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YouGotEjuice Vanilla Custard Eliquid Review

Hello, hello, hello! What’s happening in the world today, vape fam? Today’s new review is brought to you by a big box of vape stuff tucked away under my desk that I totally forgot I had. Bad reviewer. On Instagram, I mentioned that I had some new flavours coming and I’ve just polished off this bottle. It’s time for the YouGotEjuice Vanilla Custard eliquid review.

YouGotEjuice Vanilla Custard Eliquid Review

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About YouGotEjuice

YouGotEjuice is an American company, but they do FINALLY have a UK website, which has made a lot of people very happy indeed. You have the option to buy Vanilla Custard in 50ml short fill bottles for £12.99 (plus shipping), and you can add on the 18mg 10ml nicotine shot to bump the 0mg juice up to 3mg for just £1.

**Certain flavours of 50ml short fill bottles are on sale for £7.79. 

10ml bottles are £2.25. I actually double checked that too … How come they’re so cheap? Various sample packs are available, 3 flavours for £5.99 or 5 for £9.99. You can even bulk buy 10 x 10ml bottles for £18.99, although, why you’d want to do this is beyond me. Think of the packaging. Think of the planet!

There are so many flavours, I don’t even want to face the prospect of listing them, but the ones I got were:

They were all 3mg strength 10ml TPD bottles.

YouGotEjuice Vanilla Custard Eliquid Review 2

Shipping Details

I feel like I need to add this section. Firstly, I couldn’t find any information about shipping or shipping costs on the YouGotEjuice UK website. I had to chuck some stuff into the basket and go through all the address, name, contact details information before I could find out how much my “cheap eliquid” was going to actually cost me.

I expected the shipping costs to be extortionate, but they’re not *that* bad. You’re looking at £3.50 for standard shipping (which probably takes an age) or £7 for overnight. I’m not sure I’d be THAT desperate that I’d want to spend £7 on overnight shipping thought to be honest. I couldn’t find any information on free shipping.

> Final note: Vape Club sells YouGotEjuice liquid (you’ll find Vanilla Custard here), £3.99 for 10ml AND you get free shipping over £20. Just saying …

YouGotEjuice Vanilla Custard Eliquid Review

If you don’t already know my thoughts on custard-flavoured vapes, I shall tell you: I have found very few that I actually like. Previous descriptions have included “smelling like vomit,” “tasting a bit like Parmesan cheese,” and also, my personal favourite — “cheesy feet”.

As far as I’m concerned custard flavours are either spot on or entirely wrong. That’s it. No halfway point. No meeting in the middle. I either like it or I hate it. Let’s see how this one goes …

YouGotEjuice Vanilla Custard Eliquid Review 5


Before I get started on the smell, can I please just mention the colour? I know it was sitting in a box for a while, but it seems a really obnoxious orange shade. In fact, after reviewing photos I took of them when they first arrived, they were a bit obnoxiously coloured back then too; they’re just even more orange now. The liquid in front of me looks a little bit like Tango. I don’t know about you, but Tango-orange isn’t exactly the colour I would hope my vanilla custard would be. I don’t know why. Maybe I’m weird?

YouGotEjuice Vanilla Custard Eliquid Review 6

The smell from my bottle is quite subtle, but I’ve learned not to take bottle-smell too seriously. Some of the most muted-smelling eliquids have packed an impressive flavour-punch when it comes to vaping them. It smells sweet. A tad vanilla-esque, but not overly so. I can definitely smell the custard, but it’s a bit … biscuity.

So, it smells like a slightly biscuity vanilla custard then … A great start!


Firstly, I accidentally put this liquid into a tank that contained Panda by BEAR FLAVORS before that, and the two combined created an eliquid sensation that could almost be described as sexual. If you ever get the chance to try it, I highly recommend that you do.

YouGotEjuice Vanilla Custard Eliquid Review 3

I changed the coil of my Smok Helmet tank (0.4-ohm) and tried again, on the Vapor Storm Subverter box at 40 watts.

Flavour description:

“A rich creamy Vanilla that all Custard lovers can really savour.”

(I ‘Englished’ it. I don’t know why Americans have such an aversion to the letter u?)

The good news? Vanilla Custard by YouGotEjuice doesn’t taste like feet, vomit, or Parmesan cheese. It’s actually pretty good. With a thick and warming flavour that isn’t remotely cheesy, I found myself liking it a lot more than I thought I was going to.

Sweet, but not too sweet, there is a sense of biscuit about Vanilla Custard, but not in a bad way. I think it helps to add to the warming nature. The vanilla is more noticeable on the exhale, rich and thick without being overpowering, but there’s a hint of it on the inhale. I think you get more of a biscuit-custard as you inhale. Calling it biscuit-custard doesn’t make a lot of sense, but once you try it, I think you’ll understand what I mean. I like it a lot, I know that much.

YouGotEjuice Vanilla Custard Eliquid Review 4

I’ll be honest … this is one of the best vanilla types I’ve come across in a while, and being a big, mass-produce kinda company, I didn’t exactly have the highest hopes. I don’t mind admitting that this one proved me wrong.

YouGotEjuice Vanilla Custard Eliquid Review – Conclusion 

There are a lot of crappy vanilla-based liquids out there (in my opinion), but this isn’t one of them. I was pleasantly surprised by the taste, and by how disappointed I was when I got to the end of the bottle too. I found myself using this juice to “top up” a few other bottles of eliquid I had that I felt could have benefitted from an extra vanilla boost.

Would I buy YouGotEjuice Vanilla Custard again? Yes, I absolutely would buy it again, not just to vape on its own, but also to liven up other juices that didn’t quite meet my expectations. I’m not sure I’m meant to tell you that, but whatever. I’ve done it now.

Would I recommend YouGotEjuice Vanilla Custard to you? Yep, again, absolutely yes. Smooth, well-rounded, and filled with a really nice and warming flavour; I think YouGotEjuice Vanilla Custard probably has a lot of fans. I’m one of the newest ones!

Check out YouGotEjuice eliquids here:

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