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Where Can I Find 0% Nicotine Pods?

I was asked a little question the other day, on Facebook, and I figured it was actually a REALLY good question so I’d make a blog post out of it.

“Where can I find 0% nicotine pods?”

In fact, that wasn’t the question. Let me give you the whole story …

0% Nicotine Pods 9

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A nice lady got in touch to say that she had just found out she was pregnant and wanted to vape as a way to stop smoking. She had given vaping a shot before but hadn’t liked the fiddly and messy refilling-tank business, so she wanted something refillable like the Vype ePen. Sadly, my Vype ePen Review wasn’t all that great, and she asked me what I would recommend instead. She absolutely wanted disposable pods or cartridges that she didn’t need to mess around refilling, and it had to be 0% nicotine.

Do you want to know something? It was much more difficult to find 0% nicotine pods than I thought it was going to be. With so many pod-style devices on the market these days, you’d think that everyone and their granny would be offering a seriously wide range of pod strengths and flavours.

You’d be quite wrong.

There ARE loads of pod-style vape devices, and a lot of differently flavoured pods, too. The one thing I couldn’t find in abundance, however, was 0% nicotine pods. They always had some sort of nicotine level in them. Well, not always, but mostly. I asked a few PR folks whether or not they could recommend 0% nicotine pods, but they all came back with a similar response: pod-style devices aren’t really designed for light or 0% nicotine vapers. They’re designed for heavier vapers, such as smokers who are just starting out their quitting journey.

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It was a good point. Pod-style devices, such as the Aspire Gusto Mini and Jac Vapour VIM, are designed with the new quitter/vaper in mind — someone who would want the strong throat hit similar to what a genuine cigarette would give. You’re not going to get that strong, harsh throat hit from an eliquid that has 0% nicotine, though.

That very good point conveniently pushed to one side, I’ve now actually had a couple of people come forward and ask where they could find prefilled 0% nicotine pods, so I went on the hunt.

These were the recommendations and advice I put forward for 0% nicotine pods:

▪️ Vype ePen 3

I recently got my hands on the newest offering from Vype, the ePen 3, and I’m currently in the process of reviewing it. It is another pod-style device and one that comes with 0% disposable nicotine pods, although not all flavours of pod appear to be available in all strengths. 

0% Nicotine Pods 6

At the time of writing, Blended Tobacco, Crisp Mint and Dark Cherry were the only flavours with 0% pods available, with the other flavours (Fresh Apple, Golden Tobacco, Infused Vanilla, and Wild Berries) available in 3, 6, 12 or 18mg. (Again, not all flavours are available in all strengths. You can see and compare them all here.)

The starter kit itself doesn’t come with 0% pods (like most pod vapes), but you can buy them separately. You get two 18mg pods included, one in Crisp Mint and one in Blended Tobacco. 

Pods are £5.49 for a pack of 2. 

The ePen 3 Starter Kit is £14.99 (Usually £17.99).

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** I have tried almost all Vype products and eliquids. The Vype ePen 3 is a considerably better vape than the original ePen, and I actually rate it quite highly. 

▪️ BO One E-Cig Starter Kit 

I found this pod-style vape device on, and the device itself comes with 2 pods, neither of which are nicotine-free. (8mg and 16mg.) What I did find, however, is that the same website also sells BO Vaping Eliquid Caps with nicotine-free varieties, which also would be perfect for the lady who first asked me the 0% nicotine pod question. 

0% Nicotine Pods 2

There are a number of e-liquid cap flavours for the BO One and Bo Plus kits, that are 0% nicotine pods, including Gin Cassis, Colombia Chapter I (Columbian tobacco, black tea & pear), and Bubblegum. 

You get 3 caps in a pack for £5.99. 

The BO Vaping One E-Cig Starter Kit is £27.99. 

The BO Vaping Plus E-Cig Starter Kit is £34.99. 

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** I have NOT tried any BO Vaping products. 

▪️ myblu Vape Pen 

I really liked that the blu website had a little menu that popped up on the left-hand side, that allows you to look specifically for 0% nicotine Liquidpods for the new myblu vape pen. To make life easier for you, I’ve popped that particular page here. 

0% Nicotine Pods 4

When I clicked on the 0% nicotine option, the following flavours were available: Café Latte, Cherry Crush, Tobacco Creme, and Eucalyptus Lemon. 

myblu Vape Pen Starter Kit available for £19.99. 

myblu Liquidpods available for £5.99 for a pack of 2.

As a final note, blu also offer a cigalike that comes with 0% nicotine cartridges. The cigalike is called blu PLUS+, and you can buy the BLU PLUS+™ E-CIG & SLIDE KIT for £14.99. This comes with a charging case, the cigalike, plus 2 cartridges (1.6% Tobacco). The cartridges themselves are available in 0% in the following flavours: Cherry, Menthol, and Strawberry Mint, priced at £6.99 for a pack of 2. 

