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YouGotEjuice Raspberry Candy Eliquid Review

YouGotEjuice Raspberry Candy Eliquid Review

There was a flavour sensation going on in my vape world today, ladies and gentlemen. It’s because I tried another YouGotEjuice number. So far, so good. I haven’t found a single one that I haven’t liked. In fact, I could probably wax lyrical about all of them for some time, but I will try and keep things short and sweet. (Makes a change, right?)

But, in case you didn’t see it, here’s the YouGotEjuice Strawberry Custard Eliquid Review.

Today, however, I felt it was time to bring to you the YouGotEjuice Raspberry Candy eliquid review. Why? Because I’ve vaped an entire 10 ml bottle in about a day and a half, and I’m not even sorry about it.

Okay, maybe a little sorry because I’ve run out, but that’s it.

So, I won’t get into too much detail about the brand because I went into quite a lot in the first review, but I will share a few deets.

Here’s a rundown of what YouGotEjuice is all about: 


  • They’re an American vape juice company, based in California 
  • They use only high-grade ingredients, and they’re also kosher
  • They don’t add any food colourings or ‘unnecessary additives’ 
  • There are almost 30 different flavours so far
  • They’re available in 70:30 VG:PG 

YouGotEjuice Raspberry Candy Eliquid Review

Also, as a final note, they seem to be quite difficult to get hold of in the UK, but I have found a seemingly reliable source in I haven’t personally used the site myself, but I do know a couple of the other reviewers and vapers on Twitter have. It’s a website that many seem to rave about. After seeing the prices, I totally understand why … (YouGotEjuice Raspberry Candy is here.)

You can find YouGotEjuice (the full range, US site) HERE.

YouGotEjuice Raspberry Candy Eliquid Review 

After having such a bloody marvellous experience with Strawberry Custard, which is, by far, the best eliquid I’ve EVER tasted, I actually felt a little bit like I was walking on egg shells for a bit. It almost never happens that I love the first bottle out of a haul, and then love the entire rest of the range too, but it seems to be happening here. I’ve tried a few of these liquids so far, and there are a bunch of half-finished reviews on my laptop that I promise I’ll finish and publish soon. But, here’s a little spoiler alert: I have absolutely loved almost all of them. (I haven’t tried all ten yet.)

YouGotEjuice Raspberry Candy Eliquid Review

Just like the others, Raspberry Candy is incredibly true to taste. It tastes like fizzy little raspberry sweets. There’s almost a hit of that tanginess in the flavour, like, in the vapour itself, and it’s actually really pleasant. I really enjoyed Double Drip’s Raspberry Sherbet, which is a similar flavour to this one, but I think this one is the better version of it. It’s much more filled with flavour, and all-round packs a much more powerful punch.

Vapour-wise, this one is super smooth. Despite that tart-tanginess, it goes down really well. So well, in fact, that I managed to go higher than I’ve ever been in terms of wattage. Yes, that’s right, little ol’ me got herself all the way up to 100 watts. The wonderful folks over at sent me the Innokin Scion tank to try. They know my rainbow pain after the Aspire Cleito EXO drama. Aren’t they lovely? Yes, yes, they are. Go check them out when you get a moment. The blog posts on that website have answered many of my vaping questions.

Annnnnyway, I took my 0.28-ohm coil in my Innokin Scion tank right the way up to 100 watts on my Wismec Predator 228 box. I LOVED it! The clouds were incredible. I’ve never been *THAT* high before. I feel like such a grown up vaper right now. Someone let me play with the big boy toys! 🙂

That’s how smooth this eliquid is. It’s wonderfully smooth. Tart and smooth, all at the same time, and packed with oodles of flavour too. If there was a tick-box of things I need from my juice, this one would check the lot. Winning. I’m going to be absolutely devastated when I get to the end of this vape haul. Oh my gosh, I can feel the sadness looming already.

Look what you did, YouGotEjuice. I hope you’re happy with yourselves.

YouGotEjuice Raspberry Candy Eliquid Review – Conclusion

Please buy this. I really wish you would. It’s so delightful. In terms of flavour, I actually think this one is much stronger and more powerful than the Strawberry Custard, but SC is still my favourite. I just love strawberry more than I like raspberry.

I’m super impressed with these juices. Don’t get me wrong, I’d seen the reviewers going nuts for them on Twitter, and I started to get sucked in by the hype. By now I’d usually have gotten bored of the brand, finding perhaps one or two in a box of many that I liked and ending up looking like a right bitch on the video review because I sat and slated most of them. But with YouGotEjuice, that’s not happening. There’s not a single flavour I’d change. Not yet.

YouGotEjuice Raspberry Candy Eliquid Review

Would I buy YouGotEjuice Raspberry Candy eliquid again? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Would I recommend YouGotEjuice Raspberry Candy eliquid to you? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Oh, only if you like really good flavours that taste like they’re supposed to, and plenty of it too. These are not for the faint-hearted.

You can find YouGotEjuice (the full range, US site) HERE.

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*Prices & information correct at time of writing.

HONESTY POLICY: These YouGotEjuice eliquids were sent to me by YouGotEjuice. I did not pay for these products. I was not paid for my review, and I will not be paid for my review. All opinions are mine and in no way influenced by the brand / manufacturer.

AFFILIATE HONESTY: I will earn a small percentage in commission when you buy using the YouGotEjuice (US) links or banner on this page. Thank you so much for reading & watching my reviews, and for supporting! xo


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