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YouGotEjuice Sugar Cookie Eliquid Review

Hello, vapers! How are you all today? I decided it was the time I tried and tested another eliquid flavour for you and I would like to present to you the YouGotEjuice Sugar Cookie eliquid review.

YouGotEjuice Sugar Cookie Eliquid Review

In case you weren’t aware, I got ten different flavours in my YouGotEjuice haul, and I have already reviewed Strawberry Custard and Raspberry Candy (in case you hadn’t seen them yet). This time, I’m scrutinising Sugar Cookie, although I’ll be honest, I’m still struggling to find things I DON’T like about this American juice brand.

Who Are YouGotEjuice?

YouGotEjuice Sugar Cookie Eliquid Review

As I mentioned, YouGotEjuice is an American vape company and I talk about the company itself in greater detail in my previous reviews. I will try and avoid repeating myself, but they’re a very decent company. This is what they’re all about:

  •  70/30 VG/PG liquids (sub ohm)
  • Around 30 flavours on offer (and they all sound lovely)
  • Eliquid contains no unnecessary additives or food colouring
  • Eliquid contains only kosher, high-grade ingredients

They’re based in California and you can buy them at or, if you’re looking for a UK stockist, take a peek at WashingtonVapes.

YouGotEjuice Sugar Cookie Eliquid Review

You’ve probably already guessed that I really do love YouGotEjuice eliquids. Sugar Cookie is no exception.

YouGotEjuice Sugar Cookie Eliquid Review

I’m a big fan of biscuit and dessert flavoured ejuice, but the market is now so saturated with them. In order to stand out from the crowd you need to offer a juice that is packed with flavour, and that’s what I personally think many of the other brands are missing. YouGotEjuice, on the other hand, is packed with flavour. It really does pack a punch. At first, I thought I just got lucky with the first one – Strawberry Custard – but I’m now 4 or 5 bottles in, and they’re all just as delightful as the one before.


Taking the bottle out of the box (great packaging, by the way), and unscrewing the bottle, you are met by a wonderful biscuity aroma. Very sugary, and almost too sickly-sweet. The name is spot-on. It is, quite literally, a sugar cookie.

I took a peek at the ingredients on the side of the bottle – brown sugar, vanilla, pie, and cookie. I definitely agree with all of those. I think I can smell each of them from the bottle. We’re off to a flying start!


YouGotEjuice Sugar Cookie Eliquid Review

If the smell was good, the taste is even better. It’s not quite as sickly-sweet as it smells, which is a very good thing. I’ve recently discovered a sugary-sweet juice that is far too sugary-sweet to enjoy. (Carrot cake, review coming soon.) This one has the right mixture of everything. You can taste the brown sugar. In fact, I think it actually tastes like the sugar crystals you get on sugar cookies. You can taste the cookie-ness and the vanilla-ness. I’m not sure about the pie flavour listed, I’ll be honest, but I don’t really care at this stage. I’m sold.

Yet another one of YouGotEjuice liquids where the taste is spot-on. They could probably teach a few of the other brands a thing or two …

YouGotEjuice Sugar Cookie Eliquid Review – Conclusion

YouGotEjuice Sugar Cookie Eliquid Review

I’m utterly obsessed with the YouGotEjuice range of liquids right now, and I can’t get enough of them. Each one I tear into has been just as amazing as the one before, and I don’t think I’ve ever found a range where I’ve loved every flavour they’ve sent me. So far, we’re on a roll. I’m keeping my fingers crossed it doesn’t end.

Sugar Cookie is a delightful mix of sugar and cookie, just as the name suggests, and it’s a mix that works so well. I’m a big biscuit fiend. I eat a lot of biscuits. Maybe if I pick up Sugar Cookie (which tastes just as good) rather than an actual cookie, I might lose my cookie-dough-fat …

Would I buy YouGotEjuice Sugar Cookie eliquid again? 100% yes!

Would I recommend YouGotEjuice Sugar Cookie eliquid to you? Mmmhmmmm. If you love biscuits as much as I love biscuits, you’re going to love this one. In fact, if you love really great flavours as much as I love really great flavours, you’re going to fall head over heels for the YouGotEjuice range. Give them a try. I bet you’re not disappointed.

YouGotEjuice Sugar Cookie Eliquid Review

You can find YouGotEjuice in the following places:


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HONESTY POLICY: These YouGotEjuice eliquids were sent to me by YouGotEjuice. I did not pay for these products. I was not paid for my review, and I will not be paid for my review. All opinions are mine and in no way influenced by the brand / manufacturer.

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