you may have experienced it. It’s when you lose your sense of taste while you’re vaping – all of a sudden you can’t taste whatever it is you’re meant to be vaping. It’s a pretty annoying experience, although it can be combatted. You just need to know how …

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Vapers tongue is also sometimes known as flavour fatigue, and it’s basically when you become so used to a flavour that you literally cannot taste it any longer. Obviously the first way that you can treat this problem is by switching to a different brand of e-liquid. That’ll sort the problem out for a while, but after a while again, you’re going to get vapers tongue. Also, that suggestion only helps if you’re close to the end of your current tank of liquid. If you’re not you’ll need to throw some of the liquid away to replace it and that’s just a waste.

Sometimes solving vapers tongue is as easy as having a swig of water. You just need to refresh your taste buds, and a quick gulp of your drink will do just that. If you don’t have water to hand, your cup of tea will probably work just as well. You just need something to refresh and rehydrate.

Speaking of coffee, smelling your cup of coffee can have just as much of an effect as actually swigging it down. Scientists have suggested that sniffing coffee beans can help to give the tastebuds a kick-start again – almost as though you’re refreshing them.

If you’re a smoker, you should quit, especially if you want to get the most out of your vaping journey. One of the biggest benefits to quitting smoking is getting your tastebuds back, and that nasty habit is killing yours off one by one. What’s the point in getting yourself a vaporiser with some lush sounding e-liquids if you’re going to carry on smoking, killing your tastebuds, and not being able to taste them?

Menthol flavours have a habit of affecting vapers first, so if you’re a menthol fan, and you’ve been using the same liquid for a while, it might be time to switch it up to a less menthol combination. Perhaps try a tobacco flavour for a few weeks? Or even a fruity one? Lemon is good for refreshing those taste buds and cleaning the palette, and there are some really lush citrus-based e-liquids on the market these days, it would be a shame not to put them to good use.

Do you get vapers tongue a lot? How do you solve flavour fatigue? Do you chew gum? I tend to do that when my mouth gets a little dry, although I do appreciate that chewing gum and vaping is probably just as bad as smoking and vaping.

Leave your tips below, or get in touch via social media. I’d love to know how you solve your vaper problems, and whether or not you’ve encountered any odd problems of your own? Let’s get chatty! 🙂

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