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*II haven’t tried/reviewed the myblu device or cigalike, but I did review the blu Pro vape pen. You can read all about that here: blu Pro Kit Review. 


I spotted the LDN LIQ EZY Kit on UK ECIG STORE for £14.99, and it comes with both 0% pre-filled pods and refillable pods. If you buy a 3-pack of LDN LIQ Pods at the same time as you buy the LDN LIQ EZY Kit, you can get them for half price — £4.99 instead of £9.99. 

0% Nicotine Pods 10

The flavours that were available in 0% when I looked, were Brixton (blueberry), Camden (menthol), Chelsea (mixed berries), Primrose (strawberry and cream), Soho (tropical fruits), and Victoria (tobacco).

Included with the device itself is a Victoria (tobacco) pod, 0.6%/6mg strength. 

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*I haven’t tried the LDN LIQ EZY device, but it seems to have pretty decent reviews everywhere I looked. 

Refillable Pods

I know I started out looking for DISPOSABLE pods, but I decided to include a few REFILLABLE pods here, too. It *is* a little bit of a pain in the backside having to refill them, but you’ll probably find that you get more value for money by refilling your own, and also a bigger variety of flavours. 

? Aspire Cobble 

The Aspire Cobble, for example, is a cute little device available at for £24.99. It’s a beautiful looking bit of kit, with 5 different designs, and the battery capacity is 700mAh which I predict would you give you around 6 to 8 hours of fairly regular MTL vaping. Basically, a working day — morning, lunchtime, and evening vaping.

0% Nicotine Pods 5

I watched a video on the refilling process (which you’ll find here), and everything looks simple and quick enough to do. There would be nothing to stop you from refilling a couple of pods in the morning, throwing them in your handbag or pocket, and then just grabbing them throughout the day as you need to. You wouldn’t then need to refill on-the-go. 

With a 1.8-ohm coil, I would be more inclined to put MTL (mouth-to-lung) eliquid in the pod rather than sub-ohm/high-VG eliquid. It states on the website that the Cobble is also better suited to those who like a tight draw on their vape. 

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*I have NOT tried/reviewed the Aspire Cobble, but it is a device that I’m considering purchasing. (It’s hella cute, right?!)

? Mi-Pod by Smoking Vapor 

I’ve seen this device a lot lately, and it seems to get rave reviews from everyone who’s tried it. I could only find refillable pods online, but I kept reading that disposable, pre-filled ones are available. (If you know where to find these, feel free to shout out below!) 

A cute little design, there are a number of colour combinations on offer, including a few limited editions. I’ve seen one called Sea Dragon and it’s so damn pretty. 

0% Nicotine Pods 3

You’ll find the device in a number of places, including – £34.99. 

I found Sea Dragon Limited Edition on – £39.95. 

Just like the Cobble, there would be nothing to stop you from refilling up a couple of the pods before you leave the house, a process that looks simple enough. You can then treat them as pre-filled pods once you’re out and about. 

*I have NOT tried/reviewed the Mi-Pod by Smoking Vapor, but it’s another on the list of I-wants. 

0% Nicotine Pods – Problem Solved? 

It is going to be a lot easier to find a refillable pod or tank style device for 0% — there are so many options if you did reconsider refilling. Jac Vapour’s VIM is relatively simple and mess-free to refill, and there are pods coming for that, too. (Although, I don’t know whether or not they’ll have 0% nicotine options available.) Again, I tried and reviewed that in great detail. You’ll find it here > Jac Vapour VIM Review.

The Aspire Gusto Mini is definitely not designed for someone looking for 0%. The Element nic salt pods are high nicotine – NS20 (20mg) – designed for heavy vapers. I have noticed, however, that NS10 varieties are available – 10mg. You can refill the pods, but that’s messy, difficult, and a bit of a pain in the ass to be honest. You can read more about that in my Aspire Gusto Mini Review.

0% Nicotine Pods 8

What do you think? Have I come up with recommendations that work if you’re in the market for 0% nicotine pods? Have you seen other 0% pods that I haven’t mentioned? I would love to hear about them and add them to the list! You know what to do … Leave your comments in the box below! 

For the record, the pregnant lady I spoke to opted for the myblu vape pen option. I’m hoping she’ll let me know what she thinks of it! Thanks so much for your awesome question, lady! And thanks to YOU for reading! Come and say hello on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram ☺️

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*Prices & information correct at time of writing.

HONESTY POLICY: Some of the devices in this blog post were sent to me for reviews. These include the Jac Vapour Vim (sent by Jac Vapour), the Aspire Gusto Mini (sent by Vape Club), and the Vype ePen 3 (sent by Vype). Other vapes mentioned are recommendations based on my own research of products and reviews. I’d never recommend something to you that I wouldn’t consider buying for myself. I did not pay for the vape products sent to me for review. I was not paid for my reviews. All opinions are mine and in no way influenced by affiliate status, store, brand, or manufacture.

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Jac Vapour: Begin with VIM

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