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YouGotEjuice Lucky Cereal Eliquid Review

Hello, vapers! What’s going on with you? Tell me all about your new devices. And your new eliquids. I’ve got a new juice that I’d like to share with you today, in my YouGotEjuice Lucky Cereal eliquid review. It’s a sub-ohm (high-VG) eliquid that I was SUPER excited to tear into … but couldn’t wait to stop using. Boo. Doesn’t that make you sad? 

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There is good news, however. Just as I was putting the finishing touches to this review, I realised that YouGotEjuice UK were having a sale, with some of their 10ml bottles on sale for just £1.25 each. (I know, right?) Although I wasn’t overly impressed with this particular eliquid, there have been a few YouGotEjuice flavours that I’ve really enjoyed. In fact, I talk about a couple of them on my website. You’ll find those here: 

About YouGotEjuice

YouGotEjuice is a premium American brand of eliquid, based in California, and they’re known for using only the very best, high-grade ingredients, with no unnecessary additives or food colourings. On top of that, they’re also kosher.

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There are LOADS of flavours on the website. Like, loads. Pretty much everything you could think of. I wrote a blog post the other day about eliquid flavours I *WISH* someone would make, and one idea that I wrote down was egg custard tart. I bloody love those tarts. They usually sell them in packs of two in supermarkets, and two just ain’t enough.

Anyway, I took a peek on the YGEJ website for more details (for this blog post), and I found EXACTLY that eliquid flavour — Egg Tart Custard. AND IT WAS ON SALE. £8.99 for a 50ml short fill, rather than £12.99. That’s like fate, right?

Get in my basket. Thank you very much.

Just in case Egg Tart Custard doesn’t sound like something you’d enjoy (are you mad?), you could always look at Muffin Top, Strawberry Rice Crispy Treat, Grape Candy, Pumpkin Cheesecake … I could be here for some time. Let me have a quick count … 40+ flavours? (I got bored with the counting after 30. You’ll find them all HERE.)

There are 10ml bottles and 50ml short fill bottles available on the UK YouGotEjuice website, although it looks like the 10ml list is slowly getting smaller … and cheaper. I think I mentioned that a bunch of them are on sale for just £1.25 a bottle. 

YouGotEjuice Lucky Cereal Eliquid Review 6

Nicotine shots ARE included (if you select them when adding the juice to your basket) in the price of the larger, shortfill bottles. Yes, that’s right, £8.99 for Egg Tart Custard goodness, WITH a nicotine shot thrown in for free.

VG/PG ratio is 70/30 – sub-ohm eliquid. 

YouGotEjuice Lucky Cereal Eliquid Review 

You see a name like “Lucky Cereal”, you think Lucky Charms, right? If you don’t, you’re nuts. And if you don’t like Lucky Charms, you’re even more nuts … although that does leave more for me. I won’t complain about that at all.

YouGotEjuice Lucky Cereal Eliquid Review 2

I’ve been known to pay waaaayyyyy over the odds for a box of this cereal, a cereal I first tasted during my two-year stint in Canada. It’s been my favourite cereal ever since that day, but also because there’s a bit of a story to it. A lame-ass story, but a story nevertheless …

I’ll never forget the time …

… that my mama and I sat on my bed, talking through my latest relationship breakdown, until the early hours of the morning, eating Lucky Charms dry and straight out of the box. No milk, no spoon, no need. We polished off the entire Lucky Charms box with sticky fingers, crying and complainin’ about men. I can’t eat a bowl of the sweet cereal stuff now without thinking of that night. It was one of those mother-daughter nights that’s just lovely, ya know? Lovely stuff.

YouGotEjuice Lucky Cereal Eliquid Review 3

Sadly, this eliquid didn’t have the same nostalgic effect.

Sorry, YouGotEjuice.


What does Lucky Cereal by YouGotEjuice taste like? Sugar. Piles of it. Sugar and a hint of cereal. If I had blind-tasted this without reading the bottle, I’d never have guessed what it was supposed to be. I actually think you’re left with very little of whatever flavour should have been there once you add the amount of sugar that’s in this. And, seriously, did I mention the sugar? You know when you make tea with lots of sugar in and you don’t stir it properly, leaving all that sugary-flavoured, gritty tea stuff at the bottom? That’s pretty much what this eliquid tastes like.

“Our version of the cereal that a certain silly leprechaun can’t stop chasing and this time, we added the milk.”

Flavour description from YouGotEjuice UK

There is a cereal hint there, but in no way does it taste like Lucky Charms. I was quite disappointed by this, as I’ve always had pretty decent experiences with YGEJ juices up until this point.


I got a lot of sugary-sweet residue in my mouth as I vaped Lucky Cereal, and it was a real coil buster, too. Like, a REAL coil buster. I used TWO Aspire Cleito EXO coils in the review process.

The first one, I threw out after a couple of hours of use as it kept spitting at me, and I kept ending up with gloopy, sugary eliquid in my mouth.

I tried the juice with a second brand new coil, and the same thing happened again. Gurgling, spitting, lots o’ juice in my mouth. I managed to get a few tankfuls out of it, but when I’d vaped the third tank (second coil) down to empty, I refilled it with a different eliquid brand. Bizarrely, the coil/tank stopped gurgling, spitting, and throwing eliquid — burning-hot eliquid at that — in my mouth. When that tank of juice had run out, I refilled it with the last of the Lucky Cereal in the bottle, and the gurgling and spitting returned. The coil started to taste pretty rank at that point and needed changing out. It all took less than a day.

Clearly, this eliquid hates me. Or it hates the Aspire EXO tank. Either way, I kept ending up with a whole load of juice in my mouth and I’m just not down with that.

YouGotEjuice Lucky Cereal Eliquid Review 5

Devices used:

Aspire Cleito EXO tank + 0.4-ohm coil, on top of the Vapor Storm Puma Box Mod, at 45 watts.

YouGotEjuice Lucky Cereal Eliquid Review – Conclusion

Lucky Cereal doesn’t really taste like much except a truckload of sugar, and it definitely didn’t bring back any happy, Lucky Charms-related memories. It would appeal to those who really like a high sugary hit, but I personally found it just a bit much. I would have preferred more of the actual cereal flavour. 

Would I buy You Got Ejuice Lucky Cereal eliquid again? Nope. I’d put this one right up on the too-sugary shelf, alongside that carrot cake juice I once tried that was like vaping with syrup.

Would I recommend You Got Ejuice Lucky Cereal eliquid to you? A lot of weird stuff happened when I vaped this juice, so I’m not so sure it’s one I’ll ever bring up again, apart from when I want to tell the story of it. There was the spitting and gurgling that ONLY happened with Lucky Cereal, plus the fact it glooped and destroyed my coil … All of that hassle totally isn’t worth it (in my opinion) when the flavour isn’t that nice. And I don’t think the flavour is that nice. It’s so sweet, it doesn’t have any other flavour than pure sugar.

I’m sad. I had the highest hopes for Lucky Cereal, but it just tastes like a big bowl o’ sugar to me. Although, there is a silver lining to all of this …


(And it had better taste good, YGEJ.)

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