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Wiz Maxx Strawberry Seduction Eliquid Review

I received a bottle of Wiz Maxx Strawberry Seduction eliquid when I was kindly sent the Aspire PockeX by ECigWizard. I reviewed the device with it, and despite not knowing who the brand was before it turned up on my doorstep, I was actually very pleasantly surprised by how flavoursome it was. So much so, in fact, that I decided to tell you alllllll about it.

Wiz Maxx Strawberry Seduction Eliquid Review

 Make yourself a cuppa, ladies and gentlemen. Let’s talk strawberry …

Who Are Wiz Maxx?

I actually had a few problems trying to work out who Wiz Maxx were because there are a few other eliquid manufacturers with similar names. I’ve seen Wiz Maxx (the name on my bottle), as well as Wizmix, Wizmaxx, and a few more. I’m not actually sure what this vape juice is actually called. Did they change their name or something?

Wiz Maxx Strawberry Seduction Eliquid Review

Image source: ecigwizard

On the ECigWizard website (who actually sent me the Aspire PockeX and Wiz Maxx Strawberry Seduction eliquid), they have a Wiz Maxx and a WizMix (or Wiz Mix). Both of the brands have a ‘Strawberry Seduction’ flavour too. Are these just the same company with slightly different names? I should investigate …

Wait, things get even more confusing now. Still on the ECigWizard website, and the description for the Wiz Maxx Strawberry Seduction liquid says WizMix.

I’m so confused right now.

In short, I have no clue who Wiz Maxx is, but I’m pretty sure they’re made in the UK and TPD compliant. You can buy this bottle from ECigWizard for £5.49 / 10 ml. (Bit steep, innit?)

Oh, wait, the story changes again. I found this …

With our Wizmaxx range, we have redesigned our existing WizMix flavours with a Maximum VG flair. Our best selling flavours now available in a 80 VG / 20 PG mix.”

So … They were called WizMix, now they’re called WizMaxx, and they’ve been enhanced in the process. I get it. Finally …

Wiz Maxx Strawberry Seduction Eliquid Review

I should probably stop moaning about the name confusion and get to work on actually reviewing the juice really, shouldn’t I?

Wiz Maxx Strawberry Seduction Eliquid Review

Well, I’ll start with the excessively long description on the website:

“Strawberry Seduction is a fantastically fruity concoction which cleverly captures all the ambrosial juiciness of fresh strawberries. So named because the strawberry flavour is so good it will tantalise your taste-buds and tempt you into abandoning all other juices so you can dedicate yourself entirely to the sweet and succulent siren that is this Strawberry Seduction e-juice. From the bright, heady smell, right through to the pungent aftertaste, this juice is all strawberry goodness. It starts deceptively mild, sweet and fruity but quickly builds into a veritable explosion of full-bodied strawberry flavour, good and potent. The sweetness is kept under control, and complemented by a piquant tartness. The combination is beautifully balanced, and captures the essence of the whole fruit, from the acid top notes, through to a rich fruity body. It tastes for all the world like a fresh strawberry smoothie.”

Crikey, that’s a description and a half. It feels like I’ve vaped with it already after reading that.

It’s an 80VG:20PG liquid, so meant for sub ohm tanks and coils, and I got 3 mg nicotine strength. I will start by saying 3 mg was probably about right for me. I get the impression that 6 mg would have knocked my head clean off, and I’m not really about that.

It’s available in 0 mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg.


It is a fantastically fruity concoction, I’ll give them that, but it’s definitely very strawberry-like. I always moan about juices that don’t’ have enough flavour in them, and this one had a bit too much for me. It had a really thick, syrupy, sweet sugar taste, almost like a really rich strawberry jam. It’s nice, but it’s not something I’d want to vape with for more than a few tankfuls. I started using it in the Aspire PockeX and quite liked it, but when I moved on to more powerful devices, I just found that the flavour was a little bit too syrupy and sweet for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I definitely agree with the description of this one. Apart from mild – this one doesn’t have a mild flavour at all. It’s right there, in your face. Pow. There it is.

Fresh strawberries? Yep, definitely lots of strawberries in there.

“Abandoning all other juices …”?

That’s a bit overambitious, Wiz Maxx; it’s nice, but it’s not that nice. I do, however, agreed wholeheartedly with “strawberry flavour, good and potent,” just like you said.

Wiz Maxx Strawberry Seduction Eliquid Review – Conclusion

So, Strawberry Seduction is nice, but it might just be too nice if that’s even a thing? You know when you’ve eaten so much sweet stuff that you can’t possibly eat any more? Yeah, like that.

I think it’s definitely worth the price though. It’s a tad more expensive than some of the other brands, going by those 10 ml bottles, but you’re definitely getting your money’s worth with the flavour. It’s jam-packed with the stuff! (See what I did there? Jam again … )

Wiz Maxx Strawberry Seduction Eliquid Review

A smooth juice that I actually found very easy to vape with, I had no other problems with Wiz Maxx Strawberry Seduction. It was just a bit too much strawberry flavour. I can almost taste it now, and I haven’t picked up the stuff in a couple of weeks now. It stands out, but it might just be because it’s the ‘loudest’ one in the bunch, does that make sense?

Would I buy Wiz Maxx Strawberry Seduction again? Mmmm, probably not. Don’t get me wrong, I feel like I’ve painted too bad a picture here because it is a very nice-tasting ejuice with plenty of flavour thrown in, but it’s a little too strawberry for me. You know when a really good sponge cake gets ruined with way too much jam right in the middle? A bit like that.

Would I recommend Wiz Maxx Strawberry Seduction to you? Absolutely, but only if you like lots and lots of strawberry. If you’re the kind of person who would smother their toast in strawberry jam (and not care a hoot about getting it in the butter too), I reckon you’ll totally love it. It’s definitely packing a very strong and determined strawberry burst to it.

Check out Wiz Maxx Strawberry Seduction on ECigWizard here.

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