Why is My Vaporiser Leaking?

Let me just set the scene… You’re comfortably sat in your favourite chair, you’ve just finished dinner and you’re about to catch up on your favourite TV show on Netflix. You grab your ecig, slowly reach it to your lips and start to inhale. Before you even get a chance to finish, you notice you have eliquid all over your hands. Not only that, it appears to be all down the front of your shirt and all over the ecig itself too.

Why is My Vaporiser Leaking?

What? Why is my vaporiser leaking? 

More common in tank-style ecigs / vaporisers than the traditional-looking cigalikes, all electronic cigarettes have the ability to leak which, in small doses, probably isn’t the worst thing in the world. When it happens on a regular basis though, or if almost all of your tank-liquid pours out all over you, it becomes a serious problem. Plus that liquid tastes awful and if there’s any around the mouth piece of your e-cig, you’re going to be tasting that stuff for a while!


There are a number of reasons why your ecig could be leaking. Let’s take a closer look:

**Have you filled your tank properly?**

Under-filling your tank is just as bad as over-filling it. You need to make sure you’re filling your tank, a little below the ‘fill line’. On the JacVapour 510, I fill to about 3-4mm beneath the line of the centre-tube. If I fill any more than that, some of the juice escapes through. It also seems to leak through the mouthpiece right onto my hands.

Why is My Vaporiser Leaking?

When filling your tank, try to tilt it slightly to the side as if you’re pouring yourself a pint of beer. It stops you from overfilling it and also ensures you’re avoiding tag centre-tube which is what often causes the e-cig and vaporiser leaking.

If you under-fill your tank, you run the risk of burning the coils out too quickly. You don’t want them to burn dry at all and when you do, things will get more costly for you.

**Have you mis-screwed your tank onto your battery?**

Cross-threading is a common reason behind an ecig or vaporiser leaking and for obvious reasons. The mis-threading has left gaps which the liquid slides through. By unscrewing the tank or cartomiser from the battery and re-screwing it on again properly (and more carefully). you’ll often find the problem goes away.

If you screw things on too tight, you could run into problems with the o-rings. These are tiny little rubbery-plastic rings around the coils and other parts of the e-cigarette or vaporiser. These are essentially seals to prevent leaking. When you over-screw your tank onto your battery, you are damaging these little rings and they can split, become damaged or even ping off. You’re breaking the deal and this is what causes the leak. Make sure you’re over over-screwing or under-screwing the tank to the battery.

Why is My Vaporiser Leaking?

Even in e-cigs and vaporisers where there are no o-rings, over-screwing can lead to damage in the main structure of the device itself. I’ve broken many disposables and cigalikes by over-screwing the cartridges to the battery. Once there’s a crack, there’ll be a leak. You have been warned.

**Is your power setting high enough?**

If your power settings are too low, you’ll be flooding the coil and tank. You’ll be sucking all this liquid through but because you have the power down too low, it’s not doing enough work to turn all the liquid into vapour. Turn the power up a notch and you’ll find a happy medium.

Why is My Vaporiser Leaking?

If you continue to use your e-cig at a low power setting, all you’re doing is pulling that liquid through and giving it nowhere to go… Apart from in your mouth. Which brings me nicely to my next point…

**Is your battery running out of charge?**

I’ve noticed this with a few e-cigarettes and vaporisers now. When the battery gets below a certain point, there’s not enough power to turn the liquid into vapour and I end up with a mouthful of something that doesn’t taste very nice. When my JacVapour 510 batteries start to get to the their end of the life cycle, they do this. Admittedly, this was after about a year of use. That’s right – those bad boys last FOREVER before they need replacing. It just goes to show that in the e-cig industry, you really do get what you pay for.


**Are you picking the right e-liquid?**

Even something as daft as the e-liquid you’re using can have an impact on how well the e-cig itself actually runs. Liquids that are higher in PG have a tendency to be thinner and therefore leak more whereas VG liquids will tend to leak less. Why’s your vaporiser leaking? It could be the wrong e-liquid.

If you’re having a hard time understanding the different types and kinds of e-liquid, check out some of these:

**Clean your tank out every once in a while!**

E-cig maintenance is essential to keeping yours lasting as long as possible. If you don’t take care of it, it won’t take care of you. If you don’t clean it out, it’ll get clogged up with old e-liquid which will cause it to thread funny when you’re screwing it back together and that will cause damage, holes and in turn, the vaporiser leaking issue.

When you’re changing coils or switching e-liquids, give the tank a clean. Use a cotton bud to clean around the threading and in general, pay it some love. You do use it a lot – remember that.

Again, for more information on taking care of your vaporiser or e-cig, check out these:

**Have you changed your coil recently?**

Speaking of coils, when was the last time you changed yours? I don’t know if you’ve noticed but over time, the wicks in your coils will get damaged and this is often what leads to things like leaking and bad tastes. Oh, and poor vapour production too.

If the whole vaporiser leaking problem seems to have popped up out of nowhere, take it apart and take a look at the coil. If you’ve not swapped it for a new one in a while, you’ve probably found your culprit.

Why is My Vaporiser Leaking?

Although leaks and splits will happen occasionally from time to time, the more you take care of your e-cigs and vaporisers, the more they will take care of you. Also, if you go for a high quality electronic cigarette, it’ll be worth it’s own weight in gold. I love the JacVapour range for durability and although it’s a slightly more expensive brand than some of the others, the batteries last for twelve months or more. I’ve been using the same JacVapour batteries with the same tank (just replacing the coils) for over a year. It’s a nice bit of kit and I can’t rave about it enough. Even the Series-E is worth it. Again, we’ve had that for about a year and only needed to change the battery once. Replacing the coils fairly regularly seems to do the trick to keep it running as well as it should.

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