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WizMix Nuclear Plusion Eliquid Review

[AD – Gifted by Ecigwizard] Hey, vapers! What’s been happening in your life? I’m not sure if you’ve had the opportunity to check it out yet, but I recently reviewed the Vaptio Tyro vape pen and was lucky enough to get my hands on some WizMix eliquid at the same time. Just one of those was WizMix Nuclear Plusion, and because it has the coolest name I thought I might try it first. 

Vaptio Tyro WizMix Eliquid

In case you were wondering, I also got my hands on: 

  • Menthol Asylum
  • Blackcurrant Ice
  • Strawberry Seduction 
  • Blueberry Hill

All of the eliquids are 0mg (I’d probably have ordered 6mg or 12mg), 50/50 VG/PG, for mouth-to-lung vaping. 

The other eliquid reviews are on their way, folks. Have you tried any of them? I’d love to know what you thought. There’s a space for your comments in the box below this review if you feel like having your say. 


Brought to you by Ecigwizard and made in the UK, WizMix is a range of 50/50 VG/PG eliquids (MTL) with over 35 different flavours to choose from. I’m not going to list them all (too lazy), but a few that caught my eye include Caramel Kiss, Cornish Ice Cream, and Wizard’s Leaf – the flagship tobacco flavour. 

You can get your hands on 10ml bottles for £4.99 each, but the more you buy, the more you’ll save. You can get 3 of the 10ml bottles for £13.99, or 6 x 10ml bottles for £24.99. 

Nuclear Plusion Eliquid WizMix

Actually, speaking of price, I do want to just briefly mention one quick thing … 


At checkout, you’re given the option to make a one-off purchase, or to “subscribe and save” — a subscription delivery service that ensures you don’t ever run out of your favourite vape stuff. You’ll get the stuff cheaper too — 35% off your first eliquid subscription, and then 25% off every eliquid subscription after that, with access to over 100 different flavours of eliquid. 

Ecigwizard Subscribe and Save 2

Coils are also cheaper with the subscription — 15% off the first lot, 10% off the rest. There’s also the pod subscription, for the likes of Juul and 10 Motives devices. 

If you’d like more information on all of that, you’ll find it right HERE.

Ecigwizard Subscribe and Save


So … this one’s got a funky name, right? I couldn’t guess what the flavour was by just looking at the name, but I did think it would be a pretty ‘out-there’ flavour. It has a name like Nuclear Plusion … It’s hardly going to be something boring, generic and run-of-the-mill, right? (Well, you’d hope.) 

The ingredients listed include aniseed and citrus flavouring. Does that sound like a pleasant combination to you? I wasn’t so sure, you know … Part of me was tempted to give it to someone else to try.

WizMix Eliquid Review Nuclear Plusion

Thankfully, I didn’t do that. I decided to stop being a wimp and just try it myself, ignoring the fact that almost every aniseed-based flavour I’ve tried up until this point has made me gag. 


I’m not sure what the flavour description is for this one; the Ecigwizard description doesn’t actually make it all that obvious. There’s just a whole load of descriptive words. Just get to the point, peeps, please. 

From what I can work out, there’s aniseed, peach (“Nuclear Plusion might smell like peach”), some citrus fruits (what’s listed in the description), and some tropical fruits too (“refreshed by the totally tropical fruit flavours”). 

WizMix Review Nuclear Plusion Eliquid

But what fruits, though? Citrus could be lime, lemon, grapefruit, orange … And what about tropical fruits? That could be anything from passionfruit (yum) or pineapple (still yum) to banana (ewwww) or kiwi (more ewwww). 

Also, it says PEACH. Peach is neither a tropical fruit or a citrus fruit, is it? 

I’m a bit annoyed by this lack of specificity, but I’ll try to rise above it. 


Aniseed is the first thing you’ll notice when you open the bottle and take a sniff, but it’s a sweet aniseed – almost a creamy aniseed smell. Pleasant, but odd. Nuclear Plusion doesn’t smell anywhere near as ‘nuclear’ as the name would lead you to believe, but it’s definitely an intriguing one. 

WizMix Nuclear Plusion Eliquid Review 2


Although I try not to judge flavours before I taste them, my face proper wrinkled up at the thought of this one. Aniseed and tropical-slash-citrus-slash-unknown fruits? I don’t know, folks … it could go either way. It doesn’t sound like the most pleasant combination in the world, but I’ve been surprised by weirder flavours before, so why don’t I just dive right in and see what happens? It smells pretty good after all. 

*puff puff*

It’s actually not that bad, you know. I definitely don’t hate it. 

*puff puff*

No cooling agent. I’m happy about that. 

*puff puff*

You can taste the aniseed in WizMix Nuclear Plusion, but it’s nowhere near as brutally aniseed-y as you’d think. I think it tastes just like the liquorice sticks you get in Sherbet Fountains, which were one of my favourite candy choices as a kid. (And now, because I never really grew up.)

I like it – quite a lot, actually – but despite being almost finished with the 10ml bottle, I still can’t figure out what that fruity bit is meant to be. 

WizMix Nuclear Plusion Eliquid Review 3

I think there’s a hint of peach in there, and maybe the tiniest hint of something tropical. Like, barely there tropical-ness. Not even worth mentioning. So little of it that I wouldn’t even class it as a tropical fruit eliquid.

They’re definitely fibbing about the citrus fruits too. There’s none of that in there at all. There is something fruity at the end and in the aftertaste, but I wouldn’t say it was citrusy. More generically fruity. Nice, but without the aniseed addition, this eliquid wouldn’t be much of anything at all. The aniseed makes it. 


I would have ordered 6mg or 12mg eliquids, so the 0mg stuff I got definitely wasn’t enough to satisfy my nicotine addiction, but I found the throat hit and feel of the eliquid decent enough. I liked the 0mg bottle enough to want to try it again in a higher nicotine strength, put it that way. 

Vapour-wise, I got about as much as I expected from a 50/50 VG/PG 0mg eliquid. I don’t vape the 50/50 stuff for big clouds. 

As a final note, Nuclear Plusion doesn’t appear to be too much of a coil killer. I only had a 10ml bottle to go on, but the coil in my Vaptio Tyro was fine for a while after the juice ran out. (The strawberry-based eliquid I put in next tasted RANK mixed with the aniseed, though!)

Vaptio Tyro WizMix Nuclear Plusion


I wouldn’t say that WizMix Nuclear Plusion is an eliquid I’d want to vape every day, but it’s definitely a unique and different flavour for those days when I want something a little different. I’m very much a dessert/cake/sweet eliquid vaper (or tobacco) most of the time, but this would be the kind of thing I’d grab if I was bored of my regulars, you know?  


Yes, but in either 6mg or 12mg. I actually enjoyed the flavour, despite having my reservations about it at the beginning. 


A bit weird, a bit wonderful, but all-round a pretty decent flavour. You’re absolutely not going to like it if you don’t like aniseed, but if you do like aniseed, go in with an open mind and you might just love it!

Nuclear Plusion
£4.99 / 10ml
Vaptio Tyro + Eliquid Bundle
£29.99 / Full Kit

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