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YouGotEjuice Strawberry Custard Eliquid Review

Have you ever found an eliquid so amazing that you basically vaped away the entire bottle in a  couple of hours? It’s rare for me. I never stick to one flavour for very long, choosing to mix and match dependant on my mood. It means that I often have a small army of vape tanks surrounding me at all times, each with a different flavour sensation in them.

YouGotEjuice Strawberry Custard Eliquid Review

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I have fallen in love with an ejuice. Wholeheartedly, unequivocally, without any doubt fallen. in. love. The juice? Strawberry Custard by YouGotEjuice, and from I can work out, I’m not the only vaper who has fallen for this range of juices. Everyone on Twitter was ranting about them when I posted a couple of #handcheck snaps.

Who Are YouGotEjuice? 

YouGotEjuice is an American company based in California. They pride themselves on creating great flavoured juices, with the highest-grade ingredients (kosher too), without using unnecessary additives or food colourings. From what I can see, there are close to 30 flavours, all 70VG/30PG, and they have all the appropriate flavour certifications on the website. It’s easy to find and understand too, unlike some other websites I’ve visited lately.

YouGotEjuice Strawberry Custard Eliquid Review

I’d only ever seen them on Twitter before they got in touch to send me some of their juices to review. Big thanks to them for that – I got ten different flavours to try, and they all sound utterly delightful. There was only one that I pulled a face at, and that’s because it’s watermelon. Ew.

This review, however, is the YouGotEjuice Strawberry Custard eliquid review, and I won’t beat around the bush. This eliquid is something else.

YouGotEjuice Strawberry Custard Eliquid Review 

This eliquid tastes exactly like strawberry flavoured Angel Delight does, and it’s delightful! (Did you see what I did there?) From the moment I opened the bottle I could smell it, and when I poured it into my tank (the one that came with my Vaptio P-III Gear) and screwed the tank onto my Wismec Predator 228, it’s all I could smell. It’s mouthwateringly good. All strawberry-like and milky/custardy. Honestly, it’s my new favourite. It tops everything else I’ve tried in a really long time. In fact, it might just top them all.

YouGotEjuice Strawberry Custard Eliquid Review

I loved the packaging too – it’s simple, red and white, and easy to read and understand. The labels on the boxes state what each flavour is made up of, which I love. It’s a feature I spotted recently in my Sugar Pie Vapes Hazelnut Cookie Eliquid Review, and I think it helps when you’re trying to work out the individual flavours in a juice. Or is just me who does that? Anyway, from the label I could see that vanilla, custard, cream, and strawberry were the flavours that went into this. I won’t disagree. I’m not sure I got much of a custard out of it, but the strawberry Angel Delight flavour … there was plenty of that!

These liquids are 70VG and 30PG, but they provide whopping amounts of cloud. I would have said these juices had a higher VG content than that, perhaps closer to 80/20 or more. I can fill a room in no time at all, using that Vaptio P-III Gear tank with my Wismec Predator 22 box, at around 55-65 watts. Utterly delightful, that is all. So much so, in fact, that it’s basically all gone. I’m very sad about this.

YouGotEjuice Strawberry Custard Eliquid Review

As first impressions go, I’m super happy with the YouGotEjuice liquids so far, although I have only tried a couple. If the others are anything like this, I’ll be happy. I’ve never come across a juice that tastes so true to life. And when I tell you this tastes like strawberry Angel Delight, it really does taste like strawberry Angel Delight. I love the stuff!

As a final note, YouGotEjuice actually recommends that you steep their liquids for better flavours. This essentially means whacking your liquids in a cool and dark place for about week, without the lid on. Well, lid on, but not screwed up or covering. Like you would ‘air’ a glass of red wine, you know? Just make sure it can’t get knocked over, accidentally ingested, or catch fire. You know – the sensible stuff. I did not steep my liquids. I used them straight out of the bottle when they arrived. This one tasted amazing, so I’d love to know how great

YouGotEjuice Strawberry Custard Eliquid Review

You will save 10% on your first purchase if you enter your email address into the popup box on the YouGotEjuice website. That’s the only place I’ve managed to find YouGotEjuice UK. I’ve searched everywhere, even looking on forums, and I can’t find a UK stockist. I’m hoping one of you fine readers will be able to point me in the right direction?

On the YouGotEjuice website, you can order 30 ml ($7), 60 ml ($11.99), 120 ml ($20.99) and 240 ml ($38.99).

I put a massive 240 ml bottle in my basket, because you gotta make it worth it, and the shipping from the US would be $22.50. That’s the cheapest option too. The more expensive, super-duper shipping was $48.50. When you consider the 240 ml bottle was only $38.99, the shipping seems excessive. Plus, then you’ve got the customs tax business, which I always seem to get lumbered with.

I have been informed by the lovely @_VKReviews on Twitter that you can buy YouGotEjuice liquids in the UK from WashingtonVapes. At £2.50 / 10 ml, I’m about to stock up!!

(Thanks so much for the info!) 

You can find YouGotEjuice in the following places:


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